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If you were anything like me as a child, playing war after school was a daily occurrence. It may not have been our mothers' idea of an ideal afterschool activity, but at least we used our imaginations. That is because imagination shaped the battlefields. Forts were built in the woods and tree branches served as rifles. Perhaps the most memorable aspect, however, was the deadly pinecone grenade. Seeing one of those bounce your way was sure to inspire fear and spelled instant doom for those within a 10-foot radius. They were, of course, so sought after due to their visual similarity, in the eyes of a child at least, to the Mk 2 “pineapple” grenade. Well, now that we are all a little bit older, it is time to turn in your pinecones for something just a bit closer to the real thing, which is where Keepshooting.com comes into play.

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past 10 years, you know that Keepshooting.com offers a wealth of dummy ordnance and ammunition, including the iconic Mk 2 grenade, commonly known as the "pineapple" grenade.

The dummy pineapple grenade provides a cheap alternative to more expensive and authentic inert ordnance available. Plus, they look a lot cooler than pinecones!


Pineapple Dummy Grenade

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The Mk 2 is an antipersonnel fragmentation grenade that was originally designed in 1918 to replace the Mk 1, which suffered from field safety issues. It was developed for use by the United States Military and was used primarily in World War II, though it also saw limited service in the Vietnam War and other conflicts. It was replaced by the M26, which is noted for its more controlled blast radius.

Made from cast iron, the Mk 2 generally operated on a delayed-detonation fuze and utilized flaked TNT filling, though some variants utilized EC blank fire powder. It is sometimes referred to as the “pineapple” grenade due to its shape and external serrations, which give it the appearance of the fruit bearing the same name. Its unique design was thought to have aided in fragmentation, though more realistically only served to enhance the user’s grip.

Its paint scheme has varied over time, including a pre-1943, all-yellow design that was used to correspond with the color code for highly explosive ordnance. This presented an obvious problem due to its high visibility in the field. To combat this, the grenades were painted olive drab with a yellow stripe around the top of the fuze well.

There is also a practice version of the Mk 2, designated as the M21, which is painted blue and stamped with “RFX” (Richmond Foundry and Manufacturing Co.) on the side of the body.

The dummy pineapple grenade offered by Keepshooting.com is a reproduction of the M21, the practice version of the Mk 2. This can be seen in the distinctive “RFX” stamp on the side of the grenade and the hollow non-threaded hole at its base.

We offer both olive drab and non-painted variations, each of which includes an exclusive fuze. The olive drab grenade comes with the M213 fuze, which is used on current USGI M67s, while the non-painted version comes with the M228, which are used on current M69 training grenades.

Leave the imagination to children. Throw away your dirty old pinecones and grab a few dummy pineapple grenades instead. The dummy pineapple grenade is an excellent choice for:

- Collectors

- Reenactors

- Movie production

- Display

- Gifts

- Much more…

Pick up your dummy pineapple grenade today for just $9.50.

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