Hungarian AK-47 Magazine Pouch

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There is a little landlocked country in Central Europe that you might be aware of that is known as Hungary. I have never been to Hungary, nor do I know anyone that hails from the little nation, but it is apparently one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Who would have guessed?

The only thing I can say with some certainty regarding Hungary is that I like it. How can I make such a definitive statement about a place that I have never visited? Well, for starters, I am a big fan of eating. And any time I see or hear anything about the country, I get a rumble in my belly that tells me it is time to eat. In fact, it is happening right now. I will be right back.

OK, that is much better. But you probably have no interest in food right now. This is; you have a hunger for firearms. Well if your hunger is for the AK-47, then we have just the thing to satisfy your craving – the Hungarian AK-47 magazine pouch.

The Hungarian AK-47 magazine pouch is an authentic piece of Hungarian military surplus. Designed to carry three 20-round AK-47 magazines, these pouches also include exterior pockets that are perfect for oil bottles and other small accessories.  

The Hungarian AK-47 magazine pouch is now available for just $3.95.


Hungarian AK-47 Magazine Pouch – Designed to Carry Three 20-Round Magazine for the AK-47

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  • Hungarian AK-47 Magazine Pouch – Designed to Carry Three 20-Round Magazine for the AK-47
  • Hungarian AK-47 Magazine Pouch – Designed to Carry Three 20-Round Magazine for the AK-47

As noted, each Hungarian AK-47 magazine pouch offered by is an authentic piece of Hungarian military surplus. These pouches were originally designed for and used by members of the Hungarian Ground Forces, one of the two main service branches of the Hungarian Defence Force, and would have been issued alongside Hungarian variants of the AK-47 such as the AMD-65.

Upon receipt of your Hungarian AK-47 magazine pouch, you will notice that they are, despite being used, in great cosmetic and working condition. They are free from the rips and tears you would typically associate with well-used military surplus items and are far from completing their service lives. Enlist the help of one today.

Folks, they do not make magazine pouches like this anymore. The Hungarian AK-47 magazine pouch features dimensions that measure approximately seven inches by four inches by three inches as well as a tough canvas construction with reinforced military-grade stitching throughout. The pouches themselves are three-chambered pouches, meaning that each pouch features three separate chambers in the main storage compartment, allowing a single magazine to be slipped easily into each. There is also a very small slot at the edge of the center chamber that appears to be designed specifically for carrying a stripper clip. Other storage compartments include two exterior pockets – one that is ideal for an oil bottle and a second that can house spare stripper clips or perhaps a bore brush.

All exterior pockets are secured via a slotted strap-and-stud fastener. The main compartment, however, is a bit more sophisticated. The main compartment is secured through the use of three flaps. Before securing the oversized top flap, one must secure the two interior dust flaps, which protect the magazine from dirt and debris, with a small metallic tab. The oversized top flap can then be secured via a sturdy leather belt. Transport is made simple with the inclusion of dual two-inch belt loops on the back of the pouch.

If 60 rounds of 7.62x39mm ammunition cannot satisfy your hunger, then I am not sure what can. And speaking of hunger, there is some barbecue chicken calling my name. I will go eat while you stay here and pick up the Hungarian AK-47 magazine pouch today for just $3.95.

Military Origin No
Construction Canvas
Condition Surplus Used
Weight No