Thanksgiving is back with its pal Black Friday

Well, the holiday season is finally upon us once again. Luckily, it starts with the better of the two in Thanksgiving. Do not get me wrong, Christmas is pretty great. I love receiving gifts as much as the next Tom, Dick or Harry, but the pressure of picking out gifts for others and hoping they enjoy them is almost too much. And besides, if there is one thing that I love more than receiving gifts, it is a day marked by sloth and eating hearty meals that others have prepared for me.

My Thanksgivings are special in that I get two different meals, each of which is packed with more food than this writer can handle. In the early afternoon, I eat an Italian-themed meal with my father's extended family. You better believe it has turkey and all of the other traditional Thanksgiving foods, but it also has pasta, lasagna and cannoli. Later that evening, I enjoy an evening meal with my mother's extended family. And though it is traditional in every sense of the word, the deserts are to die for – I can almost hear myself gaining weight.

Is there anything better than sitting around, lazily falling in and out of naps and stuffing your craw to capacity? For me, the answer is a resounding no. But for others, the answer is very much the opposite. For others, the real main event of the holiday season comes just a day after Thanksgiving.

Black Friday and

There are some people – crazy people – who look forward to Thanksgiving not for its decadent deliciousness, but for the amazing discounts most retailers offer on the day that follows – a day dubbed "Black Friday."

Black Friday is the ceremonial start of the Christmas shopping season. And what better way to kick things off than with a day of jaw-dropping deals that are so good they send people into a violent frenzy? Seriously, there are several violent incidents on record stemming from the bargains offered on Black Friday – because if I cannot have that last big-screen television, then nobody can.

What kind of world is it where you cannot even go shopping for Christmas gifts for your loved ones without fearing for your wellbeing? Certainly not one in which I would like to live, which is exactly why is once again offering a Black Friday sale. This year, avoid the crowds and get the same great Black Friday prices from the comfort of your own home when you shop with as we offer our second-annual Black Friday sale – one that promises to be a perfect complement to the food-induced coma from which you should be waking at the start of the sale.

As noted, this year marks our second Black Friday sale. After both the success and headaches brought about by last year's sale, we had no choice but to offer another. I cannot tell you how many happy customers – new and old – we made by offering a hand-picked selection of our already low-price products for pennies on the dollar. Last year, our sale was highlighted by steel G3 magazines being offered for a mere 99 cents, which is absolutely absurd! This year, expect more of the same. In fact, here is a little preview of just a few of the items we will be discounting this year…

German G3 Camouflage Magazine Pouch

Making its debut in the now-annual Black Friday sale is the German G3 camouflage magazine pouch. Sure, you could get traditional rubber G3 magazine pouches for a little less, but these camouflage magazine pouches boast a durable construction that will ensure a lifetime of service. Not to mention, it features the cool flecktarn camouflage pattern – a unique German disruptive camouflage pattern designed for use in temperate woodland terrains.

German G3 Camouflage Magazine Pouch

The German G3 camouflage magazine pouch is a surplus magazine pouch constructed from a canvas material that is sturdy as can be, which means it is more than capable of taking any and all abuse you can possibly dish out. Each is designed to accept two 7.62x51mm NATO 20-round rifle magazines. And though they were originally designed for and used by members of the Bundeswehr who were issued G3 rifles, these pouches are capable of storing 20-round magazines for any rifle chambered for the 7.62x51mm NATO cartridge, including the M14 and the FN FAL. Best of all is the fact that each ships with a pre-installed ALICE adapter for use with your ALICE gear.

M1 Carbine 1943 Magazine Pouch

You cannot say M1 carbine without saying M1 carbine 1943 magazine pouch. Well, you can, but where is the fun in that? Anyway, the M1 carbine 1943 magazine pouch is one of the most iconic accessories available for the M1 carbine, which is probably why it is also one of our best-selling. And in an effort to get the word out to even more people, we are including it in our Black Friday sale.

M1 Carbine 1943 Magazine Pouch

The M1 carbine 1943 magazine pouch is an excellent reproduction of the original pouch, which was manufactured by "KADIN" in 1943. Like the original, our reproduction includes the correct style of snap fastener, the rear offset button snap and correct U.S. markings. Each pouch is capable of carrying two M1 carbine 15-round magazines, and for just a few bucks, you can get pretty close to the real thing.

Gerber® Survival Case

Because some would have you believe that this will be the last Black Friday sale of all-time – they believe the apocalypse is coming on December 21, 2012 – we have also decided to include some survival gear in our sale. Enter the Gerber® survival case.

Gerber Survival Case

What is the Gerber® survival case? The Gerber® emergency survival case is a great way to begin preparing for any emergency survival situation. The survival case is a rigid, fold-open case designed by Gerber® to store a wealth of indispensable emergency tools and accessories in a compact case that is both practical and easily manageable. Inside the case is a wealth of pockets, straps and storage compartments that can accommodate anything from an entrenching tool and a compact pistol to flashlights, multi tools, road flares and much more.

And there you have it, a small sampling of our big Black Friday sale. All there is to do now is eat and wait. The sale begins at 12 a.m. Friday!