MCU-2/P Gas Mask

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The gas mask is one of the most essential items for survival scenarios. Now, you have the chance to own an authentic USGI gas mask that has been proven in battle. The MCU-2/P gas mask is one of the best gas masks that are commercially available, seeing time with both the United States Navy and the United States Air Force.

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The MCU-2/P gas mask is an authentic piece of United States Military history. This USGI mask was originally adopted in the early 1990s and was used by both the U.S. Navy and the U.S. Air Force. The mask was used during the Gulf War after replacing the M17 gas mask, but was later replaced by the current-issue M50 Joint Service general purpose mask. Though it is no longer in production, these gas masks are still very much sought after for numerous reasons, including their comfort, tight seal, wide lens and protective capabilities.

The MCU-2/P gas mask was manufactured by MSA, one of the industry’s leading manufacturers of gas masks and other safety products designed for personal protection. MSA is one of the U.S. Military’s top suppliers of gas masks and protective gear, which means you can rest assured that ordering this mask means receiving a mask of only the highest quality. If you are ordering a mask and intending to use it for real-life protection, your best bet would be to buy something of this quality rather than opting to save a few bucks for an older surplus mask. Of course, that is only what I would do. That said let us learn a little more about this fine gas mask.

MSA’s MCU-2/P is easily one of our best gas masks. To start out, the gas mask is fully adjustable with the inclusion of a six-point adjustable harness. The harness features zip-pulls for a quick and proper fitting. The face piece is made from a tough, silicone polymer that provides a comfortable fit as well as a tight seal around the face of the user – just do not forget to shave! Also noteworthy is the wide ballistic polycarbonate lens that provides a panoramic view, virtually eliminating the visual problems associated with lesser masks. The exhalation valve makes breathing a breeze and the use of a front-mounted voice emitter makes speech both audible and clear. Finally, this mask features a drinking tube, permitting you to drink from a compatible canteen without the need to remove the mask.

The MCU-2/P gas mask accepts standard NATO 40mm filters. The addition of dual filter ports makes the use of a rifle in conjunction with the mask very simple. A filter can be installed on either side of the face, providing a clear field of vision while shooting.

As noted, the MCU-2/P gas mask provides proven protection. This mask has been used in combat and is now ready to serve you as well. If you are preparing for a disaster, spend a little more and get a mask that you know will protect you from nuclear, biological, chemical and radiological threats. Consider this gas mask for:

- Nuclear threats

- Biological threats

- Chemical threats

- Radiological threats

- Survival kits

- Reenactments

- Collections

- Much more…

Normally, I would say you cannot put a price on your life. Today, I will tell you that you can – it is $124.95.

Size No
Filter Included No
Filter Type 40mm NATO (Standard)
Country of Origin U.S.A.
Drinking Tube Attachment Yes
Speech Diaphragm Yes
Condition Factory New