Fiocchi 12-Gauge Chemical Tracers

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Pull! That is what you hear shouted just prior to a clay pigeon being launched skyward. This is, of course, followed by the pull of a shotgun trigger and the shattering of said clay pigeon – unless you are not a very good shot. And if you are not, do not sweat it. Hitting a small, swiftly-moving target with a shotgun is probably not the easiest feat you will ever undertake. But as with anything else, you can become quite proficient with a little practice and the aid of the newest product in the web store – Fiocchi 12-gauge chemical tracers.

Trap shooters, skeet shooters and sporting clay shooters take note – there is no better way to immediately improve your shooting than with Fiocchi 12-gauge chemical tracers. You can see, literally, where your shot is hitting, or missing, and make immediate adjustments to correct your aim. The secret is the inclusion of a chemical tracer powered by "Cyalume," which travels with the cloud of shot, allowing you to visually track each shot.

Fiocchi, for all intents and purposes, has a stranglehold on the shotgun tracer shell market. Lucky for you, Fiocchi has been in business for over 125 years and has made quite a name for itself. So you should have no reservations about trying out Fiocchi 12-gauge chemical tracers. Each 10-shell package offers the innovative combination of .75 ounces of number 8 shot and a Cyalume chemical tracer– all of which is packed into 2.75-inch 12-gauge shells that are specifically designed for clay target training.

Train your eyes and your trigger finger today with Fiocchi 12-gauge chemical tracers – available now for only $18.26.


Fiocchi 12-Gauge Chemical Tracers – 10 Cyalume-Powered Tracer Shotgun Shells

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Fiocchi Munizioni is an Italian ammunition manufacturer that was founded by Giulio Fiocchi in 1876. The company's headquarters are located in Via Santa Barbara in Lecco, Italy alongside the main production plant. Since the company's inception, it has gone on to become one of Italy's largest ammunition manufacturers, producing rimfire and centerfire cartridges for handguns and rifles as well as a variety of shotgun shells. It is also one of the oldest. To this day, the company remains entirely family owned.

Fiocchi 12-gauge chemical tracers are a product from the Fiocchi "Canned Heat" line. It is sold by the box, each of which contains ten shotshells. All Fiocchi shotgun shells are manufactured in the United States by Fiocchi of America at the main production facility in Ozark, Missouri.

As noted, each box of Fiocchi 12-gauge chemical tracers contains 10 shotshells. These, however, are not just any shotshells. Each shell is packed with a combination of .75 ounces of number 8 shot and a Cyalume chemical tracer. The idea behind the Cyalume chemical tracer is that it will allow both a shooter and a spotter to visually follow the trajectory of fired shot, thereby allowing the shooter to make immediate aiming adjustments. All Cyalume chemical tracers are non-incendiary, non-toxic and non-corrosive. The use of these shotgun shells will not leave behind any residue in the barrel of your shotgun. Because they are non-incendiary, they contain no pyrotechnic charge and are 100 percent safe to use in any location without presenting a fire hazard.

You do not have to be a dedicated sportsman to enjoy these shotgun shells. Nor do you have to purchase them with the intent to shoot more proficiently. Sometimes you just want to see a nice orange glow tear through the sky. No matter what your reasoning is, buying Fiocchi 12-gauge chemical tracers is a great idea. Pick up a box today for $18.26.

Consider Fiocchi 12-gauge chemical tracers for:

- Trap shooting

- Skeet shooting

- Sport clay shooting

- Much more…


Cyalume, chemically known as diphenyl oxalate, is a solid ester that produces a photon of light when it reacts with hydrogen peroxide. These oxidation products are responsible for the chemiluminescence characteristic of modern glow sticks. It was invented by Frank Arthen and Laszlo Bollyky of American Cyanamid and Richard Sokolowski of Eh.M Labs.

Caliber 12ga
Case Type No
Projectile Type No
Projectile Weight No
Shell Length 2.75 Inch
Reloadable No
Corrosive No
Year of Manufacture No
Brand Fiocchi
Headstamp FIOCCHI 12
Restrictions Age - 18+
Returns Accepted Yes - Must Not Be Modified Or Visibly Used