Swiss Mountain Gaiters

By: Joe Michelizzi, Staff Writer 

As camping season begins to wind down, why not prepare for that last trip into the great outdoors by considering one of our many fine Swiss products? Ensure a dry, comfortable outdoor excursion with the new Swiss mountain gaiters from As always, the price is right at just $15.95 for four pairs!

Swiss Mountain Gaiters

History Lesson

Gaiters were originally developed for use by those riding on horseback and were useful for protecting the lower legs of the rider. The design comes from a type of armor worn to cover the shins, known as greaves. Dating back as far as Ancient Greece, greaves were a commonplace among the Greek hoplites and Roman centurions. They remained popular throughout the Middle Ages, even appearing in feudal Japan where samurai wore suneate, Japanese for “shin guards.” Though early gaiters were almost always fashioned from leather, the introduction and availability of synthetic materials such as Gore-Tex® has allowed for gaiters to find uses outside of horseback riding.

What is it?

Gaiters are a form of clothing worn over the lower legs, designed to protect them from the elements, groundcover and other natural pests. The Swiss mountain gaiters, constructed from wool, are made in Switzerland and boast the quality that has come to be expected from Swiss-made products. Keep your legs protected and your pants dry with these easy to wear gaiters.

Features include:

- Made of wool

- Measures 14” tall

- Full length zipper

- Double drawstrings for below the knee closure

- Double foothold straps with buckle closure

Why should I buy it?

Outdoor enthusiasts all over will want to own a pair of these Swiss mountain gaiters. Take a hike in comfort while keeping rain, dirt, mud and snow out of your boots and pesky forest underbrush off of your legs.

These gaiters are perfect for numerous outdoor activities, including:

- Hiking

- Camping

- Paintball

- Yard work

- Winter weather

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