About Us

Who is KeepShooting.COM?

Since 2002 we have been your number one source for firearms, firearms parts, military surplus and more! Our business started out small like all businesses do, but has grown rapidly through customer loyalty and our ability to continue providing unique and exciting products to the market. We have a strong business with a focus on delivering quality customer service to each and every customer who honors us with an order from our website.

Our company headquarters is based in Southern Maryland, approximately 30 minutes south of Washington DC. Our facility consists of multiple interconnected warehouses where we stock all of our products. We do not drop ship; we do not outsource order fulfillment; and when you call our toll-free number you always speak to one of our employees working within our complex. This ensures that we are able to offer a level of service that exceeds our competition, as no outside company will treat our customers better than we do.

Our Warehouses

We maintain our own inventory in house. We do not drop ship or hand our customers' orders off to a third-party to be fulfilled. Our inventory is stored in three interconnected warehouses, staffed 24/7/365 by our own employees to ensure security and round-the-clock order processing. Here is a brief look into some of our warehouse space:

Warehouse 1:

KeepShooting.COM Warehouse 1

Warehouse 2:

KeepShooting.COM - Warehouse 2

Warehouse 3 - Receiving Area:

KeepShooting.COM Warehouse 3 - Receiving Area


Who Owns KeepShooting.COM?

KeepShooting.COM is 100 percent American-owned and operated.  


Why Choose KeepShooting.COM?

We know in today's world you have choices and we value the customers who decide to trust us as their preferred Internet supplier. For those of you who have never ordered from us before, here are just a few of the many reasons why over 60 percent of our business comes from repeat customers:

  • Our company and its staff of dedicated employees understands that our success is due to each and every customer whose order was fulfilled accurately, on time and at a great price. We wouldn't be where we are without our tens of thousands of customers who buy from us year after year. Give us a try. We will not disappoint!
  • KeepShooting.COM has been doing business on Gunbroker.com since March 2011. In that short time frame, we have obtained a rating of 100 percent positive feedback with other 600 pieces of feedback left. Look no further than our feedback to see what customers are saying about us:
    • "Great deal and fast shipping. Thanks again."
    • "Good seller, no problems. Everything as advertised. Speedy delivery and response."
    • "Beautiful mag. Honest seller. A+ Let me know when you have more."
    • Gravity knife was like new as shown. I had bought one from another guy here that looked new in the pic but the one I got looked like it had gone to war. These guys are spot on!"
    • Read all of the KeepShooting Reviews on GunBroker.
    With rave reviews like these, you can feel comfortable knowing that we are here to provide the best possible customer service that we can. If these reviews are anything to go by, it looks like we are well on our way.


    Quality: Why it Matters

    We understand that consumers are taking a chance when buying an item from any website, as you are buying sight unseen. We want to give you some insight and peace of mind to ensure that you can buy from us with confidence:

    • All of our inventory is checked for quality prior to it being released into the sales inventory. Quality control experts conduct a variety of checks, including all of the following: 
      • Is the item complete with all parts accounted for?
      • Is the item free from visual defects such as dents, rust or blemishes that detract from its usability?
      • Does the item match our sales description?
      • Does the item interface with its host product?  IE: Does the M1 Carbine magazine lock into place in our test gun?
      • Is the size marked on the item correct?
      • Would we be happy if we received this product?
      If any of these checks fail or there are any doubts, that item never is accepted into inventory.
      • Our dedication to quality is just as evident when it comes to packaging and transport of your order from our warehouse to your door:
        • High quality, brand new and correctly sized boxes are used for each shipment. No corners are cut when it comes to package integrity!
        • Your order is sealed with high-quality kraft paper, which is reinforced with high strength fiber glass yarns. This ensures your box stays closed until it arrives on your doorstep!
        • No information is ever placed on the outside of your box that would indicate the contents of your package or where it came from.
        • We will never ship your order "USPS PARCEL POST" or any other method that could include lengthy delays for delivery.
      • Quality leads to better value for both us and our customers:
        • Problems and mistakes cost both money and customer good will. 
        • By focusing on quality, we can eliminate 99 percent of problems and mistakes. 
        • By eliminating common problems and mistakes, we can offer better pricing and a higher quality of service to our customers. That is a win-win situation for us both!