Quick Fix Synthetic Urine: A Surefire Way to Protect Your Privacy

Privacy. You know, the right you’ve been screaming about since you were thirteen years old, hiding behind a locked bedroom door in your parents’ house? That privacy. Keepshooting.com is a company that recognizes the importance of our customers’ privacy. We’re also well aware that some organizations have seemingly no problem violating that privacy. That’s why we offer a range of products intended for privacy protection, including Quick Fix synthetic urine. What is synthetic urine? Why would anyone use it? Read on and find out why this product could be the one you’ve been seeking for years.

Packaging for Quick Fix synthetic urine

Technical terms explained

In this post, I’ll be mentioning a few terms that other websites don’t bother to explain. They just like to sound intelligent without really knowing what is it they’re discussing. It’s important to know what you’re ordering, what it’s for, and why it’s included in the product.

Urinalysis – A urinalysis is essentially an examination of the urine. These tests can be used to determine and assess health and generally measure and quantify organic and inorganic substances contained in the urine.

pH – The pH of a person’s urine is a term used to describe the acidity or basicity of the urine. Water is neutral, and has a pH of about 7.0. Urine is generally acidic and should have a pH between 5.0 and 7.0.

Specific gravity – Specific gravity is a measure of the ion concentration in a sample of urine. It can be used to assess kidney function and diagnose renal failure. It is also useful in determining levels of hydration.

Urea – Urea is an organic compound useful in metabolizing certain nitrogen-containing compounds. It is a major component of urine.

Creatinine – Creatinine is a by-product of creatine phosphate and is regularly found in urine. High levels of creatinine are characteristic of normal urine. Low levels may suggest that a urine sample has been tampered with.

What is it?

Quick Fix synthetic urine is a premixed laboratory urine designed specifically to protect the user’s privacy when submitting to urinalysis screenings. What this means is that this product is not actual human urine. This product was synthesized, or created, in a laboratory setting in order to mime the characteristics of authentic human urine. The result is a toxin-free product that is usable by both males and females. It is balanced for pH and specific gravity while containing key organic and inorganic components including both urea and creatinine.

Quick Fix synthetic urine is available for purchase in two or three ounce packages and includes:

- Attached temperature strip (for accurate temperature readings)

- Heating pad (for prolonged heat up to six hours)

- Instruction manual

The most up-to-date formula, 5.7-1, is available today for $24.95.

Why should I buy it?

You need a reason for buying synthetic urine? I’ll give you several, including why you should buy directly from us.

Some people value privacy more than others and would prefer to keep their medical histories to themselves. Quick Fix offers those people a safe method of doing just that. As mentioned, Quick Fix synthetic urine is designed specifically to protect the privacy of those submitting to urinalysis screenings. Whether these screenings are required for beginning employment, a means of continued employment, life/health insurance or anything else, you can ensure your privacy will be protected as this product will cover: nicotine, pregnancy and many other health-related ailments.

Quick Fix synthetic urine may also be useful for:

- Research (when actual urine is impractical or unavailable)

- Alternative medicine (some groups attest to the medicinal and cosmetic properties of urine)

- Distasteful pranks (you didn’t hear it from us)

Now you’re sold, but you’ve found the same product for cheaper on some other website. We are an authorized Spectrum Labs distributor. Other websites may sell this product at a lower price, but those products could be fakes. Additionally, if you place an order before 3 p.m. EST, and select FedEx priority overnight shipping, your order is guaranteed for next day delivery.