Dummy Lemon Grenade

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I am fortunate enough to be able to say that I have never been in the blast radius of a fragmentation grenade. For that, I am thankful.

Having never been in the blast radius of a fragmentation grenade, it would also be accurate to say that I have never been in the blast radius of an M26 grenade, commonly referred to as the "lemon" grenade due to its distinct shape, which resembles a lemon. Big surprise there. But if I had to guess what experiencing a lemon grenade was like, I imagine it would be like sucking an actual lemon – only much more painful and with an exponentially greater dispersal of body parts.

Anyone that has been foolish enough to suck on an actual lemon knows that it is akin to being kicked in the mouth. Grenades probably feel much the same – except for the fact that it probably feels like a wrecking ball, as opposed to a boot, is doing the kicking. Well, that and the aforementioned scattering of internal pieces.

Hopefully you are not curious enough to find out. Even if you were, we could not and would not help you. But if you like collecting military surplus, then you will surely love our dummy lemon grenade.

Completely inert and ready for display, the dummy lemon grenade is available for just $9.50.


Lemon Inert Grenade

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The M26, also known as the lemon grenade, is a fragmentation grenade that was developed by the United States Military in the early 1950s as a replacement for the Mk II fragmentation grenade, commonly referred to as the "pineapple" grenade. Primarily finding use during the Vietnam War, the M26 was an improvement over the Mk II in that its fragmentation pattern was highly predictable due to the use of a pre-notched fragmentation coil contained within the dual-layer outer shell that was characteristic of the grenade. It was also known to utilize a fuze that would not emit smoke or sparks. The grenade used Composition B explosive filling and was eventually replaced by the M67 fragmentation grenade just after the Vietnam War.

The dummy lemon grenade offered by Keepshooting.com is a reproduction of the original M26. The steel body is completely hollow and has been rendered completely inert, void of all explosive fillings. The included fuze has also been gutted and is completely inactive.

We offer both olive drab and non-painted variations, each of which includes an exclusive fuze. The olive drab grenade comes with the M213 fuze, which is used on current USGI M67s, while the non-painted version comes with the M228, which are used on current M69 training grenades.

You want to suck a lemon? Be my guest. Just do everyone a favor and keep the dummy lemon grenade away from your face. Sure, it may be inert, but I cannot imagine that it tastes very good. The dummy lemon grenade is an excellent choice for:

- Collectors

- Reenactors

- Movie production

- Display

- Gifts

- Much more…

Pick up your dummy lemon grenade today for just $9.50.

Military Origin No
Construction Steel
Condition Factory New
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