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Those unfamiliar with firearms are likely to see the title "CAT Glock Line Laser" and think to themselves, "What the heck does that mean?" They may even wonder whether the vision had by "Saturday Night Live" cast members Andy Samberg and Bill Hader has come to fruition. Could it be that the laser cats – weaponized cats that shoot lasers from their mouths – from the SNL Digital Short "Laser Cats!" actually exist? Is the world headed for a nuclear disaster that can be championed only by Nitro and Admiral Spaceship, a pair of unlikely heroes with nothing more than a pair of laser cats? No, that sounds all wrong.

Luckily, you are familiar with firearms, meaning you probably already know that the CAT Glock Line laser is not a mythical laser cat, but a modular laser sighting device designed for use as a sighting aid for any Glock pistol that features the Universal Glock rail. What is more is that now carries the CAT Glock Line laser for a price that simple cannot be beaten. And whether you are looking for a tactical training device or a high-quality laser suitable for personal defense, the CAT Glock Line laser is sure to please.

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CAT Glock Laser

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Headquartered in Argentina, CAT Laser Aiming Devices is a relative newcomer in the laser sight industry. But do not let the company's youth fool you; their product is second to none. By committing to offering innovative laser products that are renowned not only for their quality, but also their durability and reliability, CAT Laser Aiming Devices has quickly risen through the ranks and taken its place among the leaders in the industry. Not to mention, they continually build upon the reputation enjoyed by their products by providing the world-class customer service that keep customers from the military, law enforcement and civilian markets always coming back for more. Looking for an entryway into the world of CAT Laser Aiming Devices? Consider the CAT Glock Line laser, which exhibits beautifully each of the aforementioned characteristics that the public has come to expect from the company.

The CAT Glock Line laser is a modular laser sighting device that is designed as a sighting aid and intended for use with the Glock pistol. This innovative micro laser, which is contained within an ergonomic and aesthetically-pleasing housing made from a tough, impact-resistant polymer, boasts a power output of 5.5 mW and a range of 800 yards when used in optimal conditions. Powered by a single 2032 3V lithium battery, the laser features 160 minutes of continuous use. Its low profile blends wonderfully with the contours of the pistol while also offering ambidextrous controls, full point-of-aim adjustment and exceptional sight retention.

As noted, the CAT Glock Line laser is intended for use with any Glock pistol that features the Universal Glock rail, an accessory rail located at the fore-end of the frame beneath the barrel. As such, this laser is compatible with any standard model (G17, G22, G20, G21, G37 and G31), any compact model (G19, G23, G38 and G32) and select subcompact models (G29 and G30) of the Glock product line. You may also be pleased to hear the installation is quick and easy.

To install the CAT Glock Line laser on your Glock pistol, begin by aligning the left and right laser mounts with the Universal Glock rail on your pistol. Once aligned, insert the laser module between the two mounts. Next, insert and tighten the included screws using the included Allen tool in order to secure the assembly to your pistol. Finally, remove the battery tray and insert the included battery. Once mounted, you may adjust the laser for windage and elevation using the included adjustment tool.

Finally, each laser offered by CAT Laser Aiming Devices, including the CAT Glock Line laser, is backed by the company's limited lifetime warranty, which protects against manufacturer's defects. For more information regarding the warranty, consult your instruction manual or visit the company website.

Trust your precision sighting needs to CAT Laser Aiming Devices and pick up the CAT Glock Line laser today for $99.95.

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