M1A2 Rifle Grenade Adapter

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Hello again. It is so nice to see you back. It warms our hearts to know that we have such a loyal customer base. But it does not surprise us. In fact, I am willing to bet that a big reason you continue coming back here is your fascination with firearms. Handguns, rifles and shotguns are your life’s blood. Considering we have a large selection of firearms and firearm accessories, it only makes sense that you keep coming back.

But sometimes, small arms are not enough and that 7.62x39mm ammunition just does not scratch your itch. In those cases, you need something that packs just a bit of a bigger punch. You need something like a rifle grenade. And when you need a rifle grenade, you come to Keepshooting.com for our M1A2 rifle grenade adapter.

The M1A2 rifle grenade adapter is a reproduction of a World War II design that allows hand grenades to be fired as rifle grenades using a rifle grenade launcher. It works wonderfully and is fully capable of turning your subpar day into a spectacular day.

For just $39.95, you will receive a complete rifle grenade that consists of our M1A2 rifle grenade adapter as well as an authentic inert pineapple grenade.


M1A2 Rifle Grenade Adapter with Pineapple Inert Grenade

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How about a history lesson?

According to “The International Military Digest Annual,” Colonel Amazawa of the Japanese military was the first to experiment with rifle grenades during the Russo-Japanese War in 1904. It wasn’t until World War I that they found widespread use.

Early designs saw grenades fitted with long stems that were fed into the barrel of a rifle and propelled by a blank cartridge. This method caused severe damage to the barrels after repeated use and led to the development of rifle grenade adapters. These adapters appropriately fitted hand grenades with a hollow stem and tail fins. It was the Japanese army that developed these adapters, as well as a new type of rifle grenade launcher. These new spigot-type launchers were hollow tubes that were fitted over the muzzle and also required the use of a blank cartridge. This became a popular setup, as several countries adopted it just prior to World War II.

Today, standalone grenade launchers specifically designed to fire grenades are often used in favor of rifle grenade launchers. There are also attachments that are mounted underneath the barrel of a rifle. Many rifles are even produced with spigot-type launchers as part of their integral flash suppressors, removing any need for a muzzle-mounted attachment.

As noted, our M1A2 rifle grenade adapter is a reproduction of a design that originated in WWII. Due to high demand for the piece, which is couple with a scarcity of original M1A2 rifle grenade adapters, we had these adapters specially manufactured for Keepshooting.com according to the original USGI drawings. As such, each adapter is made to the exact specifications as the original in order to ensure the highest possible quality. Additionally, in order to avoid having these resold as originals, all of our adapters are marked with “LOT KS” as opposed to the original “LOT UOD.”

When you order the M1A2 rifle grenade launcher from Keepshooting.com, you will receive a fully functional rifle grenade that includes an adapter as well as an authentic inert pineapple grenade. The adapter features historically correct appearance and dimensions and is compatible with all NATO 22 mm grenade launchers. It will also work great with our M14 grenade launcher and the Yugoslavian SKS. Grab yours today for just $39.95.

Note: The M1A2 rifle grenade adapter is not intended for use with live ammunition or ordnance. Doing so could result in serious injury or death. Only use acceptable rifle grenade launching blank cartridges. All use is at the risk of the owner.

Military Origin No
Construction Steel
Condition Factory New
Weight 3lbs