7.62x54R Tracer Ammunition

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Chances are if you are reading this it is not Independence Day. After all, it only comes once a year. If it does happen to be Independence Day, then you will likely enjoy this read a little more. Regardless, it is never the wrong time to discuss the magnificence of fireworks. Ah fireworks – because no one grows tired of explosions.

For those who are completely lame, fireworks are a class of explosive pyrotechnics that are used by people who are not completely lame to light up the night sky with a variety of colors and designs. Originating in China, fireworks date back to sometime around the 10th century. Today, they are used worldwide for entertainment and general good-natured merriment. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the beast, a variety of safety concerns exist, which have led to legislation that restricts ownership in many areas. So while fireworks may not always be accessible, nothing says you cannot get your hands on a different form of pyrotechnics to highlight the horizon. Enter our new 7.62x54R tracer ammunition.

Tracer ammunition refers to bullets that are manufactured with a small pyrotechnic charge in their base. When the cartridges are fired, the propellant ignites the charge, causing combustion that burns bright enough for the trajectory of the bullet to be followed by the naked eye. Each box of 7.62x54R tracer ammunition contains 20 cartridges, each of which features a 150gr full metal jacket tracer bullet.

Perfect for injecting some life into your Mosin Nagant, each box of 7.62x54R tracer ammunition is available for just $15.95.


7.62x54R Tracer Ammunition – 20 Rounds of 150gr FMJ Tracer Ammunition

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  • 7.62x54R Tracer Ammunition – 20 Rounds of 150gr FMJ Tracer Ammunition
  • 7.62x54R Tracer Ammunition – 20 Rounds of 150gr FMJ Tracer Ammunition
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The 7.62x54R tracer ammunition sold by Keepshooting.com is manufactured by Trajectory Technologies, Inc. – otherwise known as Trajetech. Trajetech is an American owned and operated company that specializes in match-grade ammunition covering a range of different calibers. The company traces its history back to 2000, when One Shot Inc. was founded by Chris Roma. After six years of specializing in Class III firearms acquisitions and sales, One Shot Munitions was established to begin the production of high-quality ammunition. Then, after five years of producing reliable ammunition, the company was restructured and now exists as Trajetech Technologies in Newton, Ohio.

That said each package of 7.62x54R tracer ammunition contains 20 non-corrosive, brass-cased cartridges. Each cartridge contains a 150gr full metal jacket, which provides for increased muzzle velocities. These cartridges have been observed to travel at speeds in excess of 2,800 fps. Upon receiving the ammunition, you will notice that each bullet features an orange tip, which signifies the fact that it is a tracer round. Because they are tracer rounds, each cartridge contains a small amount of pyrotechnic material in the base of the bullet that will allow you to trace the trajectory of the bullet after it has been fired – great for a range of applications.

Whether you are looking to brighten up the night or polish up your shooting skills, 7.62x54R tracer ammunition will serve you well. Consider this tracer ammunition for:

- Training aid

- Night shooting

- Target shooting

- Recreational shooting

- Reloading

- Much more…

Pick up a box today for $15.95 a box.

How does it work?

The bullets in a tracer cartridge are manufactured with a hollowed-out base. This is where the pyrotechnic material is located. Typically, this material consists of phosphorous or magnesium, both of which burn very brightly. These compounds are also a major component in commercial fireworks. Anyway, when the primer in the base of the cartridge is ignited, the burning powder also ignites, which in turn burns the pyrotechnic material in the bullet.

Caliber 7.62x54R
Case Type Brass
Projectile Type Full Metal Jacket
Projectile Weight 150gr
Shell Length N/A
Reloadable Yes
Corrosive No
Year of Manufacture No
Brand No
Headstamp No
Restrictions Age - 18+
Returns Accepted Yes - Must Not Be Modified Or Visibly Used