Colt 1911 Magazine

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When decides to make a magazine, we do it right. We pay big bucks for professional design, development and manufacturing so that your magazine fits in the firearm that it is supposed to fit in, and functions in the firearm it is supposed to function in. We also tend to outfit them with top-of-the-line features that are typically only found on expensive aftermarket brands. Take our new Colt 1911 magazine for example.

When developing our Colt 1911 magazine, we could have taken the easy way out by stamping out a steel body, tossing in a flimsy follower and calling it a day. Fortunately, we took the high road and decided to add a Teflon®-based finish, a hard polymer follower and a removable floor plate to spice things up a bit. We think you will be pleased with the results.

Manufactured from premium raw materials in a production facility that holds several foreign military contracts, the Colt 1911 magazine is designed to hold and feed eight rounds of .45 ACP ammunition to any Colt 1911 Government or Commander model. Chances are that if you own a full-sized 1911, then our Colt 1911 magazine is compatible with it, though it may not fit flush in the grip. If the magazine does not fit or function, then go ahead and send it back for a full refund.

The Colt 1911 magazine is now available in our web store. Grab one today for just $11.95.


Colt 1911 Magazine

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More often than not, original, factory-produced magazines are better suited for firearms than are aftermarket magazines. As such, it is beneficial to seek out these original, factory-produced magazines, as they are manufactured by the same company and to the exact specifications and tolerances as those that ship with the firearms for which they are designed. Additionally, they are manufactured using the same materials, a provision which ensures both proper fit and function in your firearm. However, finding viable spare magazines for pistols like the Colt 1911, or its many variants, for a fair price can prove very difficult. Luckily, is here with house brand magazines that boast guaranteed performance and a fair, affordable price.

Each magazine, including our brand new Colt 1911 magazine, begins with a guarantee. Our goal prior to production is the manufacture of a magazine that is not only 100 percent functional, but also 100 percent reliable – a goal that took several years to reach with this particular magazine. As such, we guarantee the function and reliability of all of our house-brand magazines 100 percent. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with the performance of your magazine, it can be returned for a refund of the purchase price provided it is free from modification, damage and visible signs of usage or wear.

How can we offer such a guarantee? Prior to release, a random sampling of every magazine we produce is rigorously field tested to ensure proper fitting, feeding and ejection. Not to mention, our magazines are manufactured using premium raw materials alongside modern manufacturing technologies. If this sounds expensive, that is because it is. But due to the number of magazines we have made, our prices are driven down and in turn passed on to you.

As noted, the Colt 1911 magazine is a detachable box magazine that boasts a familiar design based on the original M1911 Government and Commander model magazines. As such, these magazines are guaranteed to fit and function reliably in any Colt 1911 Government or Commander model, as well as many of the popular full-sized variants found on today's market. The body of the magazine, which is designed to hold and feed eight rounds of .45 ACP ammunition to your pistol, is constructed from hardened steel that has been fully heat treated. It also boasts a Teflon®-based finish for enhanced protection against rust and corrosion. Additionally, the magazine features a number of high-quality features that are typically only found on magazines that cost twice as much as ours, including its hard polymer follower and removable floor plate.

Pick up your Colt 1911 magazine today for only $11.95.

Application 1911 MilSpec
Ban Status Post-Ban
Brand KeepShooting.COM Products
Caliber 45acp
Condition Factory New
Construction Steel
Capacity 8rds
Finish Black Teflon
Follower Polymer
Spring Steel
Requirements Mil-Spec 1911
Restrictions None
Returns Accepted Yes - Must Not Be Modified Or Visibly Used