Remington Premier Match .308

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To say that I am a great shot would probably not be very accurate. But it is through no fault of my own! I mean, it is not like my lack of practice is a factor in any way. To assume it was would be flat out preposterous. In fact, I would much rather place all the blame elsewhere – say ammunition.

On the few and far between days that I am able to get down to the range, I use whatever ammunition is available to me. Now, this is obviously the cause of my inaccuracies. But if I were to use, say, a box of Remington Premier Match .308 ammunition, then I am willing to bet I would be driving tacks all day long.

Each box of Remington Premier Match .308 ammunition is a product from the Remington Arms Company, LLC. Developed for accuracy by employing special techniques and loading practices, this match-grade ammunition is ideal for competitive shooting. Each box contains 20 brass-cased cartridges, each of which contains a 175 gr Sierra MatchKing® bullet. These non-corrosive, reloadable cartridges are perfect for use with the M1A platform or any other firearm chambered for the .308 Winchester cartridge, and will take your shooting to the next level.

Remington Premier Match .308 ammunition is now available from Pick up a box today for $36.95.


Remington Premier Match 308 Ammo

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Remington Arms Company, LLC is an arms manufacturer that is headquartered in Madison, North Carolina and specializes in handguns, rifles and shotguns for the civilian market as well as the military and law enforcement sectors. The company is also well known for its ammunition. Founded in 1816 in Ilion, New York by Eliphalet Remington under the name of E. Remington and Sons, the company went on to become the oldest continuously operating arms manufacturer in the United States. It is also the only American arms manufacturer that produces both firearms and ammunition domestically. But the accolades do not end there. Remington is also the largest American producer of rifles and shotguns. With nearly 200 years of experience under their belts, Remington is a name that you can trust.    

As expected, all packages of Remington Premier Match .308 ammunition are products from the company's "Premier Match" line. Like most ammunition from Remington, the Premier Match line has come to be known for its uncannily accurate performance and outstanding reliability. How have these qualities become hallmarks of the line? All Remington Premier Match ammunition employs special techniques and loading practices to ensure that each load is up to par with all other match-grade ammunition on the market. Additionally, each cartridge is loaded with a premium match-grade projectile – more on that later. All Remington ammunition is manufactured in the United States at the main manufacturing facility in Lonoke, Arkansas using only premium raw components to provide for uncompromised performance at a great value. Remington also has a manufacturing plant in Athens, Georgia that is responsible for the production of clay targets.

The cartridges found in every box of Remington Premier Match .308 begin with an authentic Sierra MatchKing® bullet. Each hollow-point boat-tail bullet is manufactured to strict tolerances and boasts a ballistic performance on which match shooters have come to rely. As noted, each box of Remington Premier Match .308 ammunition contains 20 non-corrosive, brass-cased cartridges. Each cartridge is loaded with a 175 gr MatchKing® hollow-point boat-tail bullet, which provides not only for increased muzzle velocity but also maximal tissue damage and controlled penetration. This particular load is capable of producing muzzle velocities that have been observed to travel at speed of up to 2,609 fps.

Gain a competitive edge by picking up a few boxes of Remington Premier Match .308 ammunition today for $36.95.

Caliber .308 (7.62x51)
Case Type Brass
Projectile Type Hollow Point
Projectile Weight 175 gr
Shell Length N/A
Reloadable Yes
Corrosive No
Year of Manufacture No
Brand Remington
Headstamp No
Restrictions Age - 18+
Returns Accepted Yes - Must Not Be Modified Or Visibly Used