Maryland Services


We are a fully licensed firearms company located in Southern Maryland (Waldorf, Zip Code: 20602). We are able to directly sell rifles, shotguns, assault weapons, and handguns to qualified Maryland residents.

Due to insurance regulations, we are not able to accommodate un-scheduled walk-in business. We are however more than happy to schedule appointments for our Maryland customers with flexible appointment times.

Basic Requirements:

To purchase a regulated firearm (handgun or assault rifle) in Maryland you must be at least 21 years old. To purchase a non-regulated firearm (rifle or shotgun) you must be at least 18 years old.

After you've shopped our website and are ready to make an appointment, please contact us. You may reach our Maryland Sales department by EMAIL or by telephone at 877-703-2767.

Transfer Dealer Services:

Have you found a firearm you wish to purchase on Gunbroker, GunsAmerica, Auction Arms, or other Internet website? We would be happy to serve as your Firearm Transfer Dealer.

  • $25 (Non Regulated)
  • $35 (Regulated) + $10.00 MD State Police Application Fee
  • Our Maryland Sales Department can assist you with arranging transfer services.


As we've transitioned to become a large stocking dealer, we've had to address the issue of transfers of firearms we have in stock.  Since our prices are very low, customer service is great, and our selection of accessories is second to none everyone wins when you buy direct from us.  Sometimes we understand that isn't always possible, and we'd still like to help meet your needs.  

To address this issue we have the following pricing for transfers of guns we have in stock:

  • $75 + 10.00 MD State Police Application Fee for any handguns we stock that are transferred in from another dealer.  

Why Buy From KeepShooting?

Our status and purchasing power in the shooting sports industry allows us to sell high quality firearms and accessories for much less than our competition. No one in Maryland sells or imports more firearms accessories, military goods, or ammunition than we do. No one can offer you a deal as good as we can on your purchases with us.

We invite you to contact us today!


We provide Shell Casing Service for gun dealers in Maryland. Shell Casing is needed if you purchase a brand new pistol that does not come with a shell casing. We have different pricing for different situations.

  • If you are doing Gun Transfer with us, we only charge $10 for Shell Casing and you will need to provide ammunition.
  • If you are a dealer and you need shell casings for your Maryland customers, we charge $25 for each shell casing and you will need to provide ammunition.