Lock Pick Gun

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This Lock Pick Gun comes with 2 types of picking needles and 1 tension wrench.   This Lock Pick Gun will open most Pin, Wafer and Disk Tumbler locks.  The tools are made of the finest Stainless Steel, specially tempered for durability and rust resistance. This Pistol Pick was designed over thirty years ago to aid law enforcement agencies.


Lock Pick Gun

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Lock Pick Gun / Snap Gun Instructions:
1. Spray graphite or graphite oil into the cylinder.
2. Adjust the tension to Low by turning the adjusting wheel. Adjust the play in the trigger pull by turning the front adjusting screw.
3. Insert the tension tool into the cylinder opposite the pins, and apply a light pressure in the direction the lock will open.
4. Insert the pick just below the pins, only far enough to contact the back pin. The picking needle must be inserted straight, so that it is parallel to the shear line - it must strike all pins simultaneously when trigger is snapped.
5. Once the picking needle is inserted, snap the trigger rapidly, making sure that the needle is striking all pins at the same time!

If the lock does not open after five or six snaps, increase the tension by turning the wheel toward High, and repeat steps 3 through 5.

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Construction Steel
Condition Factory New