Puma Model 1873-22 (7 1/2 Inch)

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Conversations based on iconic firearms throughout history often tend to gravitate towards the M1911, the AK-47 and the M16. While those are definitely iconic, many often overlook the classic Colt Single Action Army.

The Colt Single Action Army is a single-action revolver that was originally designed by Colt's Patent Manufacturing Company for the United States service revolver trials of 1872. Needless to say, the revolver was selected for service and served as the standard service revolver from 1873 through 1892.

Right about now, you are probably thinking about how much you would like to own one. Well, unless you are prepared to make a pretty hefty investment, you might have to settle for the worthy Puma Model 1873-22.

The Puma Model 1873-22 is a replica of the original Colt Single Action Army, or M1873 revolver, which reproduces faithfully each of the components characteristic of one of history's most iconic firearms. The major difference, however, is that unlike the original Colt Single Action Army, the Puma Model 1873-22 is chambered for the .22 LR cartridge. As such, it is a great choice for Cowboy Action training, considering the inexpensive initial cost of the revolver and the inexpensive costs associated with .22 LR ammunition. Perhaps most important, however, is the use of modern manufacturing processes and the inclusion of a manual locking safety. You might also be pleased to hear that each revolver ships with a second cylinder chambered for the .22 Magnum cartridge.

The Puma Model 1873-22 is now available from Keepshooting.com. Pick one up today for only $257.42.


Puma Model 1873-22 7.5 Inch Barrel

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Originally founded by Ezechiele Chiappa as Armi Sport in 1958, Chiappa Firearms is an Italian-owned and operated arms manufacturer based in Brescia, Italy. Bringing a wealth of knowledge from his work with a manufacturer in Valtrompia, Chiappa's natural technical abilities gave him the skills necessary to form his own company, a company that would produce only one pistol for its first four years before growing into the respected industrial corporation that it is today.

Today Chiappa Firearms is just one component of the Chiappa Group, the aforementioned industrial corporation that includes Armi Sport (replica firearms, target shooting and defense), Kimar (blank, signal and small-caliber firearms), ACP (laser training systems) and Costa (metal surface treatment). It is still family-owned and reliant upon innovative design work and modern manufacturing, two traits that Chiappa believes are key to providing the world with high-quality firearms like the Puma Model 1873-22.

If that last sentence and my summary of the Chiappa Group has you confused, then listen up. Despite being designated the Puma Model 1873-22, this revolver is actually an Italian-made firearm manufactured by Chiappa Firearms. To complicate matters even further, the Puma Model 1873-22 is distributed primarily by Legacy Sports International, which serves to throw just one more company name into the puzzle. Nevertheless, the Puma Model 1873-22 is one revolver you are going to want to check out.

As noted the Puma Model 1873-22 is a replica of the original Colt Single Action Army that is chambered for the .22 LR cartridge rather than .45 Colt cartridge. Recently, these replicas have become more and more prevalent as their market continues to grow. Whether people are unable or unwilling to spend the steep initial investments that these replicas' counterparts beg, or they just prefer to train on a platform that will allow them to train at a much higher volume, they are turning to .22 LR replicas more often than not. Chiappa Firearms seems to have noticed this trend and responded with several .22 LR replicas in kind.

The Puma Model 1873-22 revolver exists in a number of different configurations, each of which may vary based on its barrel length, grip materials and finish. This particular model features a 7 1/2 inch barrel alongside an overall length of 13 inches – dimensions that are identical to the Cavalry standard 7 1/2 inch model. The steel rifled barrel is joined by alloy components that give the revolver a nice weight of just 2.4 pounds. You are also likely to notice the beautiful antique finish, which serves to give the revolver a dated, worn look. As for operation, the revolver loads from a side gate and at the half-cock position just like a centerfire Peacemaker. Other features include an adjustable rear sight, a checkered synthetic grip and a key-operated, hammer-block safety. As noted, the revolver is chambered for the .22 LR cartridge, but ships with a second cylinder chambered for the .22 Magnum cartridge.

Those unwilling to spend the extraordinary prices typical for original or modern Colt Single Action Army revolver are sure to find the Puma Model 1873-22 an excellent alternative. Grab one today for the low price of just $257.42.

Action Type Single
Caliber .22lr
Barrel Length 7.5 Inches
Number of Mags No
Capacity 6 Rounds
Safety Left
Grips Polymer
Sights Adjustable
Condition Factory New
Construction Steel
Finish Antique
Accessory Rail No
Overall Length 13 Inches
Height No
Weight 2.4 Pounds
Manufacturers Part Number PCR1873227APTXC
Restrictions Age - 21+
Returns Accepted Yes - Must Not Be Modified Or Visibly Used