HPR .45 ACP Ammunition (45230TMJ)

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If there is one thing that HPR Ammo is not, it is cheap. I mean that, of course, in terms of both quality and price.

When it comes to quality, HPR Ammo is, without a doubt, second to no one. Their performance-driven, load-specific product gives serious shooters the edge they need to accomplish their goals. When it comes to price, well, sometimes you have to pay a premium to get something premium. It does not get anymore more premium than our new HPR .45 ACP ammunition.

Each box of HPR .45 ACP ammunition is a product from HPR Ammo. All HPR, or High Precision Range, ammunition is developed in house from the ground up, and is designed to exhibit each of the characteristics that mark an ammunition manufacturer as a perennial top-of-the-market competitor, including supreme performance, accuracy and reliability. No matter what your intended application, from target practice and competitive shooting to hunting and personal defense, HPR Ammo should be your first choice. Each box contains 50 brass-cased cartridges, each of which contains a 230 gr total metal jacket projectile. These non-corrosive cartridges are perfect for use with any firearm chambered for the .45 ACP cartridge, and will ensure that your firearm performs up to par.

HPR .45 ACP ammunition is now available from Keepshooting.com. Pick up a box today for just $27.66.


HPR .45 ACP Ammunition - 45230TMJ

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  • HPR .45 ACP Ammunition - 45230TMJ
  • HPR .45 ACP Ammunition - 45230TMJ
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For as long as firearms have existed, avid shooters have always seemed to be loyal to a specific brand. That has never seemed to be the case with ammunition. However, one of America's newest ammunition manufacturers, HPR, is seeking to change that.

HPR, or High Precision Range, is a new ammunition manufacturer based in Payson, Arizona that is dedicated to providing shooters with a brand of ammunition that they can proudly call their own. Led by a team that includes a former United States Navy pilot, an aeronautical engineer who worked on the propulsion system used in the F-22 Hornet fighter jet and a score of shooting aficionados, HPR looks to revolutionize the ammunition market by focusing their efforts on creating all-American products that are performance driven and load specific. With HPR, shooters will never again be at a loss when deciding what ammunition is right for the application at hand.

It is also worth noting that the "Range" in High Precision Range stands for downrange, not shooting range. Whether taking aim at paper targets in an indoor range, grouping shots at 1,000 yards, taking big game in the wild or defending the lives of yourself and your loved ones, what happens downrange is what is paramount. As such, HPR is committed to providing performance-oriented shooters with products that exhibit custom, hand-loaded performance on a consistent basis.

As noted, the company is based in Payson, Arizona, and operates on the idea that American quality and American jobs outweigh the savings of exporting manufacturing. As such, all HPR is manufactured at the production plant in Payson, Arizona, using only the finest raw materials and precision-drawn brass cases.

As noted, each box of HPR .45 ACP ammunition contains 50 non-corrosive, brass-cased cartridges. Each cartridge is loaded with the aforementioned 230 gr total metal jacket projectile, which provides for stable external ballistics while yielding high muzzle velocities. In fact, this particular load is capable of producing muzzle velocities that have been observed to travel at speeds of up to 815 fps.

Grab a box of HPR .45 ACP ammunition today for $27.66.

Caliber 45acp
Case Type Brass
Projectile Type Full Metal Jacket
Projectile Weight 230 gr
Shell Length N/A
Reloadable Yes
Corrosive No
Year of Manufacture No
Brand HPR Ammo
Headstamp No
Restrictions Age - 18+
Returns Accepted Yes - Must Not Be Modified Or Visibly Used