M14 M1A Rifle Scope Mount

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The M14 is a selective-fire battle rifle that is chambered for the 7.62x51mm NATO cartridge. It served as the standard issue service rifle for the United States Military from 1959 to 1970, at which point it was replaced by the M16. If you have an M14, though, then you probably already knew that and your collection is already cooler than mine. The same goes for those of you with an M1A, which is a civilian version of the M14 produced by Springfield Armory that is only capable of semi-automatic fire. Yes, the M14/M1A is almost a necessity for a firearm collection to be designated as cool.

If you are lucky enough to own an M14 or an M1A, then chances are you would like an M14/M1A rifle scope mount to go with it. How else are you going to attach tactical optics to your rifle? Duct tape? I think not. Those with an M14 or an M1A who are looking for a high-quality rifle scope mount for their wartime or modern M14s and M1A need look no further than the NcStar M14/M1A rifle scope mount.

High quality, simple installation and quick detachment are key and all are characteristic of the M14/M1A rifle scope mount – now available for just $24.95.


M14 Rifle Scope Mount

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Each M14/M1A rifle scope mount offered by Keepshooting.com is a new-production item from NcStar. Based in California, NcStar was established in 1997 as an affordable alternative to the high-end optics corporations that were then populating the market. For 15 years, NcStar has built the experience and expertise necessary to provide a number of markets – including military, law enforcement and civilian shooters – with not only high quality and innovative optics that are designed to offer lifetime satisfaction, but also a number of other firearm-related products and accessories. They do so with the world-class customer service that you would expect from a small local business. Today, NcStar looks to continue offering competitive products at more-than-competitive prices as they solidify their share in the arms accessories industry.

As noted, NcStar specializes in optics, which makes it a no-brainer that they would also specialize in optics mounts like the M14/M1A rifle scope mount that is available today. Featuring a solid steel construction, the M14/M1A rifle scope mount is a precision scope mount that features a third generation Weaver-style rail with a width of 22 mm. The mount also boasts a black oxide finish and is simple to install via the two-point thumb screw system, which also provides for quick detachment. Prior to mounting, the magazine stripper clip guide must be removed. Also note that depending on the size of your optics, the rail may not be long enough to mount both a scope and a magnifier.

The NcStar M14/M1A rifle scope mount is designed for use with most wartime and modern M14 and M1A rifles.

Grab your M14/M1A rifle scope mount today for just $24.95.

Brand NCStar
Application M14 Rifle, M1A Rifle
Construction Steel
Condition Factory New
Manufacture Status Reproduction Item
Returns Accepted Yes - Must Not Be Modified Or Visibly Used