German Tri-Fold Shovel (NATO)

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As a product of the ‘80s, I grew up in what some might call the age of video games. Though I wouldn’t describe myself as a “gamer,” I’ve been known to try my hand at more than a few video games. One of my earliest video game memories comes in the form of a Japanese arcade game known as “Dig Dug.” In “Dig Dug,” you assume the role of the aptly named hero, Dig Dug (Pretty creative, I know). Your mission – eliminate every evil subterranean monster on the screen, which may consist of the goggle-wearing, tomato-like Pookas or the fire breathing Fygars. This can only be accomplished by digging deep into the earth itself and either dropping rocks on your adversaries or using your trusty air pump to inflate them until they burst. It is a pretty simple concept, but it is loads of fun.

All this talk about digging brings me to today’s subject –’s new German tri-fold shovel. I am willing to bet that given the chance, Dig Dug would love to take a crack at his enemies with this shovel. Don’t get me wrong, Dig Dug is a pretty efficient digger; but the compact size and light weight of the German tri-fold shovel would be perfect for someone working in tight spaces. Built to exact NATO specifications, these original German military surplus shovels fold in three places, collapsing to a size small enough to fit easily into any survival pack. Also included with every shovel is a tough, olive drab rubber carrying case that will keep your shovel protected when not in use.

I could go on and on about why you should buy the German tri-fold shovel – and later I will – but it practically sells itself. At only $24.95, it is a small price to pay for a lifetime of service.


German Tri-Fold Shovel (NATO) - Fully Extended Vie

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Here it is folks, an original military surplus German tri-fold shovel – built to exact NATO specifications. These shovels are manufactured entirely from steel, giving them a solid, durable construction that will last for years to come. Each shovel is in very good condition, though they may show some signs of usage. Weighing in at an extremely manageable 2.5 pounds, these shovels fold in three different places. At a full extension, the shovel measures approximately 23 inches long and 6 inches wide. However, when folded, the shovel measures an astonishing 9 inches long and 6 inches wide, which provides for easy storage in just about any location.

The blade can be locked straight out at 180 degrees to be used as a shovel or it can be locked at 90 degrees and used as a pick. To lock the blade, simply unfold the shovel to the desired angle and twist the rotating cylinder located on the handle. This will lock both the blade and the handle in place. Additionally, two of the four edges are serrated and can be used for sawing-like motions.

As noted, each shovel comes with a rubber olive drab carrying case, or “e-tool” pouch. The pouch is constructed using heavy-duty, plasticized rubber, which does well to protect the shovel when not in use. The pouch is designed to carry the shovel in its folded state and measures just less than 10 inches by 7 inches. It also features dual A.L.I.C.E. (All-purpose Lightweight Individual Carrying Equipment) clips to attach the pouch to a belt.

Let’s shift to authenticity for a moment. Some stores sell tri-fold shovels that they claim are German military items. However, when they arrive they have a big manufacturer sticker that proves otherwise. You can rest assured that these German tri-fold shovels are original German military surplus items due to the “BUND” stamp located on the handle – indicating that they were indeed used by the Bundeswehr, or German Armed Forces.

The practicality of the German tri-fold shovel is obvious. Its compact size makes it an ideal addition to any survival pack or winter weather preparedness kit. If forecasters are calling for snow, toss it in your trunk and be prepared. You may also consider it for:

- Camping

- Hiking

- Gardening

- Collectors

- Reenactments

- Much more…

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Entrenching Tools

Entrenching tools are known to have existed as early as Julius Caesar and the Roman Legion and were prevalent throughout the Napoleonic Wars, where siege operations were commonplace. During World War I, entrenching tools began to take on their more modern design as trench warfare rose to prominence.

Today, entrenching tools are produced with much more sophisticated designs as compared to their predecessors. Many components have been modified including the handles and folding design. Several have been fitted with picks or bayonets and are often used as weapons. Many units are even trained in combat with their entrenching tool.

Military Origin No
Construction Steel
Condition Surplus Used
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