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In a very unsettling series of events, winter has decided to give way to summer, leaving spring nowhere to be found. In other words, say goodbye to 30-degree evenings and say hello to scorching hot afternoons. Moderate temperatures? What are moderate temperatures? On the bright side – pun intended – everyone's favorite summer activities have arrived a bit earlier than expected.

It is only April, and I am already thinking about taking a dip in the pool and barbequing some chicken. One thing I hope not to barbeque, however, is my baby blues, which is why I do my best to keep them protected from harmful ultraviolet radiation by wearing sunglasses. Speaking of sunglasses, now seems like the perfect opportunity to introduce you to our newest product, French army sunglasses.

Cruise the town with the top down in a pair of French army sunglasses. These authentic surplus sunglasses are lightweight, stylish and certified cool. Most importantly, however, these peeper protectors provide top-notch protection for a non-premium price.

French army sunglasses are now available from Pick up a pair today for just $14.95.


French Army Sunglasses – Authentic French Aviator Sunglasses by Bollé

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  • French Army Sunglasses – Authentic French Aviator Sunglasses by Bollé
  • French Army Sunglasses – Authentic French Aviator Sunglasses by Bollé
  • French Army Sunglasses - Style 1

As noted, each pair of French army sunglasses offered by is an authentic piece of French military surplus. These sunglasses were originally designed for and used by members of the armée de terre, otherwise known as the "French army," which represents the largest service branch of the French armed forces. Largely popularized by the French army, these aviator sunglasses are now used worldwide.

Though these sunglasses are military surplus items and are believed to have seen issuance, they remain in excellent condition. Their frames remain sturdy and their joints remain tight. Though the lenses may suffer from minor scratches and scuffing, they are still wholly usable and capable of providing real protection. Those looking for the final piece of a costume, a pair of cheap sunglasses for the car or a unique piece of French military history should consider picking up a pair of French army sunglasses today.

Originally manufactured by Bollé, a French company known for its high-quality eyewear that serves consumer needs in both the performance and protection markets, the French army sunglasses are representative of both quality and simplicity. Their simple, lightweight frames take on the classic aviator style and are constructed from high-strength plastics that are built to last. Joining the frames is a pair of green-tinted lenses that provide true UVA protection, allowing these sunglasses to meld form and function. Moreover, each pair of sunglasses ships with a soft, vinyl case.

These French army sunglasses are an excellent choice for:

- Collections

- Costumes

- Every day wear

- Much more…

Grab a pair today for only $14.95.

Note: Sunglass case may arrive different than pictured.  

Military Origin No
Construction Plastic
Condition Surplus Used
Weight No