Military Surplus Flare Guns

Flare guns are perhaps the most fun military surplus item you will ever find that doesn't involve obtaining the services of a Federal Firearms License holder.   You can spend the afternoon shooting flares of every type and color, and yet never once have to fill out a form, wait for an approval from the government, or suffer any other inconvenience that restricts your fun.   Your flare gun is not only a fun toy, but it can also be a life saving device to signal for help in emergency situations.

We have sold tens of thousands of flare guns and have learned a lot about flare guns and why our customers love them so much.  Our flare gun customers have ranged from Hollywood movie studios to collectors of all things military.  A good number of our customers have also been military customers who've used flare guns sold by us in places like Cuba, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

Here are some examples of various military surplus flare guns we've sold:

Polish Flare Gun - wz44

Polish Model wz44 Flare Gun

Polish Flare Gun Model wz44 - This Flare Signal Pistol is based on the original Russian flare gun from World War II.   It was still being used by the Polish military up into the 1980s.   This flare gun is built like a TANK which is typical of military items that have a Soviet history.

This style of flare gun is most popular with military history buffs, collectors of former USSR countries, and surprisingly people of Polish heritage. 

This flare gun fires all 26.5mm flares and is commonly sold with a Russian M44 Flare Gun Holster to complete the authentic look and feel.

HK Flare Gun

Heckler & Koch Flare Gun Model P2A2

The Heckler & Kock Flare Gun Model P2A2 is commonly referred to as simply the HK Flare Gun for ease of reference.  This flare gun would be one of the most modern military surplus flare guns in existence, with it being lighter than most other flare guns.  It is also highly desired as it is an official H&K product, which makes it desired by H&K collectors and fans of HK products.

The flare gun is easy to use as it has fewer parts than most military surplus flare guns.  The lower assembly is all one solid polymer unit, so there will never be issues like cracked grips to deal with.  This flare gun has also been licensed to other countries so you will often times see flare guns that look exactly like the HK P2A2 but are sold as being a different origin.

German Flare Gun

German Flare Gun - GECO

This particular flare gun is the GECO Flare Gun which is commonly referred to as simply the German Flare Gun by most collectors.  This would be a 1960 era flare gun, with the manufacturing materials and methods taking you back to the era where people took pride in complicated designs.  This flare gun has so many parts that are highly refined that it will remind you of a classic Mercedes.

The GECO Flare Pistol has come with both wooden and plastic grips, so collectors will want examples of both.  We have sold far more blued GECO Signal Pistols than parkerized, so look for parkerized guns if you want a more rare pistol for your collection.

The GECO Flare Gun is by far our best selling flare gun of all time.


How To Buy A Flare Gun

Purchasing a flare gun is easy, you have a few things to consider with your purchase.   The first thing you want to do is to make sure that there are no laws in your state or city preventing you from owning a flare gun.   With very few exceptions, there should be NO LAWS restricting you from owning a flare gun.   You can get a good idea if flare guns are legal by looking at your state's boating laws.   Generally you need to be 18 years of age to get a boating license in most states, so being of age to get a boating license should be the only restriction on flare gun ownership in most states.  Note, you do not HAVE to have a boating license, you simply need to be of age to get one.

Once you have verified you can legally own a flare gun, the next choice is to decide if you want a modern or classic flare gun.  We think this is an easy choice, get both the modern and the classic flare guns.  We recommend the Polish Flare Gun and the German Flare Gun to cover both the classic and modern style flare guns.  You can place your order on our website at the links we provided, or give us a call at 877-703-2767 and one of our flare gun experts will take your order.

Why You Want A Flare Gun


Watch these YouTube Videos to see how much fun you can have shooting military flare guns!