AR15 / M16 Flash Enhancer

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We have an excellent AR-15 Flash Enhancer for sale!  The muzzle flash enhancer replaces the flash hider on your gun.  This is the easiest way to enhance the "flash pattern" on your gun.  It will increase the size of the muzzle flash and make it much more impressive.  The Flash Enhancer is designed to work on both semi-auto and full-auto weapons.

Why would I need a Flash Enhancer?
There are times when you want to pretend you are Rambo and shoot a gun that is twice as loud with twice the flash of everyone else.

You can easily impress your shooting buddies during daylight shooting with the impressive sound these make.  If you are lucky enough to be able to shoot at night the fireball these enhancers produce is amazing.


AR15 / M16 Flash Enhancer

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The best part about the AR-15 / M-16 Flash Enhancer is that it also acts like a muzzle break reducing both muzzle climb and felt recoil.

This Flash Enhancer is designed to works with .223 / 5.56mm rifles with 1/2"-28tpi threaded barrels.  Some examples of weapons that this includes are M16 rifles, AR15 rifles, AC-556 machineguns, M-249 machineguns and other types of .223/5.56 weapons.

Helpful Tips:

  • The shorter the barrel, the more "enhanced flash pattern" there will be.
  • It comes with one installation washer and installation instructions.
  • Made of Steel
  • Note: This product is a Flash "Enhancer" which enhances the flash into a bigger pattern. It does NOT produce "flash". Some ammunition on the market may have a flash "reducer" in it and you will not see much "pattern" at all. To test which ammo works better with our flash enhancer, you can remove the flash hider and see if you can see the flash pattern. If you can, then this product should create an even better "muzzle flash". Examples of ammunition with lots of flash would be Wolf .223 ammunition.

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    Brand KeepShooting.COM Products
    Application AR-15 Type Rifle
    Construction Steel
    Condition Factory New
    Manufacture Status Original Item
    Returns Accepted Yes - Must Not Be Modified Or Visibly Used