Chinese Type-56 Chest Bandolier

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John Rambo is cool for a number of reasons. One of those reasons is that he has an uncanny thirst for blood. Combined with his seemingly infinite skill set, he makes for one destructive force. Unfortunately, that is not the aspect of his being that we are interested in today. Rambo is often portrayed armed to the teeth – almost literally. You want to look cool? Strap a few ammunition belts to your chest and carry around an M60. But since M60s are not particularly easy to come by, making the ammunition belts impractical, do not hold your breath on looking as great as Rambo anytime soon. But you can come close with a chest bandolier that allows you to lug around nearly 100 rounds of 7.62x39mm ammunition. Enter the Chinese Type-56 chest bandolier.

The Chinese Type-56 chest bandolier is an authentic piece of Chinese military surplus that is in excellent condition. With three main pouches, it is designed to carry three 30-round magazines for the Chinese Type-56, a Chinese copy of the AK-47. If you do not have a Type-56, throw in a couple of your AK-47 magazines – it provides a perfect fit. There are also four secondary pouches that are great for small accessories like an oil bottle.

Let us recap what we learned today. Rambo is cool. If you want to be cool, you should dress like Rambo. Since you cannot be as cool as Rambo, grab a Chinese Type-56 chest bandolier instead – available now for just $15.95.


Chinese Type-56 Chest Bandolier – Carries Three 30-Round Magazines for the Type-56/AK-47

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The Type-56, as noted, is a Chinese assault rifle that is a direct copy of the AK-47. As such, it is a selective-fire assault rifle that is chambered in 7.62x39mm and relies on a gas-operated mechanism to cycle the rifle. It began production in 1956 at State Factory 66. Later production was handled by Norinco. A little-known fact is that the Type-56 account for nearly 20 percent of all AK-47s in the world, as an estimated 10 to 15 million Type-56 rifles have been produced.

Our Chinese Type-56 chest bandoliers are completely original Chinese military surplus items. Upon receiving the bandoliers, you will notice that they are, despite being used, in great cosmetic and working condition. Consider adding this wonderful piece to your collection today as a complement to your Type-56 or AK-47.

The Chinese Type-56 chest bandolier is constructed from a tough, olive drab canvas material that has held up extremely well throughout the years. The bandolier features a total of seven pouches. Three of those pouches are large and designed to carry 30-round magazines for the Type-56 or AK-47. That means you can carry up to 90 rounds of 7.62x39mm ammunition – all without the use of your hands! The remaining four pouches are much smaller and are perfect for carrying smaller accessories, such as oil bottles and cleaning supplies. Each pouch has a closure flap that serves to protect the contents of the pouch and is secured via small wooden toggles. The adjustable shoulder straps give this bandolier a "one size fits most" sizing.

Whether you plan on dressing up as Rambo's sidekick for Halloween or you just want a simple method of hauling your ammunition to the range, the Chinese Type-56 chest bandolier is sure to please. At only $15.95, this bandolier is an excellent choice for:

- Collections

- Reenactments

- Range trips

- Costumes

- Much more…

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