AK47 Full Auto Conversion

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This AK47 Full Auto Conversion Manual has diagrams and pictures that teach you how to convert an AK-47 Rifle to fully automatic.  It's the most easy-to-follow AK conversion book on the market.

This AK-47 Full Auto Conversion Manual contains necessary blueprints and manufacturing information to make a semi automatic AK-47 Rifle to similar AK design into a "Select Fire", fully automatic weapon.  The term "Select Fire" means the weapon has a lever that allows the operator to fire the weapon in either semi-automatic or may select to fire the weapon in fully automatic mode. 


AK47 Full Auto Conversion Manual

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Conversion of the AK47 to full auto is illegal without obtaining BATF approval first.

Number of Pages 29
Drawings Yes
Blueprints Yes
Photographs Yes
Author Butokukai
Publisher Desert Publications
Copyright 1994
ISBN 978-0-87947-281-8