Liberty USM4 9mm Ammunition

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I am what you would call a skeptic. If you make a claim, you had better be able to back it up with facts, figures, real-world examples and the whole nine yards. Even then, I am likely to doubt you. Sorry, it is just in my nature.

So when a new ammunition company comes on the market and starts making claims that their ammunition is the fastest ammunition ever produced, I am not very likely to take notice. But when that manufacturer refuses to go away, and they actually back up their claims, I have no choice. I give you Liberty Ammunition.

Each box of Liberty USM4 9mm ammunition is a product from revolutionary ammunition manufacturer, Liberty Ammunition. Originally developed as a military and law enforcement round suitable for personal defense, the unique Ultra Defense® projectile found in all Liberty USM4 9mm ammunition surpasses the performance of conventional jacketed hollow points, offering improved accuracy, performance and velocities. Each box contains 20 nickel-plated brass cartridges, each of which contains the aforementioned 50 gr Ultra Defense® projectile. These non-corrosive, single-use cartridges are perfect for use with any firearm chambered for the 9x19mm Parabellum cartridge, and will ensure that you come out on top when the stakes are highest.

Liberty USM4 9mm ammunition is now available from Pick up a box or two today for the low price of just $23.66.


Liberty USM4 9mm Ammunition – 20 Rounds of Ultra Defense® Ammunition

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Shooters seeking to achieve previously unheard of levels of accuracy and performance in a small arms cartridge turn to a single brand: Liberty Ammunition.

Founded shortly after the terrorist attacks on the United States on September 11, 2001, Liberty Ammunition is an American-owned and operated ammunition manufacturer that specializes in high-performance, lead-free ammunition that is designed with the specific purpose of saving the lives of service men and women serving abroad, law enforcement officers serving at home and civilians the world over. Despite the company's status as a relative newcomer, Liberty Ammunition has been awarded more patents for its technological advancements in ammunition than any other small arms ammunition manufacturer, and claims to be well on the path to revolutionizing the industry with a range of rifle and handgun cartridges that are not limited in their accuracy, velocity or kinetic energy.

Liberty Ammunition is also recognized for its contributions to the Special Forces Association, a Veteran Service Organization with over 9,700 active members and 85 chapters located throughout the United States and eight countries worldwide that is tasked with promoting and supporting the general welfare of the Special Forces community. With every purchase of Liberty USM4 ammunition, Liberty Ammunition donates a portion of their profits to the Special Forces Association.

Having said that, each package of Liberty USM4 9mm ammunition is from the company's "Ultra Defense" line, and contains 20 rounds of lead-free, nickel-plated brass cartridges. Each cartridge is loaded with the company's unique Ultra Defense® projectile, a lead-free, monolithic, hollow point projectile designed to overcome the historical range, accuracy and stopping power limitations of similar handgun cartridges. As such, each of these lightweight, low-recoil projectiles is specially designed to provide for superior kinetic energy and dispersion at extended ranges, resulting in unbelievable terminal performance and muzzle velocities. In fact, these cartridges are capable of producing muzzle velocities that have been observed to travel at speeds of up to 2,000 fps. Moreover, because each copper projectile is fully nickel plated, discharges result in absolutely no vaporization of lead.

Grab a box of Liberty USM4 9mm ammunition today for only $23.66.

Caliber 9mm (9x19)
Case Type Brass
Projectile Type Hollow Point
Projectile Weight 50 gr
Shell Length N/A
Reloadable No
Corrosive No
Year of Manufacture No
Brand Liberty Ammunition
Headstamp No
Restrictions Age - 18+
Returns Accepted Yes - Must Not Be Modified Or Visibly Used