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Those of you who keep up with all of the new products that I post here at probably remember my insistence on returning again and again to what I like to call “Apocalypse Watch 2012.” I am well aware that many of you survival-types are not expecting much to happen until December 21, but we are well into the month of February and there has yet to be a single cataclysmic event yet – save a few thousand unexplained bird deaths here and there. Birds – who needs them? Anyway, I am of the persuasion that the good ole’ planet Earth will take a cue from “The Little Engine that Could” and chug right along into 2013 and beyond. At least I hope it can, I hope it can. As speculation abounds on our beloved planet’s ultimate fate, I cannot help but join in.

Here is what I think may happen. Picture if you will, the morning of December 21, 2012. Another apparently ordinary day begins with a not so ordinary newscast. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse have arrived, leaving nothing but a trail of death and destruction in their wake. You rush to the window, expecting to find four harbingers of doom – Pestilence, War, Famine and Death, each unleashing the ravaging terrors associated with their respective namesakes. Instead, you find Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, Ole Anderson and Tully Blanchard dropping knees and elbows, administering DDTs and applying figure four leg locks on every Tom, Dick and Harry in town – seriously traumatizing stuff. Of course, this harrowing activity continues until all that is left of our world is a pile of smoldering rubble. Hey, it could happen.

On a more serious note, being prepared for the worst is never too bad an idea and is exactly where we help you shine. You will no doubt want to be ready to take on any nuclear, biological or chemical threats with our new Belgian NBC suit. The Belgian NBC suit is an unissued surplus suit complete with jacket, pants, gloves and overboots.

Put your fears at ease and stave off any attacks from the Four Horsemen with the Belgian NBC suit – available now for $34.95.


Belgian NBC Suit - Complete Unissued Surplus Suit

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  • Belgian NBC Suit - Complete Unissued Surplus Suit
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  • Belgian NBC Suit - Included Gloves and Overboots

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Those of you who keep up with our new products may also be familiar with one of our best-selling products – the German military NBC suit. Since we made it available for sale, the German military NBC suit has been one of our hottest sellers. Unfortunately, I have some bad news. As of this moment, the German military NBC suit is unavailable. Even worse, we are unable to say for sure when we might obtain some more. But with the bad news comes some good news. Our new Belgian NBC suits are not only newer than their German counterpart, but they practically outperform them in every way too. Without further ado, I present the Belgian NBC suit.

The Belgian NBC suit is a set of military personal protective equipment designed specifically to provide protection against nuclear, biological and chemical hazards. When worn correctly, NBC suits cover every inch of the human body and provide a buffer that prevents contamination from any of the aforementioned materials. All garments included with the suit are intended to be worn over normal clothing and uniforms and are typically unrestrictive enough to provide for an exceptional range of motion during extended use. That said you may find the following detailed descriptions of each item in the suit helpful when considering a purchase.

The pullover jacket portion of the Belgian NBC suit enlists a number of features that ensure a tight seal. Most notable is the tight, elastic-bound hood, which is connected to the jacket. This hood includes a small opening that will stretch to fit over gas masks and other breathing apparatuses while holding a tight seal. There are also interior and exterior Velcro® straps located at the neckline to provide an adjustable fit. Velcro® straps are also present at the cuffs, perfect for tightening the cuffs over the included gloves. Finally, there is a drawstring at the waistline. You might also be interested in the plethora of pockets – one oversized pocket on the chest (9 inches by 8 inches) is joined by two smaller sleeve pockets (5 inches by 5 inches). These are ideal for storing maps, gas mask filters, batteries, paracord and other survival items that would prove useful in a disaster scenario.

Next up is the pants. The Velcro® adjustable waistline helps keep the pants up, as do the integral suspenders. Like the sleeves on the jacket, the pant legs are adjustable to form a tight seal around the included overboots. Also like the jacket, the pants are equipped with two oversized cargo pockets, each measuring 9 inches by 7.5 inches.

Also included with the Belgian NBC suit is a pair of impermeable rubber gloves that provides maximum protection against contamination. These highly-durable rubber gloves provide excellent protection and are designed to ensure that your hands never come into contact with any undesirable agents.

Finally, we come to the overboots. These oversized rubber boots were designed with combat operations in mind and include a textured sole for enhanced stability. Like all other components of the Belgian NBC suit, the overboots are designed to be worn over your regular footwear and include a drawstring to provide a tight seal around the leg.

As if my earlier description of the Apocalypse was not scary enough, throw a nuclear, biological or chemical attack into the mix and the situation becomes exponentially worse. Ensure that you are properly prepared with the unissued Belgian NBC suit, priced affordably at $34.95. Consider this suit for:

- Nuclear threats

- Biological threats

- Chemical threats

- Survival kits

- Reenactments

- Collections

- Much more…

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Country of Origin Belgium
Condition Surplus Unissued