Military Surplus Import Story

Saturday, April 5, 2014 9:06:23 PM America/New_York

Military Surplus Import Story

We have been importing multiple 40' containers of military surplus each year, and it has always been interesting dealing with both our government and foreign governments.

From what we've been told by US Customs, we are the only company bringing in this volume of military surplus, gun parts, and other controlled components through the Port of Baltimore. Our imports come from all over Europe and Asia, with the primary market being Europe due to the nature and quantity of goods available.

We recently completed a transaction for 20,000+ gas masks and filters from Sweden, and figured we'd give our customers some perspective on what it takes to complete a deal like this.

Step 1 - Sourcing Goods

Gas Mask Deal

This is by far the most difficult part of the process. We're lucky enough to have a procurement agent in Europe who goes out and visits suppliers seeking out goods for us. One day he may find us crates of Walther P38's (which are coming) and the next day it may be wool blankets. 

This particular import was of great interest to us, as the gas masks are Forsheda A4 gas masks, and they are brand new. We were further interested in the gas mask filters, as they are verified NBC filters, vaccum sealed, with 14 years left on them. So after we expressed our interest, our procurement agent went about setting up a deal.

Step 2 - Verify The Deal 

Verify The Deal

Once we've been able to verify everything is correct with the goods offered, we then need to verify that the goods can be exported to the United States. The Swedish export authorities had no problem approving the sale and export, and we knew we'd have no issues with the import side.  The supplier was very helpful, expressed interest in doing further business, and we commit to the purchase through issuance of a purchase order with payment being contingent on import permit issuance by the ATF.

Step 3 - Apply for Import Permits

Apply for Import Permits

The ATF controls all import permit issuance for any item on the US Munitions List.  We've been actively importing controlled items that are found on the US Munitions List for over 10 years. We understand the process, have a long track record of success with the ATF, and knew this would be an easy approval.

After filling out the Form 6's for the gas masks and gas mask filters, we then have to wait for ATF to approve the permits. We sent in one via hard copy mail and it took 60 days to be approved. The second permit was submitted using the ATF Eform system, and it was approved in under 2 weeks.

Step 4 - Wire Funds

Wire Funds to Sweden

This is where most people would be nervous, as you're wiring a large sum of money to someone you've never met. This is where trust, research, and experience comes into play. We've been doing this for a long time, know how to research businesses internationally, and our procurement agent had been to the supplier in Sweden. So the funds were sent, and the supplier verified receipt of funds.

Step 5 - Set Up Logistics For Transport

Set Up Logistics

We utilize the services of one of the oldest freight forwarders in the Baltimore area. This agency has shown an ability to navigate customs, arrange freight pickups in any part of the world, and communicate with everyone.  At this point however we were in the middle of winter, and there were some additional delays due to weather in Sweden trying to get the container truck out to the warehouse.

Step 6 - Customs Clearance and Delivery

Arrived at the Port

Once goods arrive in the Port, we need to have them cleared for release by Customs and delivery arranged to our warehouse. This is where nearly every delay comes from. This particular container was selected for an intensive exam, and that resulted in a three week delay from when the container arrived and when it was inspected. You are reading that right, Customs flagged this container and didn't even start looking at it for three weeks. Had there been any dangerous goods inside, they would have had three weeks to do whatever dangerous goods do.

Step 7 - Arrival at Warehouse, Sort and Sell

Arrived at the KeepShooting HQ

When we receive goods, we need to unload the container, sort each item, and prepare it for selling. This can sometimes take a full week, even with our experienced crew.

Total Time From Step 1 to Step 7 = 5 MONTHS

We hope this posting has been interesting. We get so many questions about what it takes to import military goods, we though we'd share the process. Look for the new filters and Forsheda A4 masks to go online in the next week!

Now Available:

NBC Filter 381 from Sweden

 NBC Filter 381

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Product Spotlight: French Army Tow Straps

Saturday, March 29, 2014 6:13:38 PM America/New_York

Product Spotlight: French Army Tow Straps

Here at KeepShooting, we are constantly trying out new products to determine what will work best for our loyal customers.

But once in a while, some of our best tests happen by accident.

A few weeks ago, as the weather in the Pennsylvania area warmed up, some of us decided to head out and shake off the winter by blasting a few hundred rounds of ammo. As usually happens, we lost track of time and it was getting dark far too quickly. We packed up and headed back to our trucks, but the melting snow and some recent rain made the ground a muddy mess. One of our Jeeps slid off the access road into a small ditch, and damned if we couldn't get it out.

We had few options.We could call a tow truck and wait a few hours for it to show up and winch the Jeep free. We could come back in the morning with some heavy-duty gear and try to pry it loose.

But one of us had another idea.

We had just gotten in some surplus Heavy Duty Towing Straps back at the warehouse. We really hadn't had a chance to try them out yet, but this seemed like the perfect opportunity. Truth be told, it was more like desperation - we didn't want to spend $250 for a tow truck to come out and pull us loose. Besides… towing a Jeep out of a muddy ditch… could be kind of embarrassing.

Instead, we went to the warehouse and grabbed one of the Heavy Duty Towing Straps. We have two kind at the warehouse - an 8-Ton Towing Strap and a 16-Ton Towing StrapEven though the vehicle stuck was a smaller Jeep, we decided to play it safe and take the 16-Ton Towing Strap, just in case.

We shouldn't have worried. The towing strap worked like a charm. It felt like it could have pulled out the Jeep, a couple pickup trucks, a Hummer, and maybe a deuce-and-a-half. We just secured one end around the tow vehicle and the other around the tow hook on the Jeep and in a few minutes, it was out of the ditch and back on solid ground. Saved a couple hundred bucks and a ton of embarrassment.

These straps are great. Imported from France, they're just as good as tow cables. Because they're military surplus, they're a great deal, too. The 8-Ton Heavy Duty Towing Cable is only $24.95 and the 16-Ton Heavy Duty Towing Cable is only $34.95. That's a lot of towing ability for a fantastic price. They're 30 feet long, which goes a long way - literally.

The way we see it, if you're likely to find yourself in a similar situation, you have a couple of options - you can keep that cell phone handy with a towing company on speed dial (that is, if you can find a signal when you're off the beaten path), you can carry some dirty, greasy, heavy cables or chains that take up a lot of cargo space, you can stay home, or you can carry one of our durable Towing Straps.

Our buddies on that shooting trip now carry their own Towing Straps in their trucks. They know what they need to spend less time in a ditch and more time on the range where they can just KeepShooting.

French Army 8 Ton Towing StrapFrench Army 16-Ton Towing Strap

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German Military Jacket Size Chart

Thursday, February 13, 2014 6:35:41 PM America/New_York

German Military Jacket Size Chart

One of the most frequently asked questions we get is military jacket sizes. There are different systems for each military, and none of them translate exactly into typical US commerical sizes.

What we're working on doing is posting a number of blog posts that will highlight the sizing for various military surplus products. We've decided to start with German Military Jacket Sizing.

The German Military uses a system of sizing that is denoted by Gr with a Number.  Gr is the German abbreviation for Größe which means size. So if you see Gr 1 it is German Size 1.

BW sizeChest circumferenceHeight
Height less than 170 cm
Gr 1 90 cm 160-170 cm
Gr 2 95 cm 160 - 170 cm
Gr 3 100 cm 160 - 170 cm
Gr 4 105 cm 160 - 170 cm
Gr 5 110 cm 160 - 170 cm
Height 170-180 cm
Gr 6 90 cm 170 - 180 cm
Gr 7 95 cm 170 - 180 cm
Gr 8 100 cm 170 - 180 cm
Gr 9 105 cm 170 - 180 cm
Gr 10 110 cm 170 - 180 cm
Gr 11 115 cm 170 - 180 cm
Height 180-190 cm
Gr 12 95 cm 180 - 190 cm
Gr 13 100 cm 180 - 190 cm
Gr 14 105 cm 180 - 190 cm
Gr 15 110 cm 180 - 190 cm
Gr 16 115 cm 180 - 190 cm
Height 190-200 cm
Gr 17 100 cm 190 - 200 cm
Gr 18 105 cm 190 - 200 cm
Gr 19 110 cm 190 - 200 cm
Gr 20 115 cm 190 - 200 cm
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Military Surplus - Buy History Daily

Tuesday, August 6, 2013 12:11:52 AM America/New_York

Military Surplus - Buy History Daily

One of the most exciting product lines we offer is our military surplus.  These goods are often made to high quality standards that you won't find in any other industry.  As an extra bonus, most military surplus goods are also significantly cheaper than goods that were produced for the commercial market.

There are two classes of military surplus goods.  The first would be surplus "unissued" goods, and the second would be surplus "issued" goods. Out of the two classes, the surplus issued goods tend to be far more interesting from a historical perspective.  Nothing has more "cool" factor than a military item that has obviously been issued and used by a soldier that is now being repurposed state side.

The Story of Father Hanrahan's Jacket

One item we imported recently are the excellent British SAS Windproof Parkas which were issued by the British Armed Forces who operated side-by-side with our military. 

When we were sorting the container, we found several interesting items.  Looking at the name tags that were on some of the parkas, you had the common British surnames.  One that we found that definitely caught our attention was this jacket:

Fathan Hanrahan Britsh Armed Forces Jacket

How interesting is that, this was the jacket that was issued to an Army Chaplain in the British Armed Forces.  I decided I would keep this jacket, and it has been sitting in my office for a few months now.  I've wondered who Father Hanrahan was, and a Google search for "father hanrahan british armed forces" brings up a forum showing pictures of the British in Iraq and a story in the Telegraph about the legacy of the British in Basra.  Is the Father Hanrahan pictured in the article the same Father Hanrahan who wore this jacket?  Possibly.

One day a customer was in our front shop talking about everything he found in his British SAS Jacket that he bought, which got me curious about Father Hanrahan's jacket.  So I finally decided to look in the pockets, and I found a handwritten note with a name, email address, and residential address in the UK.

Father Hanrahan Letter

I decided my curiosity wouldn't be satisfied until I wrote the individual who was listed on this sheet of paper.  Would he know who Father Hanrahan was?  It was worth the 2 minutes of effort it took to write.  I explained who I was, included these two pictures so the individual knew I wasn't some scammer.   I'm sure the email was not something the individual was expecting, but I did get a response back:

---begin message---


How weird!
Yes I knew Father Hanrahan, we served in Iraq together. Great bloke. I lost his details on my way back, and couldn't find him . I left the Army this year, after 22yrs 9months, and not missing any war in 20 yrs. Had to grow up eventually!
All the best

******* (name censored to protect his privacy)

 ---end message---

So there you go, this jacket "served" in Iraq and was worn by a "great bloke" who happens to be an Army Chaplain.  We've managed to piece together the story behind it using Google, a found hand written note, and a very cool retired British Army officer who actually was kind enough to write back.

Check out our Military Surplus product category.  We've got many items like this British SAS Jacket that have more stories to be told in future blogs like this one.


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Swedish Military Flashlight

Thursday, July 11, 2013 1:02:00 PM America/New_York

The Swedish Military Flashlight might be the coolest military surplus item we've got in stock right now.

Read More
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Gas Mask Bags - Why You Want One!

Monday, June 10, 2013 5:02:08 PM America/New_York

In WWII, US made gas masks used blue asbestos in the filters. Since masks and the filters were stored in gas mask bags, the asbestos got into the bag. 

Blue asbestos is considered the most dangerous form of this material. That is not something to be hauling around on your side, storing important stuff in or otherwise using in any way except on display in a sealed container. Purists who must have the real mccoy won’t mind having the bag on display where it’s safe. 

For the rest of us who want to use a gas mask bag, US reproductions and surplus items from other militaries are the way to go. 

The obvious use for one of these bags is to store a gas mask. Because they vary in size and shape, every bag is not going to fit every mask. 

But these storage containers have a much wider range of use. Because they are made from heavy duty materials and designed to support the weight of a mask under battle conditions, they are incredibly durable. Because they hold something cumbersome while keeping it handy and out the way, they are useful for a whole lot of other things. 

The bags make excellent pouches to hold spent brass at the range. Fill it up and dump it in a bucket. That saves having to haul the bucket around the range, especially for people who scavenge spent shells. 

Most gas mask bags can turn double duty as an ammo pouch. We find ones like the Swedish mil surp bag to be ideal for a day at the range busting clays. The bag easily holds a box shells and the belt keeps it handy and out of the way. 

The depth of the Belgian gas mask bag makes it handy for storing long items like 30-round or longer stick mags, some banana clips, Cyalume sticks, emergency flares and plenty of field rations. It’s not quite wide enough to hold an entrenching tool, but there’s lots of room for an emergency fishing kit or first aid kit. 

The bags are handy for temporary storage of items picked up along way. Morel mushroom hunters can put enough for a meal in one bag. Arrowhead hunters and battle field searchers might need an entire day to fill one with spent bullets or knapped flint. 

Depending on the shape of the bag, it can be used as an impromptu holster. It would protect a gun and allow it to be packed with other items like clothes without fear of lubricants from the firearm staining cloth. 

Small handguns can certainly be completely concealed inside the bag. Larger handguns might leave some parts exposed.

US Repro Gas Mask BagSwedish Military Gas Mask Bag

Belgian Gas Mask BagCzech Military Gas Mask Bag

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Thanksgiving is back with its pal Black Friday

Tuesday, November 20, 2012 5:04:26 PM America/New_York

Thanksgiving is back with its pal Black Friday

Well, the holiday season is finally upon us once again. Luckily, it starts with the better of the two in Thanksgiving. Do not get me wrong, Christmas is pretty great. I love receiving gifts as much as the next Tom, Dick or Harry, but the pressure of picking out gifts for others and hoping they enjoy them is almost too much. And besides, if there is one thing that I love more than receiving gifts, it is a day marked by sloth and eating hearty meals that others have prepared for me.

My Thanksgivings are special in that I get two different meals, each of which is packed with more food than this writer can handle. In the early afternoon, I eat an Italian-themed meal with my father's extended family. You better believe it has turkey and all of the other traditional Thanksgiving foods, but it also has pasta, lasagna and cannoli. Later that evening, I enjoy an evening meal with my mother's extended family. And though it is traditional in every sense of the word, the deserts are to die for – I can almost hear myself gaining weight.

Is there anything better than sitting around, lazily falling in and out of naps and stuffing your craw to capacity? For me, the answer is a resounding no. But for others, the answer is very much the opposite. For others, the real main event of the holiday season comes just a day after Thanksgiving.

Black Friday and

There are some people – crazy people – who look forward to Thanksgiving not for its decadent deliciousness, but for the amazing discounts most retailers offer on the day that follows – a day dubbed "Black Friday."

Black Friday is the ceremonial start of the Christmas shopping season. And what better way to kick things off than with a day of jaw-dropping deals that are so good they send people into a violent frenzy? Seriously, there are several violent incidents on record stemming from the bargains offered on Black Friday – because if I cannot have that last big-screen television, then nobody can.

What kind of world is it where you cannot even go shopping for Christmas gifts for your loved ones without fearing for your wellbeing? Certainly not one in which I would like to live, which is exactly why is once again offering a Black Friday sale. This year, avoid the crowds and get the same great Black Friday prices from the comfort of your own home when you shop with as we offer our second-annual Black Friday sale – one that promises to be a perfect complement to the food-induced coma from which you should be waking at the start of the sale.

As noted, this year marks our second Black Friday sale. After both the success and headaches brought about by last year's sale, we had no choice but to offer another. I cannot tell you how many happy customers – new and old – we made by offering a hand-picked selection of our already low-price products for pennies on the dollar. Last year, our sale was highlighted by steel G3 magazines being offered for a mere 99 cents, which is absolutely absurd! This year, expect more of the same. In fact, here is a little preview of just a few of the items we will be discounting this year…

German G3 Camouflage Magazine Pouch

Making its debut in the now-annual Black Friday sale is the German G3 camouflage magazine pouch. Sure, you could get traditional rubber G3 magazine pouches for a little less, but these camouflage magazine pouches boast a durable construction that will ensure a lifetime of service. Not to mention, it features the cool flecktarn camouflage pattern – a unique German disruptive camouflage pattern designed for use in temperate woodland terrains.

German G3 Camouflage Magazine Pouch

The German G3 camouflage magazine pouch is a surplus magazine pouch constructed from a canvas material that is sturdy as can be, which means it is more than capable of taking any and all abuse you can possibly dish out. Each is designed to accept two 7.62x51mm NATO 20-round rifle magazines. And though they were originally designed for and used by members of the Bundeswehr who were issued G3 rifles, these pouches are capable of storing 20-round magazines for any rifle chambered for the 7.62x51mm NATO cartridge, including the M14 and the FN FAL. Best of all is the fact that each ships with a pre-installed ALICE adapter for use with your ALICE gear.

M1 Carbine 1943 Magazine Pouch

You cannot say M1 carbine without saying M1 carbine 1943 magazine pouch. Well, you can, but where is the fun in that? Anyway, the M1 carbine 1943 magazine pouch is one of the most iconic accessories available for the M1 carbine, which is probably why it is also one of our best-selling. And in an effort to get the word out to even more people, we are including it in our Black Friday sale.

M1 Carbine 1943 Magazine Pouch

The M1 carbine 1943 magazine pouch is an excellent reproduction of the original pouch, which was manufactured by "KADIN" in 1943. Like the original, our reproduction includes the correct style of snap fastener, the rear offset button snap and correct U.S. markings. Each pouch is capable of carrying two M1 carbine 15-round magazines, and for just a few bucks, you can get pretty close to the real thing.

Gerber® Survival Case

Because some would have you believe that this will be the last Black Friday sale of all-time – they believe the apocalypse is coming on December 21, 2012 – we have also decided to include some survival gear in our sale. Enter the Gerber® survival case.

Gerber Survival Case

What is the Gerber® survival case? The Gerber® emergency survival case is a great way to begin preparing for any emergency survival situation. The survival case is a rigid, fold-open case designed by Gerber® to store a wealth of indispensable emergency tools and accessories in a compact case that is both practical and easily manageable. Inside the case is a wealth of pockets, straps and storage compartments that can accommodate anything from an entrenching tool and a compact pistol to flashlights, multi tools, road flares and much more.

And there you have it, a small sampling of our big Black Friday sale. All there is to do now is eat and wait. The sale begins at 12 a.m. Friday!

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012 10:48:23 AM America/New_York is your winter weather headquarters!

And now, it is time for the main event. This contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is for the title of "greatest season of all-time." In the red corner, the challenger stands in at an alarming temperature of 98 degrees with 100 percent humidity – summer. And in the blue corner, summer's opponent comes in at a brisk 32 degrees with a good chance of flurries – winter.

This match marks the first head-to-head meeting between these two highly-favored seasons, one that also promises to be the last as a winner must be crowned here today. And with the bell, things are set to begin.

Both competitors look strong today and are coming out throwing hard forearms at each other. Winter looks to be gaining the upper hand, however, and wrenches what looks like a painful hammerlock on summer. I would not count summer out just yet though; the hot rainy season has a great deal of tonight's crowd behind it. And just as quickly as the hammerlock was applied, summer makes a great reversal and pulls winter into a devastating clothesline. Winter is somewhat slow getting up but looks determined to end things quickly. A hard Irish whip lands summer dazed in the corner. Winter is gearing up for a big boot to the face of summer. And it connects! Summer, who now finds itself being lifted onto the top turnbuckle, is in a bad position, folks. Winter is now calling for the most dangerous maneuver this side of the solstice – the brain buster! Winter hits it, goes for the cover and gets the pin one, two and three. Ladies and gentlemen, your winner and the greatest season of all-time – winter!

A fake wrestling match between two seasons can mean only one thing. Summer is on its way out and winter is almost upon us, which always seems to spark the debate of which season is better. But rather than arguing about which season is best, I figured it would be much more entertaining to get the two seasons into the squared circle and settle it once and for all. It was at least a bit more entertaining than my usual argument, which is also a rock-solid proof of the superiority of winter and goes something like this:

No matter how cold it gets in the winter, you can always add another layer to keep warm. But when suffering from the miserable summer heat, you can only strip off so many layers of clothing before stepping out into public is going to be considered a fineable offense. It is as simple as that.

Anyway, as winter is right around the corner, it is a good idea to begin your preparations by checking out all the new cold weather gear has to offer in the web store. And believe me when I say that we have stockpiled a wealth of cozy jackets, parkas, blankets and gloves to ensure that all of our customers stay comfortable all winter long. Keep reading for the skinny of some of our great new products.

British Military Fleece Jacket

First up is the British military fleece jacket. I will be the first to admit that I am not at all a fan of military surplus clothing. Call me a diva all you would like, but I am just not big on used clothes – especially when I can afford new clothes. But the British military fleece jacket was pretty dang close to changing my opinion of military surplus clothing. Check it out.

British Military Fleece Jacket

Though each jacket is piece of military surplus, they remain in excellent condition and appear almost unused. But that is, of course, not the selling point. That would be their uncharacteristically cool appearance. Not to mention, these British military fleece jackets feature a dual-layered fleece construction, two zippered hand warmer pockets, a drawstring cinch cord at the waist and the presence of unique thumbholes in the cuff that allow the cuffs to be used as partial gloves, serving to protect part of the hands and the wrists from crippling  temperatures.

This jacket is definitely worth your $15.95 if you ask me.

USGI ECWCS Gore-Tex® Jacket

Next up is the deceptive USGI ECWCS Gore-Tex® jacket. Again, while I would not ordinarily wear military surplus clothing, and while I am not a fan of camouflage, I could definitely see myself considering this paper-thin-yet-weirdly-warm jacket.

USGI ECWCS Gore-Tex Jacket

These authentic United State Military surplus jackets serve as a singular component of the Gen III Extended Climate Warfighter Clothing System (3G ECWCS), which is a radical redesign of the original Extended Cold Weather Clothing System (ECWCS) developed by the U.S. Army Natick Soldier Research, Development and Engineering Center to provide protection to U.S. soldiers from a range of extreme combat environments. More than that, though, is the fact that these jackets feature a seam-sealed, dual-layered Gore-Tex® construction, which provides for a jacket that is lightweight, waterproof, windproof and breathable. And though they are designed to be layered with the other protection levels of the Gen III ECWCS, they are surprisingly warm on their own.

Having a hard time believing how warm this jacket really is? Shell out a fair $39.95 and see for yourself. 

Polar Fleece Blanket

The polar fleece blanket is one military surplus product that I can get behind full force. I mean, what is better than a soft, freshly-laundered blanket on a cold winter night? Not much.

Polar Fleece Blanket

Lightweight and with room for a few, the new polar fleece blanket is a cream-colored blanket that measures approximately 90 inches by 90 inches and is perfect for a queen-sized bed yet suitable for a king. As evidenced by its name, each polar fleece blanket boasts a full fleece construction, making it an excellent choice for the coldest of nights.

Grab your polar fleece blanket today for just $10.95.

But that is not all…

To think that the three products I have chosen to highlight here are the only winter weather products we offer here at would be extremely foolish. As noted, we have a number of new gloves, including the woodland camo gloves and the Dutch military mittens. And if it is jackets and parkas that you want, then look no further than our jackets and parkas section. You will surely find something to keep you warm.

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The Whacky World of Military Surplus Sizing

Tuesday, October 23, 2012 10:02:16 AM America/New_York

The Whacky World of Military Surplus Sizing

The United States of America is a unique place. It always has been, and from what I can tell it always will be. From the "we are not going to take it" attitude of the American Revolution to the "don't mess with Texas" sentiment that exists today, America is truly one of a kind – and it shows.

When it comes to sports, America reigns supreme. Baseball is far and away the best sport in the world. Unsurprisingly, it originated in America and though it has found its way to all corners of the planet, cricket is still the bat-and-ball sport of choice in Europe and in many other heavily populated areas. Then there are America's other popular sports: football, hockey and basketball. Europe's top three other sports? Soccer (no, I am not calling it football because I live in America), rugby and tennis. I think this picture speaks for itself.

How else is America different from the rest of the world? Ever heard of the United States customary units? It is the primary system of measurements used in America that is based on the imperial system. When you think about it, the United States customary units are not really advantageous in any way; America just wants to be different. In fact, America is one of three countries worldwide that has resisted the International System of Units, which is based on the much more user-friendly metric system.

Then there is the sizing system used in America. For most things in America, especially food and clothing, sizing exists in the following format: small, medium large, extra-large and so on until the "X's" that represent just how extra-large something is push the "L's" out of sight.

Luckily, there seems to be an established standard regarding those sizes, though most companies seem to prefer not to use it. But when that established standard revolves around the United States customary units, it makes it hard for those not familiar with American ways to buy American clothing. Ordinarily, I would not care one lick about foreigners buying American clothing, but since the reverse holds true as well, I must. Those in America looking to buy European clothing, military surplus to be specific, can become easily confused by their sizing standards, which revolve around the International System of Units rather than the United States customary units.

What is going to do about it?

I would be lying if I said that customers did not call constantly asking questions about the sizing for many of our products. The fact that much of our surplus comes from European countries makes it a bit difficult for some to convert their sizes into standard American sizes. And I would be lying if I told you that we are able to accurately answer all of those sizing calls. So what is going to do about it? is going to pen a blog post about American versus European sizing in an effort to clear up the confusion.

American Sizing

As noted, America established a set of standards regarding clothing sizes that companies choose to follow or not to follow. Unfortunately, those standards were established in the middle of the 20th century. And in case you have somehow failed to notice, body sizes in 2012 are not too comparable to body sizes in the 1950s – so follow these standards at your own risk.

A men's size small is categorized as a 34 to 36-inch chest and a 28 to 30-inch waist. Medium is 38-41/32-34. Large is 42-44/36-38. Extra-large is 46-48/40-42. Double extra-large, triple extra-large and quadruple extra-large all increase by the same increments. Of course, there are also standards for the seat/hips, neck size, shirt sleeve and inseam. If you want to go that in depth, then I suggest you pay a visit to your old friend Google and search something along the lines of "U.S. standard clothing sizing."

European Sizing

Unsurprisingly, Europe has a set of standards regarding clothing sizes as well – EN 13402. EN 13402 is the European standard for labeling clothing sizes and is based on body dimensions measured in centimeters, which is where much of the confusion regarding conversions arises.

There are a wealth of body dimensions used in deciding sizes for EN 13402, including head girth, neck girth, chest girth, height, arm length and many more. As noted, these dimensions are measured in centimeters and each different type of clothing uses a different set of body dimensions. Look at jackets for an example. Sizing labels in European jackets will typically list two numbers. The larger number, usually listed first, corresponds to height in centimeters. The smaller number, usually listed second, corresponds to waist girth in centimeters. Pants are much the same, with the first number corresponding to height and the second corresponding to inseam, both in centimeters.

To save time and consolidate space, you can check out this website for a collection of all the different types of clothing and all of the body dimensions that are used in sizing each of them. It is a true lifesaver when shopping for clothing with European labeling.


Now that you are equipped with all of the necessary knowledge available regarding American and European sizing, conversions will be simple. Ordering a European jacket? Check which body dimensions correspond to the sizing labels and convert those numbers from centimeters to inches. Compare these new numbers to your personal body dimensions and order your heart out. Remember, one centimeter is equal to roughly 0.393701 inches. But why do it by hand when conversion tables exist?

0 Comments | Posted in News Military Surplus By Joe Michelizzi is your Halloween costume haven!

Friday, October 12, 2012 1:03:34 PM America/New_York is your Halloween costume haven!

It is October, and nothing is more important than playoff baseball – especially when the Washington Nationals are involved, and boy are they involved. One more win and they will earn a trip to the National League Championship Series. But because you likely have no interest in listening to me go on and on about the one thing that keeps me going, I will get to the point a little quicker today.

Yes, it is October. And though nothing is more important than playoff baseball, there is one thing that comes close: Halloween.

For all of those readers who live under rocks and have never heard of the great holiday known as Halloween, it is a day reserved to observe the world's greatest monsters – Wolf Man, Dracula, Frankenstein and all the rest. It is a day dedicated to screams, thrills, horrors and chills. Oh, and for some reason you are encouraged to dress up like your favorite ghouls and ghosts and knock on strangers' front doors. Doing so will result in said strangers rewarding you with heaps of candy. It is truly a majestic holiday.

But no matter how ridiculously made-up Halloween seems to be, it actually has roots in history. The word Halloween was first used in the 1500s and represents a Scottish variant of "All Hallows' Evening," that is, the evening before All Hallows' Day. All Hallows' Day, of course, is the Christian holiday that celebrates the lives of saints the world over. But even though that is believed to be the first appearance of the holiday's title, the holiday itself is thought to have pagan origins and is believed to have come from the Celtic festival known as Samhain. Samhain comes from the Old Irish word Samuin, meaning "summer's end." None of that matters now, though, because planet Earth being planet Earth turned the holiday into something much more interesting – an evening dedicated to horror movies, costumes, trick-or-treating and mischief.

Again, I am getting away from the point of writing today's blog. Today is not about baseball (not until 8:37 p.m. anyway). It is not about how great Halloween is or even the real-life history from which is sprang. Today is about and how we plan to get you geared up for the third-best holiday of all-time.

How can make your Halloween a hit?

Some people treat Halloween like a joke. Those are the people that stroll down to Halloween superstores on October 30 and spend 20 bucks on a poorly made costume that kind of looks like the hero from a recent summer blockbuster but really looks sillier than anything else.

Those that treat Halloween like the magnificent holiday that it is take their costumes a bit more seriously. They rummage around and piece together elaborate costumes that are truly impressive. The good thing about's affinity for Halloween is that we have already done all the rummaging for you. In our 10 years of buying military surplus and new production items, we have amassed quite a collection of clothing and accessories that can be combined to produce an award-winning Halloween costume. Even better, those pieces of clothing and accessories are available at the unbelievably low prices that our customers have come to expect from us. Today, I want to highlight just a few that may make your Halloween just a bit scarier.

"V for Vendetta" Mask

The “V for Vendetta” mask is a mask designed to resemble Guy Fawkes and is a symbol featured prominently in the film of the same name, which many might not know is actually an adaptation of a limited comic book series written by Alan Moore.

"V for Vendetta" Mask

Anyway, the "V for Vendetta" mask is one of the coolest masks available commercially and is definitely the coolest mask available from The mask is constructed almost entirely of plastic and measures approximately 8.5 inches by 7.5 inches and will conceal most faces. It is secured to the face via a Velcro® adjustable strap and is perfectly capable of completing your "V" ensemble or turning you into the world's biggest supporter of the Tea Party movement.

The "V for Vendetta" mask is now available for just $9.95.

Red Rock Ghillie Suit

Speaking of Alan Moore, the man also had a pretty great run on "Swamp Thing." And with's Red Rock ghillie suit you can transform yourself into Swamp Thing without a batch of Alec Holland's bio-restorative formula and without suffering a harrowing explosion.  

Red Rock Ghillie Suit

The Red Rock ghillie suit is a five-piece complex camouflage suit that is made to resemble dense foliage and serves to yield greater concealment than traditional camouflage clothing. It also looks a bit like Swamp Thing and will make a fabulous Halloween costume.

The Red Rock ghillie suit is available for $79.95 in two sizes – medium/large (chest 42-48, waist 32-38) and extra-large/double extra-large (chest 48-56, waist 38-46). Additionally, you have the option of two different camouflage patterns – woodland camouflage and desert camouflage.

Orange Prison Jumpsuit

Everyone loves a convict, especially on Halloween. For that reason, our orange prison jumpsuit is an excellent costume idea.

Orange Prison Jumpsuit

Halloween is the only day of the year you can walk proudly in public dressed in an orange prison jumpsuit without being hassled by the police, who would ordinarily be more than happy to escort you back to a jail cell. Do just that with our orange prison jumpsuit, the very same jumpsuit that has been sold to production teams working with HBO and a number of professional sports organizations.

Currently, five sizes are available: medium (M), large (L), extra-large (XL), double extra-large (XXL) and triple extra-large (XXXL). Prices start at just $33.95.

And do not forget that we have a number of appropriate accessories to go with the orange prison jumpsuit, including a wide variety of handcuffs and leg irons.

As one would expect, these are just a few of the great products we carry that can also be recruited for a Halloween costume. In fact, we recently built an entire category devoted to Halloween and all of our great Halloween-friendly items. We invite you to browse that category and get started on your costume today!

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Beat the Heat with

Tuesday, July 10, 2012 10:15:12 AM America/New_York

A Special Look at Helpful Summertime Products

Today is July 10, 2012. If you are at all a fan of baseball, you know that today is the 2012 Major League Baseball All-Star Game – the 83rd of its kind. Apparently, it still counts. In 2012, an exhibition game is still being used as the deciding factor for home-field advantage in the World Series, which is just a bit ridiculous considering each team's starting lineup is selected by a fan vote. Godspeed Bud Selig. Godspeed.

Anyway, since today is sort of a special occasion in the life of me, I decided that there would be no better way to kick off today's festivities than by offering a second helping of the blog. Two posts in one week?! You heard right. And considering that you are reading it right now, it should come as less of a surprise.

The Major League Baseball All-Star game is also known as the "Midsummer Classic." Why? It is played in the middle of summer, genius. And boy is it summertime. Saturday was marked by a record-high temperature of 105 degrees. Can you guess where I was? If you guessed taking in a baseball game at Nationals Park, you would be incorrect. While I was at the game, the only thing I was taking in was copious amounts of water in an attempt to survive the hell Washington D.C. had been turned into for the week.

In recognition of summertime, my most despised season of all, I figured it would make sense to take this time to highlight a few of our products that find utility most often in summer.

German Wustentarn Boonie Hat

When I think of summer, I think of sunshine. And when I think of sunshine, I think of devastating ultraviolet rays, sunburn and melanoma. A good preventive measure to take in hopes of avoiding those ailments is the frequent slathering of sunblock. But since is not a drug store, I am going to cut off the sunblock discussion right here and now. Instead, I offer you the German Wustentarn boonie hat – a perfect choice to keep cool in the summer heat while protecting your face and neck from the death rays characteristic of the sun.

German Wustentarn Boonie Hat

Part fashionable headwear, part German military surplus and all sorts of awesome, the German Wustentarn boonie hat is a comfortable, wide-brimmed hat that is ready to retire from its life of combat and settle down in a location where cooler heads prevail. You heard right. These hats actually saw action. And they have a whole slew of great features that make them practical.

The hat is constructed from a cotton-polyester blend and features a 3-inch brim that is great for protecting the wearer's face and neck from ultraviolet rays. Also included is a thin drawstring cord that can be used to tighten the hat or secure it around the neck when not in use.

But deadly invisible sun rays are not the only thing that summer brings…

Swiss Military Folding Raincoat

Luckily, some relief from last week's record temperatures in the Washington Metropolitan Area is coming – in the form of showers and thunderstorms. I believe I made it painfully obvious how little I favor the heat that summer brings, so I welcome this week's barrage of cooling rain, though I am sure most of the others in this area will complain about it just as they did the heat. You cannot please any percentage of the populating at any time at all.  

But it is funny. Considering how important water is to life all over the world, people sure seem to hate getting wet. No matter, because has a lightweight solution that will appease everyone. The Swiss military folding raincoat keeps you dry and cool all season long.

Swiss Military Folding Raincoat

Perfect for anyone seeking shelter from the rain, the Swiss military folding raincoat is an authentic Swiss military surplus item. Noted for both its light weight and compact size, this raincoat is great for those surprise summer rain showers. It is constructed almost entirely from a thin vinyl material that is both comfortable and extremely water resistant. Not only that, it has a built-in pocket that allows you to fold the raincoat into itself for easy storage when not in use. How convenient is that?

Still, there is more to summer than heat and thunderstorms. This is where things get a little hairy.

German Flecktarn Summer Gloves

Yard work. I hate is almost as much as I do the heat. Almost. Who could possibly enjoy mowing the lawn, cleaning the gutters, trimming the hedges or anything even remotely similar? Not me. Unfortunately, it has to be done. So suck it up, stop complaining and grab a pair of German Flecktarn summer gloves to help get the job done without ruining your precious little mittens.

German Flecktarn Summer Gloves

The German Flecktarn summer gloves are a German military surplus item and were originally issued to members of the Bundeswehr. Designed for tough military jobs, these camouflage work gloves are perfect for any summer project from trimming hedges to logging forests. Boasting military-grade craftsmanship, each pair of gloves consists of a thin outer layer constructed from a soft canvas material, while the interior is lined with a thin, comfortable cotton layer. Though the thought of dual layers may make it seem as if these are unfit for summer work, they are very lightweight and extremely breathable. The real draw, however, is not in their light weight or breathability, but rather the inclusion of a protective layer of leather on the areas that are most vulnerable to wear and injury. The palm of each glove, along with the tips of every finger and the knuckles, has an added layer of leather to protect the most sensitive parts of the hand from dangerous elements that may be encountered during various types of labor.

I probably should not bash summer all day long. I mean, it does bring baseball back into my life. Not to mention, summer is the perfect time for firearms and ammunition.

Firearms and Ammunition

I am sure you are well aware of the fact that has a decent little selection of firearms and ammunition. As such, it is impossible for me to pick one firearm or one box of ammunition to highlight here. Instead, I invite you to check out our newly-revamped "Firearms" section, which is now organized by type and manufacturer and designed to provide a more user-friendly experience. Go ahead, check it – it is right there in the top-left portion of your screen. There you go.

I also invite you to check out our ammunition section (just two categories over from firearms), which features a great selection of pistol, rifle and shotgun ammunition.

There you have it – some of our best summertime products. All that is left to do is order some of them and root for the National League to win the All-Star game.

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Only at!

Monday, June 18, 2012 2:16:28 PM America/New_York

On the Exclusivity of Certain Products

There are a seemingly infinite number of reasons why buying from is a good idea. For one, there is our excellent customer service. When you call us you will never get stuck speaking to a machine. Instead, your call will be answered by a person just like you – one that actually cares about his or her work enough to put forth the time and effort required to respond to an inquiry in a satisfactory manner. Then there are our speedy shipping times. Some places like to take their sweet time when shipping your items. Why? Because they already have your money and can always claim that it was "just shipped" when you call to lodge a complaint. By that point, it is fairly unlikely that you will cancel. Our customers know that when they place an order with, they can expect an email notification with a confirmation of their order that is quickly followed up by a tracking number and an expected date of delivery, which is usually not far off. Then there is the most important reason – our products and our prices, which get their own paragraph.

What can be said about our products and pricing without sounding like an arrogant jerk? We have what you want available for prices that you would imagine are too good to be true yet somehow are true, which is why we suspect that the very large majority of our customers are repeat customers. Not only that, we have a great deal of products that can only be found at here at That is exactly what I want to talk about today.

Exclusivity? What the heck is that?

I learned about the importance of exclusivity as it relates to businesses when I was a youngster enamored with video games. A big part of the video game industry's business model is exclusivity. If you want to play any of the installments in "The Legend of Zelda" series, then you have to buy a Nintendo console. If you want to play any of the installments in the "Halo" series, then you will need a Microsoft console. The big wigs devised a plan that was designed to drive sales of their console by offering highly popular titles as console-exclusives. And it worked.

The comic book industry does the same thing. If you want to read the writings of Scott Snyder, and you do, then you will have to pick up some DC Comics. If you are a fan of Jason Aaron, you will now only find his work over at the House of Ideas – that is Marvel Comics for those in the dark.

The idea of exclusivity works, so it is only natural that we here at try to obtain as many exclusive products as possible – products you can only get by visiting our website and ordering from us. The best part is that our exclusives are available for the same great price as everything else. So without further ado, I would like to introduce a few products that you will only find here.

The Exclusives

Since receiving a sizeable shipment of Gerber® survival cases, it has been one of our best sellers.

Gerber Survival Case

What is the Gerber® survival case? The Gerber® emergency survival case is a great way to begin preparing for any emergency survival situation. The survival case is a rigid, fold-open case designed by Gerber® to store a wealth of indispensable emergency tools and accessories in a compact case that is both practical and easily manageable. Inside the case is a wealth of pockets, straps and storage compartments that can accommodate anything from an entrenching tool and a compact pistol to flashlights, multi tools, road flares and much more.

I know what you are thinking – you can pick up this case just about anywhere. While that is true, we are the only retailer that sells them void of gear, which not only drives down the cost but offers the option to customize the case with your preferred gear. If you are caught up in the 2012 hoopla, you might want to give some consideration to this product.

Our next exclusive is the Finnish M95 gas mask.

Finnish M95 Gas Mask

Produced by Scott Safety, a company with well over 50 years of experience in personal safety devices, the Finnish M95 gas mask is a multi-purpose mask that has been manufactured to the highest safety and performance specifications. The M95 gas mask includes a number of built-in features as well as a gas mask carrying bag and one M95 filter. In 1995, this mask replaced the popular Finnish M61 gas mask – one of the most popular surplus masks available on the market. Ordinarily, I would advise against the use of a surplus mask in favor of a proven, newly manufactured mask. Today, you can ignore that advice because the Finnish M95 gas mask shatters all preconceptions about the inadequacies of surplus masks. The NIOSH-approved Finnish M95 gas mask provides proven protection against the hazards associated with nuclear, biological and chemical environments in addition to numerous features designed with your comfort in mind.

You would think a surplus mask like this would be widely available. It is not. In fact, we have the only large supply of authentic Finnish M95 gas masks on the Internet. It is definitely within the realm of possibility that you can find them from time to time on auction websites, but expect to pay a premium price. If you want proven protection and a palatable price, you are going to have to come to us.

Speaking of military surplus, you will need much more than a stroke of good luck to find the German 120mm mortar scope anywhere but here.

German 120mm Mortar Scope

The German 120mm mortar scope is an optical device that is used in conjunction with a 120mm mortar. It is designed to provide a person with a more accurate means of aiming the mortar when a target is direct and visible. The scopes are in good condition with fully functional adjustment dials, which change the angle of the scope, and nearly perfect optics. One interesting aspect of the German 120mm mortar scope that I was able to obtain is the NATO Stock Number (NSN). An NSN is a 13-digit numerical code that identifies all standardized materials of supply that are recognized by NATO countries. The NSN for the German 120mm mortar scope is 1240-12-124-7489, which is identified as a fernrorh or "telescope." The "1240" signifies that the piece classified as optical sighting and range equipment. The "12" signifies that the piece is from Germany. The remaining digits are the item number.

We bought up the entire supply of these scopes save for a small lot that went to a German company. And considering that to the best of my knowledge they do not have an Internet presence, we are your go-to retailer for all things German 120mm mortar scope.

The last product I will highlight today also happens to be the biggest and most exciting. I introduce to you the Sabre Defence M2HB barrel.

Sabre Defence M2HB Barrel

The Sabre Defence M2HB barrel is 45-inch barrel that is manufactured from stainless steel and designed for use with the M2HB heavy machine gun. In addition to a full chrome lining, which serves to protect the bore from rust and corrosion, the first third of the barrel (beginning at the chamber and extending toward the muzzle) is lined with stellite. Stellite is a cobalt-chromium alloy that is particularly useful due to its tendency to resist both wear and corrosion, which makes it particularly desirable for firearm barrels. Because fully-automatic machine gun barrels are especially susceptible to wear as a result of extreme rates of fire, the chrome and stellite lining in the M2HB barrel is a welcome feature. Those looking for replacement barrels or components to begin a build need look no further than the Sabre Defence M2HB barrel. The Sabre Defence M2HB barrel is recognized by experts as one of the best M2HB barrels ever manufactured.

The product description for this barrel has a wealth of information regarding the barrel, the machine gun it is designed for and the company that manufactured it. In short, these amazing barrels were produced by Sabre Defence Industries as part of a United States Military contract. You can only get them here and once they are gone, they will not be back.

In closing…

These are only a few of the many exclusive products we have scattered throughout our website. Our highlighting of these products is not meant to brag but to illustrate our willingness to serve by providing products that other retailers decide are too much trouble to seek out or are not worth their time. At, if it is worth your time then it is worth our time.  

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We are Back with Tons of News from SHOT Show 2012

Tuesday, January 24, 2012 1:48:21 PM America/New_York

SHOT Show 2012

Though you may not realize it by looking at me, I am a huge fan and avid reader of comic books. I love it all – DC, Marvel, Image and all the rest. Those are the names that take over my Wednesday evenings as I make my weekly trek up to the local comic shop to purchase a big stack of new releases. And as a comic book fan and resident of the state of Maryland, there is an annual event I usually try my best to attend – the Baltimore Comic-Con. Now, as many of you know, one of the spectacles associated with comic book fans is the comic book convention. Conventions are so much more than the large gathering of nerds clamoring over comic books and discussing ways to avoid women that the typical passerby would have you believe. They are much like any other trade show one would attend and include an enormous commercial aspect. In fact, Comic-Con International in San Diego, which usually takes place across a span of four to five days, is the United States’ largest comic book convention and brings together guests from a range of different media. I hope to one day attend. Anyway, I will get to the point. Since coming on board at, there is another convention that has caught my eye – the SHOT Show.

For those of you who may be unaware, the SHOT (Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade) Show is an annual convention for those interested in shooting, hunting and the outdoors. But it is not limited to those industries exclusively. It is much more encompassing. That said some of us here at were fortunate enough to make it out to the event this year. While I was not one of those fortunate individuals, I was told that this year’s event was a good one. And if word of mouth is not enough to make you a believer, I have a few highlights for you. Read on for a recap of just a few of the things we took away from SHOT Show 2012.

2012 Will be Huge

As many of you know, 2012 is slated to be a huge year in general. This year ushers in another presidential election, which is always big news and always has some type of effect on our industry. However, 2012 also marks the completion of a “great cycle” in the Mesoamerican Long Count Calendar, which many believe will mark the end of the world. These two events will, without a doubt, bring about a huge spike in the demand for firearms, ammunition and survival products. As always, people worry about what a regime change in Washington can mean for laws related to firearms. As a precaution, people start buying. And as if it was not perfectly clear what a world-changing disaster could mean to our way of life, people feel the need to stock up on survival gear in hopes of making it through the end of the world. The demand has already reached new heights and will only grow higher as we move closer to the end of the year. Fear not, though. has you covered. While at SHOT Show, we shook some hands, signed some deals and did some business that will ensure our continued ability to offer you a wide range of products at competitive prices.

New Products

Much like Comic-Con International is known for unveiling upcoming comic books and the like, SHOT Show is very much known for pulling the curtain back on brand new products related to shooting, hunting and the outdoors. To say the least, we were pretty underwhelmed by the new products introduced this year. In the interest of time, I am only going to discuss two of the new products – one we liked and one we did not.

First up is the product we liked – the Springfield XDs. As the owner of a Springfield XD .45, any future Springfield XD will get my seal of approval. The XD line of pistols is exactly what a pistol should be – accurate, durable and reliable. There really is not much else to say about it. So why would we be unimpressed by another XD available in .45, but presented in a much smaller package? Well we aren’t. The Springfield XDs is an ultra-compact pistol, chambered in .45 ACP. It accepts a single stack 5-round magazine for a 5+1 capacity in a pistol that boasts an overall length of 6.3 inches, a height of 4 inches and a width of 1 inch. The pistol also features a barrel that is only 3.3 inches long. Basically, it is an extremely concealable pistol with a great deal of power. It is the concealed carry pistol. Look for it later this year.

Now on to what we were not so impressed with – the StG 44 in .22LR from GSG/ATI. Now, it would not be very productive to run this product into the dirt, so I will just give our honest opinion and leave it at that. It seems that each time this rifle is brought to a show, the quality decreases. Parts that used to be made of metal now appear to be made using some type of plastic, which gives the rifles the appearance of an airsoft rifle. We do not see it being a very smart buy at its current price.

AR-15 Parts

I like AR-15s. I just finished building one. But is there any company that does not sell parts for the AR-15? It is almost like selling AR-15 parts has “jumped the shark.” The only thing left for companies to do is start a race to the bottom and try to offer their product at the lowest price, which is not good for any parties involved. If that happens, companies will suffer slim to nonexistent profit margins on AR-15 parts as they drop prices to stay competitive. I would not be surprised if we start seeing mil-spec lower receivers in the $50 range or so. This will leave companies with no other option but to save on manufacturing costs, leading to parts with sub-par quality. My advice is to watch out when trying to save a few bucks on your next build.

Surplus Firearms Market

Most people familiar with probably know that the Mosin Nagant 91/30 is one of our more popular items. However, it looks like the market for surplus firearms may be about to dry up. Here are a few quick thoughts on the subject:

- More 91/30s are being brought into Europe and turned into de-milled collectibles than are being sold to the United States.

- Those same European importers are buying up numerous U.S. lend-lease firearms from all over the world to be de-milled for their market.

- Several small arms exporter nations are in the process of joining the European Union, which will bring about radical changes in their regulatory agencies and the sale of regulated goods.

People have been speculating on the state of the surplus market for years, but it is looking more and more like now is the time to fill out your collection.


Just because a product has an endorsement from what appears to be a reputable organization, does not mean the product is worthy of your hard-earned money. One thing we noticed was the great deal of vendors that carried products with identical endorsements. It really makes one wonder whether the endorsement carries the same weight. Perhaps it is due to these goods being manufactured by the same Chinese OEMs. Maybe they paid for the endorsement. Do your research before buying a product; do not buy it because some tactical organization gave it their approval.

That is about it for now. Like I said earlier, we conducted a lot of business at the 2012 SHOT Show. Be on the lookout for great new products from We cannot say much right now, but we think you will be pleasantly surprised.

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Everything You Need to Know About Gas Mask Filters -- and More!

Friday, January 6, 2012 1:57:03 PM America/New_York

Gas Mask Filters

Lots of cool things use filters -- coffee machines, vacuums, cars and much more. You wouldn’t use any of these items without their respective filters, and you wouldn’t dare use a gas mask without a gas mask filter. Well fear not, is here to give you all the information you need about gas mask filters. We offer a variety of filters and chances are we have the right one for you. 

Finnish Gas Mask Model M61 60mm Filter

Gas Mask Filters 101

If you’ve seen a gas mask, you’ve likely seen a gas mask filter. It is important to understand how the filters work before trying to use them. Gas mask filters work by utilizing one or more of three different purification techniques -- particle filtration, chemical absorption/adsorption and chemical reactions. Let’s take a closer look at what each of these means.

- Particle filtration – This is the most simple purification technique. When a filter employs particle filtration, it uses a very fine particulate filter. The holes in the filter are so small – less than one micron in size – that many biological particulates are unable to make their way through, allowing only breathable air to pass. Eventually, these filters become saturated with biological particulates, becoming ineffective and requiring replacement.

- Chemical absorption/adsorption – Often, chemical threats aren’t susceptible to particle filtration due to their gaseous nature. In these cases, we rely on chemical absorption and adsorption. Absorption is the process by which one state of matter – in this case gas – is incorporated into another state of matter – solid or liquid. Adsorption is the physical bond that can occur between the molecules of one substance and the surface of another. In filters that utilize this technique, activated charcoal is often used. Charcoal is a form of carbon. Activated charcoal is charcoal that has been treated with oxygen, resulting in millions of tiny holes opening between the carbon atoms. This offers a large surface area with plenty of room for chemicals to bond to the charcoal, allowing the safe passage of air through the filter.

- Chemical reaction – Remember my article about the Finnish M61 Gas Mask? I mentioned the hypo helmet from World War I.  The hypo helmet was basically a cloth mask fitted over the head of a soldier and was treated with glycerin and thiosulphate. The idea behind this was that the thiosulphate would react with the chlorine gas, rendering it inert. This is the same idea behind filters that utilize the chemical reaction technique. Later in World War I, hexamethylenetetramine was used to protect soldiers against phosgene gas.

What we offer

At, we offer a variety of gas mask filters. Most gas masks use the NATO standard filter, a gas mask filter canister with a 40mm attachment. These filters will work with Israeli, Russian, German and most US models. Also available, though less common, is the 60mm filter, which works with many older US, Canadian and Finnish models. We also offer an adaptor, which allows 40mm filters to be used with 60mm gas masks.

We also carry M10 gas mask filters, designed specially for use with the Czech M10 or M10M model gas masks.

Most of our filters are under $10, so stock up before it’s too late.

Why should I buy it?

Gas masks offer plenty of practical uses:

- Painting

- Chemistry

- Yard work

- Personal protection

 Without the use of a proper gas mask filter, the mask will not protect against anything. If you’re only buying a gas mask for its looks, at less than $10 you may consider buying a filter along with it to complete the look.

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Start Your New Year with the Finnish Gas Mask

Monday, January 2, 2012 11:10:57 AM America/New_York

Finnish Gas Mask Model M61

We here are like to believe that we are a customer-driven company. When you speak, we listen. So when I realized how much our customers love the Finnish gas mask model M61 (our top selling gas mask), I couldn’t help but write up a blog post to give those who have already fallen in love with it, and those who soon will, a little more information about the mask customers are calling an “awesome product for an awesome value.”

Finnish Gas Mask Model M61

History Lesson

A gas mask is a type of mask worn over the face, typically forming a seal around the mouth and nose, and is designed to protect the wearer from several different hazards, including toxic gases and airborne pollutants. Often, gas masks also cover the wearer’s eyes and other susceptible parts of the face.

I wanted to learn a little more about the history of gas masks, so I did a little research and found out from Popular Mechanics that as far back as ancient Greece, people were using sponges as a crude form of gas mask. Fast forward to World War I, and we get the precursor to the modern military gas masks with which we are all more familiar. World War I saw a spike in chemical warfare with the introduction of chlorine, phosgene and mustard gas. The need to protect troops from these gases lead to the development of the hypo helmet in 1915, a fabric mask fitted over the head of a soldier and soaked in a chemical absorbing solution of glycerin and sodium thiosulphate. Though this original gas mask only protected against chlorine gas, the P helmet was developed to offer additional protection with the introduction of phosgene gas. As history progressed, the development of gas masks mirrored the advancement of chemical and biological warfare.

What is it?

The Finnish model 61 is a Finnish gas mask and was manufactured by Nokia. Yes, the very same Nokia that made the cell phone on which you probably played your first game of “Snake.” A modified version of the US M9 gas mask, the M61 was standard issue for the Finnish army, a branch of the Finnish Defense Forces. Over the years, the mask has undergone several design changes, resulting in three different generations of the M61.  We offer both second and third generation models. The second generation had minor changes to the exhalation valve while the third generation saw the addition of a speech diaphragm.

This mask is a side-mounted gas mask, meaning the filter attaches to the side of the mask.  Speaking of filters, this mask is designed to be used with 60mm filters, but we do offer an adapter so that the mask can be fitted with standard 40mm filters.

The M61 is made of heavy-duty, form-fitting gray rubber and includes a 60mm filter for only $11.95.

Why should I buy it?

At $11.95, I think a more appropriate question would be, “Why shouldn’t I buy it?” Aside from being just plain cool-looking, the M61 was designed to protect against toxic gases and airborne pollutants and it does just that. 

Though you may not find yourself in such a dire situation, this gas mask may find use in many different circles and is great for:

- Painting

- Chemistry

- Yard work (If you don’t mind looking great in public)

- Paintball

- Halloween costumes

- Stage prop

- Movie production

While you’re here, why not check out our gas mask carrying bag, gas mask filters, or one of our many gas mask accessories.

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Fashion Meets Function with the M65 Field Jacket

Friday, December 23, 2011 10:37:44 AM America/New_York

M65 Field Jacket

Everyone knows that winter means one thing – cold weather. Of course some people may associate other things with the season, but those subfreezing temperatures are what really stand out. Without a tough jacket or coat, you’re in for one miserable winter. But don’t let the misery sink in just yet; you still have a few options. You could purchase one of those high-dollar, “all style, no substance” jackets that seem to populate the streets. Choose this option and you’ll likely continue shivering as you scrape your windows every day prior to your morning commute. If this doesn’t sound appealing, consider purchasing a fashionable, functional M65-style jacket from at a fraction of the cost. We offer a great Austrian M65 field jacket for only $37.95.

Austrian M65-style Field Jacket

History Lesson

The M65, officially designated the M-1965 field jacket, is a wildly popular military jacket introduced in 1965 for the United States Armed Forces during the Vietnam War. It was developed as a replacement for the M-1951 field jacket and included several key design changes, including: a built-in hood that could be stored in a collar pouch, Velcro® fasteners providing adjustable cuffs and a straight collar. The M65 was the culmination of the ever-evolving field jacket that began with the M-1941, better known as the olive drab cotton field jacket.

M-1941 Field Jacket

Generally known as the olive drab cotton field jacket, the M-1941 saw service in the early years of World War II before being phased out by the M-1943. It was very reminiscent of the common windbreaker, utilizing a cotton outer shell and a wool flannel lining. It featured a zipper front closure with a button flap, adjustable button tabs on the cuff and the waistline, two slash pockets, and a lapel collar with buttons for a detachable hood.

M-1943 Field Jacket

The M-1943 field jacket served as a replacement for the inadequate M-1941. Unlike the M-1941, the new design extended down to the upper thigh. This jacket featured a button closure, detachable hood, drawstring waist, notched-lapel collar, two breast pockets and two skirt pockets. This model was briefly followed by the M-1950.

M-1950 Field Jacket

The major difference between the M-1950 and the M-1943 was the addition of interior buttons designed for a button-in jacket liner. This model was quickly replaced by the M-1951.

M-1951 Field Jacket

The M-1951 was very similar to the M-1950, though it did have some design changes. The major differences were the use of wind and water resistant fabric and a zipper with snap fasteners as opposed to buttons. As previously stated, this model was replaced by the M65, which included the aforementioned changes.

What is it?

The Austrian M65 field jacket is the Austrian-made version of the famous M65, popularized by American troops during the Vietnam War. As this is an Austrian jacket, there are some differences from the American-made model, most notably the lack of Velcro® cuffs and snap fasteners.

The jacket is constructed from a cotton/polyester blend and is both water and wind resistant. It is a used, military surplus item in great condition and comes in medium, large and extra large sizes. Features of this jacket include:

- Authentic Austrian military surplus

- Zipper closure with button storm flap

- Adjustable button cuffs

- Interior drawstring for a fitted waist

- Five total pockets, including: two breast pockets, two skirt pockets and one interior pocket

- Built-in hood housed in zippered collar pouch

Also available, are two authentic Austrian military patches: the Österreich Bundesheer (Austrian Armed Forces) shoulder patch and the airborne wings breast patch.

Why should I buy it?

It’s a cold, cold world. You need something to protect you from the elements and this jacket is the total package. Serviceable yet stylish, it’s a great alternative that ensures you won’t be “that guy” in the camouflage military jacket. Make this your choice for:

- Cold winter weather

- Skiing/snowboarding

- Hunting

- Paintball

If for some reason you struggle to see the greatness of this jacket, has a wide variety of jackets and parkas that may be more your cup of tea. Check out the Swedish M90 parka or the Italian army jacket.

Wait a second…

If you’re wondering where you may have seen this jacket, I have a question for you: “You talkin’ to me? You talkin’ to me?” That’s right, Robert De Niro’s character Travis Bickle wears the famous M65 field jacket in Martin Scorsese’s “Taxi Driver.”

That’s not the only place you may have seen it though. The jacket is so popular that even Nike® has produced an M65-style jacket.

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Exploding Fruit: The 'Pineapple' Grenade

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Dummy “Pineapple” Grenade

If you were anything like me as a child, playing “war” after school was a daily occurrence. Imagination shaped the battlefields, forts were built in the woods and tree branches served as rifles. Perhaps the most memorable aspect, however, was the deadly pinecone grenade. Seeing one of those bounce your way inspired fear and spelled instant doom. They were, of course, so sought after due to their visual similarity (in the eyes of a child) to the Mk 2 “pineapple” grenade. Well, now we are all a little older and it’s time to turn in your pinecones for something just a bit closer to the real thing. offers a wealth of dummy ordnance and ammunition, including the iconic “pineapple” grenade, at a price that makes arming your imaginative army very cost-effective.

Dummy "Pineapple" Grenade

What is it?

The Mk 2 is an antipersonnel, fragmentation grenade originally designed in 1918 to replace the Mk 1, which suffered from field safety issues. It was developed for use by the United States military and was used primarily in World War II, though it saw limited service in the Vietnam War and other conflicts. It was replaced by the M26, which is noted for its more controlled blast radius.

Made from cast iron, the Mk 2 generally operated on a delayed-detonation fuze with flaked TNT filling, though some variants utilized EC blank fire powder. It is sometimes referred to as a “pineapple” grenade due to its shape and external serrations, which give it the appearance of the fruit bearing the same name. Its unique design was thought to have aided in fragmentation, though more realistically only served to enhance the user’s grip.

Its paint scheme has varied over time, including a pre-1943, all-yellow design used to correspond with the color code for “high explosive ordnance.” This presented an obvious problem due to its high visibility in the field. To combat this, the grenades were painted olive drab with a yellow stripe around the top of the fuze well.

There is also a practice version of the Mk 2, designated as the M21, which is painted blue and stamped with “RFX” (Richmond Foundry and Manufacturing Co.) on the side of the body.

The dummy pineapple grenade offered by is a reproduction of the M21, the practice version of the Mk 2. This can be seen in the distinctive “RFX” stamp on the side of the grenade and the hollow, non-threaded hole at its base. We offer both olive drab and non-painted variations, each of which includes an exclusive fuze. The olive drab grenade comes with the M213 fuze (used on current USGI M67s) while the non-painted version comes with the M228 (used on current M69 training grenades).

Beware! Some retailers market these dummy grenades as authentic, inert Mk 2s or M21s and charge a higher price.

Why should I buy it?

The dummy “pineapple” grenade provides a cheap alternative to more expensive and authentic, inert ordnance. Plus, they look a lot cooler than pinecones! Great for collections, they also make an excellent addition to any reenactor’s arsenal.

This product is a great choice for:

- Collectors

- Reenactments

- Halloween costumes

- Stage props

- Movie production

- Display

- Gifts

Check out what one of our customers had to say:

“This grenade is a definite must-have for any collector, and with the $9.95 price, it blows other sites’ prices away. Having just received one a few weeks back, I am now the envy of all my friends! I would definitely recommend this to any collector!”

As he mentions, this piece is only $9.95. With a price that low, you’ll be able to pick up some of our other dummy grenades as well, such as the “baseball” grenade and the “lemon” grenade. You may also consider our M1A2 rifle grenade adapter.

How does a grenade work?

The functionality of a grenade is reliant on its detonation mechanism, which may either be ignited by impact or a time-delay fuze. The Mk 2 operated on a time-delayed fuze.

In general, for the grenade to explode, the firing pin must strike the primer in order to set off a series of events. However, the firing pin is held in place, under spring tension, by a striker lever (spoon) that is in turn held in place by a safety pin. Pulling the safety pin allows the spoon to pull away from the grenade. Once a grenade is thrown, the spoon pulls away from the grenade, allowing the firing pin to make contact with the primer, which creates a spark. The spark ignites a slow-burn fuze, which will burn down until it ignites the detonator and causes an explosion. This explosion will ignite the explosive material found inside the grenade, in this case TNT. The result is a very big boom, the dispersal of fragmentation, and the displeasure of those surrounding it.

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Spare Firearm Parts: Are You Prepared for a Firearm Failure?

Friday, December 16, 2011 10:17:15 AM America/New_York

Spare Parts for the G3/HK91/PTR91 and the Walther P38/P1

As of writing this article, Halloween is but a few days away (of course by the time you read this it will be a distant memory), and I cannot help but think about one of my favorite novels – Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein.” Morality, life and death, creation and destruction, abandonment and alienation and Victor Frankenstein’s god complex are each explored in this enduring classic that makes for a perfect October read. At this point, you may be asking yourself how “Frankenstein” is connected to the G3/HK91/PTR91 or the Walther P38/P1. Well, here is another question: Where would Victor Frankenstein be without his spare parts? One less monster, that’s where. Face it, spare parts are important. Whether you’re building your very own homunculus or repairing a firearm, spare parts are a must. That’s why offers a wealth of spare parts for the G3/HK91/PTR91 and the Walther P38/P1.

The Importance of Spare Parts

At some point during its lifespan, every machine needs repair. Whether it be a car, a bike or a clock, some part will break and require service. The same holds true for firearms. Each component of a firearm relies on a series of parts to function properly. There are parts for the action, barrel, ejector, extractor, frame, grip, magazine, recoil, sights, slide and the trigger group. When one of these parts fails, the firearm may fail and if it is not repaired or replaced, the firearm remains out of commission. Think about what would happen if your kidneys failed. Without a replacement from a donor, your body would shut down. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a website that offered spare body parts to ensure your body remains in great working order? Well offers spare parts for the G3/HK91/PTR91 and the Walther P38/P1 to ensure that they remain in great working order.

Another aspect of spare parts to consider is their availability. Let’s go back to the kidneys. Someone with chronic kidney disease needs a donor kidney to get well. However, donor kidneys are not readily available, which may present a serious problem to the person in need. Similarly, firearm parts are not always readily available. Without the right part, your firearm may never be repaired. has a wealth of authentic factory parts from Heckler & Koch and Walther for the G3/HK91/PTR91 and the P38/P1, respectively. Now is the time to take advantage of their availability.


The G3 is a 7.62 mm selective-fire, automatic firearm designed by Mauser, Heckler & Koch (H&K) and Centro de Estudios Técnicos de Materiales Especiales (CETME) and was officially adopted by the West German Army in 1959. Several variants have been manufactured for military, law enforcement, and civilian use. The HK91 is a civilian variant of the G3 and is also manufactured by H&K. It is a semi-automatic firearm with special modifications that prevent fully automatic fire. The PTR91 is an American-made copy of the G3/HK91 manufactured in Connecticut by PTR-91 Inc. Like the HK91, the PTR91 is a semi-automatic firearm marketed to civilians.

We offer several parts that are interchangeable for the G3/HK91/PTR91, including H&K G3 magazines, firing pins and the H&K G3 SEF trigger pack as well as various screws, springs and washers.

Walther P38/P1

The Walther P38 is a 9 mm semi-automatic pistol designed by Walther in 1938, though production did not begin until 1939. The pistol was selected to replace the Luger P08 (a personal favorite) as the official service pistol of the Wehrmacht, the unified armed forces of Nazi Germany from 1935 to 1945. The P38 was in production from 1938 until 1963, though production was brought to a halt between the years 1945 and 1957. The P1 is a post-war redesign of the P38, with the most drastic change being the switch from a steel frame to an aluminum alloy frame. P38s were still produced from 1957 to 1963 alongside P1s. They can be easily differentiated by the stamping of “P38” or “P1” on the left-hand side of the slide.

Like the G3/HK91/PTR91, the parts we offer for the P38/P1 are interchangeable. We have a large amount of original Walther parts, including the Walther P38/P1 magazine, rear sight packs, firing pins and many more.

Don’t miss this opportunity to stock up on spare parts for some of the most iconic firearms ever produced. They won’t be around forever.

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On the Origin of UZI Stocks

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On the Origin of UZI Stocks

Way back in 1859, Charles Darwin published his still-controversial theory of evolution in a little book titled “On the Origin of Species.” Darwin maintained that all life has descended over time from common ancestry, a process resulting from his theory of natural selection. Basically, certain inherited traits become more or less prevalent based on their usefulness for survival. Ever wondered why some animals have opposable thumbs and others do not? Well, I’m not going to tell you; but I do have some equally fascinating information. So listen up Homo sapiens, because today I present what may become my magnum opus in “On the Origin of UZI Stocks.” Just as human lineage has been plotted from chimpan-A to chimpan-Z, so too will I plot the lineage of UZI stocks, including several of which are available now from


The UZI is an open bolt, blowback-operated submachine gun named for its designer, Uziel Gal. Originally designed in the late 1940s, the UZI was officially adopted in 1951 and introduced to Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) in 1954. The magazine is housed in the pistol grip, which allows for a shorter firearm. This is made possible by the inventive telescoping bolt. Originally fitted with a quick detachment wooden stock, the UZI is most often seen with a folding metal stock, though there have been several incarnations and variations over the years.

The Evolution of the UZI stock

As mentioned, the UZI was originally fitted with a quick detachment wooden stock. Most of the stocks developed for the UZI are wooden stocks and variations of the original, with the exception of two folding metal stocks and a polymer stock. Several aftermarket stocks have also been developed for the UZI. In this article, only stocks manufactured by Israeli Military Industries (IMI) will be discussed.

First Generation Stock, “Type 1”

The original stock developed for the UZI was a quick detachment wooden stock. This stock has a flat comb and butt. The butt is shaped with a groove to allow the attachment of a butt plate. The butt plates used on these stocks have a hinge that provides access to holes in the stock that allow for the storage of a cleaning rod and oil bottle.

Second Generation Stock, “Type 2”

The second generation IMI stock is very similar in design to the original. The glaring difference with this stock is in its size. It is about 2-inches longer than the original.

Third Generation Stock, “Type 3”

The third generation IMI stock is very reminiscent of the original as well. Still utilizing a straight comb, the butt was designed specifically to fit perfectly with the butt plates. Like its predecessor, this stock was also longer than the original, though only by about one inch. The last major change is the removal of the storage holes.

Fourth Generation, “Type 4”

This stock is near identical to its predecessor, the only difference being a change in the shape of the comb. While the combs on all previous stocks were straight, this stock utilizes a curved comb. Additionally, IMI produced variants of these stocks that allowed them to be permanently mounted on the firearm.

Fifth Generation, “Type 5”

This stock represented a marked design change, as it was the first non-wooden stock developed for the UZI. The Type 5 folding metal stock was originally designed in the 1960s to replace the wooden stocks originally found on the UZI. The stock attaches to the receiver and folds in two places, allowing for a quick extension. When not is use, the stock folds conveniently under the receiver.

Sixth Generation, “Type 6”

Also a folding metal stock, the Type 6 stock was developed for use with the Mini-Uzi and is considerably different from the Type 5. This stock is attached to a hinge welded on the rear of the receiver and folds to the side rather than under the receiver.

Seventh Generation, “Type 7”

The final IMI-manufactured stock is a polymer stock, made of plastic, and is near identical to the Type 4 wooden stock. Like the Type 4, this stock is also available as a quick detachment or permanent variant. 

Stockpile our UZI stocks is proud to offer two different UZI stocks at the lower than low prices you’ve come to expect.

The Type 4 wooden stock is the quick detachment variant and includes all hardware required to mount the stock on your UZI. Own this stock today for only $13.95.

UZI Wooden Stock (Type 4 Stock)

The Type 5 folding stock is the first folding metal stock developed for the UZI in the 1960s and includes all hardware required to mount the stock on your UZI. Own this stock today for only $11.95.

UZI Folding Stock (Type 5 Stock)

Both of these stocks are original IMI-manufactured parts. Grab one today!

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Camping Stoves: Eating Good in the Woods

Friday, December 9, 2011 11:14:18 AM America/New_York

Camping Stoves

I like food. Food tastes good. You know, juicy burgers and greasy fries? I also enjoy camping, but hate that I can’t always enjoy the deliciousness that is my home kitchen. That’s why I always bring some sort of portable camping stove any time I’m roughing it. Really, what fun is camping if I can’t catch and cook a nice salmon and enjoy the obligatory s’more? Okay, you got me. Camping is still great regardless of the presence of a portable stove, and I am sure some traditionalists would disagree but sometimes building a fire is just too much trouble. So, if you’re at all like me -- and even if you’re not, stick around and let tell you about outdoor cooking gear and eating in the wild.

Outdoor Eats

Indoors or outdoors, a guy has got to eat! The only problem is that cooking outdoors proves to be a little complicated, unless you know what you’re doing. The most glaring difference is the lack of a kitchen. There is no oven, sink, counter, refrigerator or wealth of dishes and utensils. However, that is quite all right as over time, campers have developed a wealth of methods and equipment to make gourmet cooking outdoors a breeze.

One of the oldest, simplest forms of cooking outdoors involves the use of direct heat from a campfire. One advantage of a campfire is the lack of need for extra equipment. However, inexperienced campfire cookers may find this method a bit difficult. Not to mention the extra effort of building the fire. Besides, we’re here to discuss the finer points of outdoor cooking with camping stoves, which does require one to carry the extra equipment. That’s where we come in.

Stoves on the Go

The Swiss M71 stove is a camping stove issued to Swiss military soldiers.

Swiss M-71 Stove

It is basically a can of denatured, jellied alcohol. Easily ignited with a match, the Swiss M71 stove can boil two cups of water in about 11 minutes. When you order, you receive four stoves, each accompanied by a burner stand and wooden matches for only $14.95. Check out this video we made that shows just how easy these are to use:

You may also be interested in the Esbit folding stove, a compact, lightweight stove dating back to World War II era Germany.

Esbit Folding Stove

These stoves are very popular among campers, military servicemen and survivalists. They use small tablets of hexamine or trioxane as a fuel source. When you order, you will receive six tablets that have a virtually unlimited shelf life for a meager $4.95. The frame also makes it perfectly compatible with our European military mess kit.

The great thing about these stoves is that they are both compact and lightweight, which means they take up little space in your pack. Now, let’s talk about how they’re best used on a campsite.

Cooking Methods

One thing everyone needs is water. However, obtaining sanitary drinking water in the wild is a big task if you don’t own some fancy filtration system. That is, unless you have some way of boiling the water. Both of the aforementioned camping stoves are perfect for boiling water, which is useful for cooking food, making hot beverages or obtaining clean drinking water.

Provided you have a small pan, these stoves are great for frying. Cooking that wild salmon or anything else you happen to hunt or catch is quick and simple when using camping stoves.

So next time you want to hit the great outdoors, grab a portable camping stove and introduce some convenience to the wild.

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U.S. Military Duffel Bag: Reporting for Duty

Friday, December 2, 2011 10:40:52 AM America/New_York

US Military Duffel Bag

Hey there, Mr. Survivor. Are you sick of being in the great outdoors with those puny packs that leave you with just the bare essentials? Sometimes a single bandage and a package of energy gel won’t do the trick. We all know that large outings call for large bags, and there are few larger than the US Military duffel bag. However, size is not the only selling point here. This bag is tough as nails. After all, this is an authentic USGI (United States Government Issue) bag, and if it’s good enough for military service, it’s even better for personal service. When you order from us, you will not only receive a huge bag. You will receive the huge savings you’ve come to expect from While you’re here, check out the rest of our bags and packs.

U.S. Military Duffel Bag

What is it?

Since World War II, the duffel bag has been a standard USGI item. It is one of the items service men and women are permitted to keep upon discharge, which accounts for their wide availability on the surplus market. However, the bags being offered by are not used. They are brand new, unissued bags.

As mentioned, the bag is quite large. It is cylindrical in shape with a wide opening at the top. Around the top are four large, metal grommets that serve as a closure system. A long metal loop protrudes from one of the grommets. Opposite this grommet is a snap link attached to a strap. The metal loop is fed through each grommet and attached to the snap link to secure the pack. A rope or cord may also be fed through the grommets to serve as a drawstring closure.

The bag has both a side-carrying handle and two padded, adjustable shoulder straps so that it may be worn as a backpack.

Other features include:

- Made in America

- Constructed from weather resistant Cordura® nylon

- Measures approximately 34-inches by 23-inches

- Side pocket with snap fastener

- Interior sewn flap for extra protection from airborne debris

Why should I buy it?

This bag is huge. This bag is tough. Perhaps most important, this bag is affordable. What more could you want, especially if you like camping? Go from “survivor man” to “roughing it outdoors comfortably man” by packing the bare essentials along with the rest of your bedroom, kitchen, and medicine cabinet. Seriously, it’s that big!

As if the inside storage capacity wasn’t enough, the grommets are large enough that you can feed ropes or cords through to hang more items from the bag.

It’s great for more than just camping, too. Athletes and parents of athletes know just how expensive sports bags can get. Carry your hockey, baseball, football, soccer, or any other sporting gear to the game with a duffel bag that will last season after season.

The bag is great for:

- Hiking

- Camping

- Hunting

- Sporting equipment

- Travel

- Shooting

- Survival packs 

At only $24.95, this deal is a no-brainer. Want some other no-brainer deals? Try the tactical backpack, Swiss engineer rucksack, or the German laundry bag.

Tips for packing your bag

When packing your duffel bag, make sure to place the largest, heaviest items at the bottom. This not only creates a solid base for your pack, but it makes the pack both safer and easier to carry on your back. Remember to place important, frequently accessed items such as food and water at the top of your pack. This eliminates the need to unpack and repack your bag but also ensures quick access.

Did you know?

According to the Online Etymology Dictionary, the word “duffel” dates back to the 1670s and comes from a town (Duffel) in Belgium where the material used in making duffel bags originated.

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Weather the Storm with the German Gore-Tex® Wet Weather Suit

Monday, November 7, 2011 7:00:05 AM America/New_York

Weather the Storm with the German Gore-Tex® Wet Weather Suit

October has come and gone. However, the drop in temperature it brought with it has stuck around. This means that winter is right around the corner along with the cold, wet weather that always seems to sneak up on us all. This year, has you covered (literally) with a vast assortment of jackets and parkas, clothing, and coveralls to keep you warm and dry all season long. If you’re really looking to keep the elements out, consider the German Gore-Tex® suit, a powerhouse of a wet weather suit available for only $34.95!

Flecktarn-patterned German Gore-Tex Suit

German 101 

Willst du die Geschichte hinter der Tarnung wissen? Want to know the story behind the camouflage? Back in 1976, the Bundeswehr, or German Armed Forces, began developing new camouflage patterns as a push to replace the olive-grey uniforms that were being used at the time. The result was this work of art known as Flecktarn, German for “spotted camouflage.” The word Flecktarn comes from the German words fleck, for “spot,” and tarnung, for “camouflage.” It wasn’t until 1990 that the pattern found widespread use among the service branches of the Bundeswehr, including the Heer (Army), Marine (Navy), Luftwaffe (Air Force), and the Zentraler Sanitätsdienst (Central Medical Services).

Flecktarn is a multicolor disruptive camouflage pattern, generally utilizing three or more colors. This particular pattern was designed for use in temperate woodland terrains, though by varying the colors, it is adaptable to other backdrops.

What is it?

The German Gore-Tex® suit is a lightweight, wet weather suit designed to keep you dry and comfortable when facing the elements, and it does. When you order from us, you will receive a jacket and pants, both designed to be worn over other layers, with the following features: 


- Made of Gore-Tex®

- Full zippered front

- Additional front snap fasteners for enhanced protection

- Integrated hood with drawstring closure

- Velcro® adjustable cuffs

- Two deep front pockets


- Made of Gore-Tex®

- Double elastic suspenders

- Two seven-inch zippered “pass-thru” pockets allow access to jeans/pants

- Snap fastener waistline with a zippered fly

Why should I buy it?

Tough winter weather calls for tough winter clothing, and that’s where Gore-Tex® reigns supreme. Gore-Tex® is synonymous with wet, winter weather. It is waterproof, windproof, and breathable. It keeps the wind and water out while allowing heat and sweat to escape, keeping you dry and comfortable. When you enter the outdoors wearing Gore-Tex®, your protection from the elements is guaranteed. The jacket can be used as an all-purpose winter coat but is also great for any of the following:

- Winter weather

- Skiing/snowboarding

- Hunting

- Paintball

- Any other outdoor activities that may be subject to wet weather

But don’t just take my word for it. Here is a review from a satisfied customer:

I Bass fish for a living and when it’s raining the fish still bite. So rather than getting soaking wet, or wearing a bulky, noisy rain suit, I wear these Gore-Tex® suits. It makes a rainy day at the office a bit more tolerable.”

As I mentioned, this suit is only $34.95! Good luck finding a comparable item at a better price. If somehow you’re still not sold, check out the Swiss camo rain poncho or the splinter camo anorak for alternative ways of staying dry and stylish.

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Answer the Call of Duty with the German Flak Jacket

Thursday, November 3, 2011 2:01:01 PM America/New_York

Answer the Call of Duty with the German Flak Jacket

It’s a crazy world out there and sometimes even a trip to the grocery store can be quite an adventure. wants to make sure that our customers are safe, and whether you’re parachuting into enemy territory or taking fire from your friend’s paintball gun, we’d like to believe you will be protected. In order to ensure that safety, we offer a wide variety of body armor, including the German Flak Jacket, each of which is a great piece of German military history and each of which is in excellent condition.

German flak jacket with a flecktarn pattern

History Lesson

Ready for some more instruction in German? Of course you are. Have you ever heard the word fliegerabwehrkanone? Probably not, but I’m willing to bet you’ve heard of a flak jacket. The word flak comes from the word fliegerabwehrkanone, German for “anti-aircraft gun.” The term flak jacket essentially means, “anti-aircraft gun jacket,” and was so named due to its usage by the British Royal Air Force in World War II to protect its pilots from shrapnel and other debris resultant from German anti-aircraft guns’ highly explosive shells.

Early flak jackets were made of ballistic nylon, a synthetic material developed by DuPont® specifically for military use. Sewn into the ballistic nylon were several manganese steel plates. Due to the size constraints brought about by the Avro Lancaster (the RAF’s bomber), the Royal Air Force found the jackets impractical and subsequently gave them to the United States Army Air Forces (USAAF), a predecessor to the modern day United States Air Force (USAF). Today, flak jackets are outdated by more bullet-resistant fabrics such as Kevlar®, which can be used in conjunction with metal or ceramic plates to enhance their “stopping power.”

What is it?

A flak jacket is a type of protective clothing designed to shield the wearer from shrapnel, fragmentation, debris, and other indirect projectiles. Though the terms flak jacket and bulletproof vest are often used interchangeably, not all flak jackets are bulletproof or rated for direct fire from pistols or rifles.

The German Flak Jacket offered by is a Kevlar®-paneled vest, covered in a flecktarn patterned nylon and includes the following features:

- Kevlar®-paneling

- Easy-to-wear with Velcro® closure on the left shoulder and the left/right hips

- Zipper closure for insertion and removal of Kevlar®-paneling

- Shoulder pads with snap fasteners

- Large, expandable front pocket with Velcro® closure

- Interior waistband with adjustable Velcro® closure ensures a secure fit

- Front and rear rings for additional field gear

 At $69.95, these jackets are selling fast. We’re unsure when they will be restocked so act quickly!

Why should I buy it?

As mentioned, people use the terms flak jacket and bulletproof vest interchangeably. However, all flak jackets (early models especially) are not bulletproof. These flak jackets were manufactured in the late 1980s through the 1990s, and though they use Kevlar®-paneling we do not recommend using them to protect against actual firearms nor do we guarantee any level or protection.

Well then, what are they good for? It has been years since I was involved in any type of paintball skirmish, and though it was a great deal of fun, the feeling of being shot was less than comfortable. Having a German flak jacket would have made the experience more enjoyable while also helping to conceal myself in the woods with its flecktarn pattern.

The German flak jacket is a great choice for:

- Paintball players

- Airsoft players

- Costumes

- Reenactments

- Theater props

- Movie production

Though we do not endorse the use of this product for protection from actual firearms, we do carry an assortment of body armor, including: German police body armor, Level IIIA body armor, German police full-body impact suit, stab resistant vests and many more.

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Czech Map Case

Wednesday, October 5, 2011 1:09:22 PM America/New_York

Czech Map Case

By: Joe Michelizzi, Staff Writer

It’s official. Tablets and personal computers are in. You’ve got one and we want to protect it. has a great selection of bags and packs perfect for your tablet or anything else you want to keep safe on the go. Today, we’ll take a look at the Czech map case. Make a statement for only $11.95 with this durable case that is sure to turn a few heads.

 Czech Map Case

History Lesson

The Army of the Czech Republic has existed in many different forms dating back to the early 20th century. Originating as the Czechoslovak Armed Forces in 1918, it dissolved alongside Czechoslovakia in 1938. The remaining units went on to serve with several foreign troops including the Polish army, the French army, the British army, and the Royal Air Force. In 1945, several units were reassigned and transferred to Czechoslovakia to form the Czechoslovak People’s Army, where it served as a mainstay under the Warsaw Pact until 1990 when it became the Army of the Czech Republic. Today, the Czech Republic is a member of the United Nations and its military has involved itself in quite a few peacekeeping and humanitarian efforts. Now go impress your friends with this new found knowledge and a Czech map case.

What is it?

Military maps signal status and authority due to their obvious significance in regards to strategy and battle plans. For this reason, maps were often carried by high-level military personnel only, such as officers. Do you trust your important documents to cheap folders, bags and cases? Neither does the military. That’s why you can rest assured that this bag is built tough and ready for service.

The Czech map case measures 13.5-inches by 9-inches. It is expandable to about 3.5-inches and has the following features:

- Made of leather

- Military-grade stitching

- Full-sized interior storage area with divider, including a small pocket

- Small interior flat storage area

- Exterior pouch with snap fastener (3-inches by 3-inches)

- Exterior slots hold up to six pens/pencils

- Cover flap with belt-type closure

- Interior strap and buckle closure for increased security

- Adjustable shoulder sling

Why should I buy it?

By this point, you’ve got your iPad and you’re ready to show it off. So, what would you rather buy: a synthetic case that looks nice but won’t last or a leather map case that you know will last because it has already proven its worth by surviving this long? Oddly enough, this Czech map case houses an iPad perfectly and is significantly cheaper than the cases that are actually designed for tablets. With extra storage for documents, pens, pencils, business cards and more, this is the perfect companion and is also great for:

- Business

- School

- Travel

Still not sold? Maybe you’re better suited for one of our other bags and packs. Consider the Military iPad bag, German bread bag, Czech military bag, or the Swiss messenger bag; all at the low price you’ve come to expect from

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Swiss M18 Helmet

Monday, September 26, 2011 2:45:06 PM America/New_York

Swiss M18 Helmet

By: Joe Michelizzi, Staff Writer 

It’s no secret; we here at are big fans of Swiss military products and the rich history that accompanies them. is pleased to bring you the Swiss M18 helmet. This helmet, introduced in World War I, has a style all its own. Along with the Swiss army uniform jacket and the Swiss engineer rucksack, this helmet brings you one step closer to being a Swiss army conscript.

Swiss M18 Helmet

The early years of WWI proved devastating, as casualty rates soared. The introduction of trench warfare and advances in technology such as barbed wire, artillery, and machine guns played a big role in this trend. Less responsible, though glaring, was the disadvantage of leather helmets. The first year of WWI passed without a single nation offering their troops steel helmets. However, 1915 saw the introduction of the M1915 Adrian helmet by the French, closely followed by the British Brodie helmet and the M1916 stahlhelm, German for “steel helmet.” Many other nations began manufacturing and issuing helmets based on the stahlhelm design, including Switzerland, who introduced the Swiss M18 helmet in 1918. The M18 was very unique, however, sporting a lower, rounder crown with a skirt that was designed to protect the troops from the harsh elements associated with the Swiss region.  

What is it?

Seeing service in both WWI and WWII, the Swiss M18 helmet is the first steel helmet issued to Swiss troops during WWI and marked a great advancement in military headgear. Originally painted olive, these helmets were recalled and modified in 1944. The new black paint included a mixture of sawdust, giving the helmet its unique texture. As with our other Swiss products, you can expect outstanding craftsmanship on a product that is built to last.

Features include:

- Made of steel

- Excellent condition with original leather liner  

- Adjustable chinstrap

- Rough texture finish to prevent glare

- Individual tag on most identifies soldier of issue

This is a great chance to own a piece of history. Don’t let it pass you by!

Why should I buy it?

History. Culture. Functionality. The Swiss M18 helmet is a helmet like no other. The Swiss soldiers are required to store all army issued equipment, including personal service weapons, in their homes. Due to this practice, it is likely that many of these helmets sat ready for service in the homes of Swiss soldiers. Many of these helmets even include an individual service tag that identifies the soldier that was issued the helmet. This is perfect for Swiss military, WWI, and WWII collectors that prefer field gear with a personality.

You may have even recognized this helmet. Along with a WWII era stahlhelm, the Swiss M18 helmet served as major inspiration for the helmet worn by Darth Vader in the original "Star Wars" trilogy and "Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith," and would make an exceptional addition to any fan’s collection. It was also featured in the recent grind house film "Hobo with a Shotgun," worn by “The Plague.”

This is also an ideal helmet for:

- Paintball

- Reenactments

- Theater prop

- Movie production

Get yours today for only $34.95, before supplies run out.

Did you know?

Most military helmets are named based on their design year. The Swiss M18 helmet, or Model 1918, is so named because it was designed in 1918. Other examples include the Russian M52 (Model 1952) and the East German steel helmet, or M56 (Model 1956).

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Swiss Engineer Rucksack

Wednesday, September 21, 2011 6:46:18 PM America/New_York

Swiss Engineer Rucksack

By: Joe Michelizzi, Staff Writer is proud to offer you the Swiss engineer rucksack. With limitless options for use and a price that will have you coming back for more, this rucksack is the perfect buy.

Swiss Engineer Rucksack

The Swiss Army dates back to the cantonal troops of the Old Swiss Confederacy, the pre-cursor to modern day Switzerland. From here, the federal army was established with the signing of the Swiss Federal Constitution in 1848. Today, the Swiss Armed Forces are comprised of only about 5 percent professional soldiers, with the remaining personnel consisting of conscripted soldiers. All Swiss soldiers, by law of the Swiss militia system, are required to store all army issued equipment, including their personal service weapons, in their homes. You can continue the tradition of the Swiss army with this authentic Swiss engineer rucksack.

What is it?

The Swiss are renowned for their quality and precision craftsmanship, producing everything from the world famous Swiss army knife to fine timepieces. The Swiss engineer rucksack continues the long history of superior Swiss craftsmanship. This rucksack, built to last, is constructed from waterproof vinyl and reinforced with an internal metal frame for support.

Other features include:

- Weatherproof vinyl construction

- Leather-bound metal reinforcements

- Double drawstring closure

- Internal metal frame for back support

- Top flap with buckle closure

If you are looking for a military style backpack, you won’t find a better deal.

Why should I buy it?

The Swiss engineer rucksack has something to offer everyone, from the most avid history buff to the average college student. Collectors of military surplus and memorabilia will want to own this low priced piece of Swiss history. The rucksack is also highly functional and with its spacious main compartment, can be used by students to carry a laptop computer along with several textbooks, notebooks or folders while protecting each from the elements. There is also a smaller, secondary compartment perfect for housing a cell phone, GPS or other small items.

This is also an ideal storage bag for:

- Hunting

- Fishing

- Camping

- Shooting

Get yours today for only $19.95, before supplies run out.

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German Snow Camo Poncho Bulk Deal!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011 8:24:23 PM America/New_York

We have a great new blog section about military surplus values, and this post is the first highlight.

German Snow Camo Poncho Bulk Deal! is now offering German Military Snow Camo Ponchos at a price so low, you'll think it's too good to be true. That's right, priced low as in.... FIVE high quality, fully functional snow poncho's with countless uses for only $14.95!

German Snow Camo Poncho

The German military designed these ponchos as outer layer snow camo coverings to be worn over the heavy winter parkas and bulky pants of German and NATO ski and winter troops. The lightweight and breathable cotton material is generously cut, allowing you to slip the poncho over your bulky winter clothing. The attached hood with drawstring, elastic arm holes, and multiple tie straps on the bottom help keep the poncho secure to your body and eliminate the common problems of ponchos not staying put or blowing around which adds unwanted movement when hunting or stalking. These poncho's are one size fits all and measure roughly 5' x 7' when opened up. They are surplus used in excellent condition.

Wondering what you could use a snow poncho for or better yet, five of them?

These poncho's are perfect winter snow camouflage when you need to be concealed with a white background and green and brown pine clusters as breakup. This spruce camo pattern has proven itself effective for hunting in the snow for decades.

Snow poncho's are a great choice for cold weather paintball games also as they add one last layer of protection and concealment, while keeping paint off of your expensive winter clothing.

At under $3.00 a poncho, you can even afford to use these ponchos as painting smocks or any other disposable layer of protection for those extra dirty jobs. Our low priced bulk deal gives you FIVE poncho's, plenty for you and enough to share with family and friends.

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