We have just begun shipping our new KeepShooting Magazine for the Walther P22.   This magazine has been in development for the past two years and is perfect in every way.  Read more on why this magazine goes well with your Walther P22 and your current factory magazines.

Walther P22 Magazines

Our magazine for the Walther P22 is designed to offer you a high quality magazine at a cheap price.  By offering you a magazine at a low entry price, you will be able to enjoy your P22 more at the range as you'll spend less time loading magazines and more time shooting.

Our magazine is professionally manufactured using the highest quality materials, laser engraved, and designed to function 100% in your Walther P22 pistol.   You will find our magazine performs as good as your factory original, with no issues with magazine jams or misfeeds.

Walther P22 Magazine


Give our new magazine for the Walther P22 a try today!   Our introductory and quantity pricing gives you the opportunity to stock up on magazines at a price no one can match.

Walther P22 Magazines - On Sale for Cheap - 100% Guaranteed to function in your P22!



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