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The 1980s were a strange decade for sure, what with the laughable fashion sense and terrible music. Oddly enough it brought a great deal of excellent television. It was a time period that saw the debut of “Alf,” “Married…with Children,” and “The Simpsons.” Now, for those of you not in the know, I want to take a minute and introduce you to one of the finest programs to have ever graced the television airwaves. In addition to the aforementioned programs, eighties television also delighted us weekly with the inventive applications of one Angus MacGyver, of “MacGyver.” You see, MacGyver was a member of the fictional Division of External Services and later the Phoenix Foundation, where he put to use his years of experience as a scientist and bomb team technician on his numerous secret missions. Typically, those missions landed him in a life-or-death situation where the only escape was to improvise some amazing device using all of his scientific know-how, whatever random items happened to be lying around and his trusty Swiss army knife. They were usually pretty over-the-top, but that is what made the show so great.

Obviously, no one is here to merely sing the praises of “MacGyver.” In fact, I have a bone to pick with the man. I would like to know why he chose the Swiss army knife over the arguably superior multi-tool. After all, pliers are a pretty handy tool to have around and would no doubt have made his life just a little bit easier. Regardless, has something that would interest MacGyver or anyone else who aspires to join the legendary Phoenix Foundation – the Gerber® multi-tool pouch.

 If you carry a Swiss army knife, a multi-tool, a pocket knife or anything similar then the Gerber® multi-tool pouch is right up your alley. Slip this two-pocket pouch onto your belt and keep your tool of choice with you at all times, ready to serve at a moment’s notice.

Even if you don’t normally carry any tools I am sure you could pull a MacGyver and come up with a thousand different uses for the pouch. The Gerber® multi-tool pouch is quite a steal at only $2.95.


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Sometimes you need to carry something that may be just a little too bulky for your pants pocket – be it a cellphone or a multi-tool of some sort. For those situations, a belt-attached carrying pouch is perfect. And what pouch is better than the Gerber® multi-tool pouch? I would not think many because with the Gerber Legendary Blades name, you know you are getting a quality product.

That said the Gerber® multi-tool pouch is a brand new, never used product. It is constructed from a tough, nylon material that encases a soft foam interior, which is designed to protect your tool of choice. The pouch measures approximately 6.5 inches by 3 inches. The flap features a Velcro® strap that ensures a secure closure every time. It also covers the two interior pockets. The main pocket is very deep and will easily house a knife, multi-tool or a similar item – provided that it measures about 5.5 inches or shorter. The second pocket is on top of the main pocket, and while shallow, is definitely usable for smaller pocket knives, hardware and scores of other items. Finally, the back of the pouch includes a webbed nylon strap that makes attaching it to a belt extremely easy.

Any avid outdoorsman will love the Gerber® multi-tool pouch for the protection it provides your multi-tool. Consider the pouch for any of the following:

- Camping

- Hunting

- Hiking

- Survival

- Much more…

Gerber Legendary Blades

Did you know that the Gerber family first started out in the advertising business way back in 1910? It is true. It was not until 1939 that Pete Gerber switched to the knives industry and began manufacturing high-quality knives and multi-tools. Recently, the company has paired with Bear Grylls to produce a line of knives and tools that are featured in the television show “Man vs. Wild.”

Construction Nylon
Condition Factory New
Brand Gerber