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Those who know me know that I am not the biggest fan of people. Sounds pretty harsh, right? Though my amazing qualities are innumerable, one of my defining characteristics is an extreme lack of patience, which is not unlike a superhuman ability. In fact, I could probably sew up a costume and fight stupidity as "Anti-Patience." Really though, I just find it hard to tolerate the general public. And so, I must go in search of a profession that carries me far from civilization. It seems ranching might be my calling.

Sure, my days as a ranch hand are bound to carry long hours and painstaking physical labor; but considering my only coworkers would be grazing livestock, it is a sacrifice I could make. After all, a herd of cattle is likely less infuriating than a herd of mindless humans. Best of all, though, is the likelihood that I would be able to carry the Rossi Ranch Hand pistol and dish out justice to pesky coyotes Steve McQueen style.

What began as a Hollywood set piece in Steve McQueen's "Wanted: Dead or Alive" is now a full-fledged, real-life pistol known as the Rossi Ranch Hand pistol. Chambered in .44 Magnum, the Rossi Ranch Hand pistol features a 12-inch barrel and a smooth lever action that seeks to replicate the action of the Winchester Model 1892.

The Rossi Ranch Hand pistol is now available for just $499.95 and looks to be a hot seller. Pull the trigger on this deal today!


Rossi Ranch Hand Pistol – Lever-Action Pistol Chambered in .44 Magnum

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Before getting to the specifications on the Rossi Ranch Hand pistol, there are two noteworthy bits of information I would like to share with you.

The first thing I would like to do is clear up any confusion on whether the Rossi Ranch Hand pistol is actually a pistol, as its name suggest, or a rifle. Though the original Mare's Leg, the rifle after which the Rossi Ranch hand pistol is modeled, was a shortened Winchester Model 1892, the Ranch Hand is actually a pistol. Because the Ranch Hand is manufactured and sold as a pistol rather than a short-barreled rifle, its 12-inch barrel is in compliance with all federal regulations. As such, ownership does not require federal registration; approval from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives or a $200 tax stamp. So buy away!

The next thing I would like to do is offer you a short bit of information regarding the origin of the Rossi Ranch Hand pistol. A short while ago, I mentioned the term "Hollywood set piece" and "Mare's Leg." The Rossi Ranch Hand pistol is actually a replica of the Mare's Leg, a rifle created solely for use in the 1958 television series "Wanted: Dead or Alive." The series starred Steve McQueen as Josh Randall, the kind-hearted Civil War veteran turned bounty hunter. The true star of the series, however, was Randall's sidearm of choice – a modified Winchester Model 1892 chambered in .44-40. This modified firearm, known as the Mare's Leg, was concealable in a leg holster and easily drawn for taking out ne'er-do-wells with lightning speed. The Rossi Ranch Hand pistol is a fully-functional replica of that firearm. The major difference is that the Ranch Hand, as noted, is manufactured and sold as a pistol. It is not a shortened rifle.

Finally, I would like to give you some specs on the Rossi Ranch Hand pistol – just in case I have yet to seal the deal. The Rossi Ranch Hand pistol is a newly manufactured pistol modeled after a shortened Winchester Model 1892. Featuring a smooth lever action, the Ranch Hand has a button-rifled, 12-inch barrel and an overall length of 23.75 inches. It weighs in at just over 4 pounds. The weight, alongside the oversized lever loop makes handling this pistol very manageable. Chambered in .44 Magnum, it has a tubular magazine with a 6-shot capacity. The combination of walnut furniture and a blued finish gives the pistol an alluring look. Finally, taking aim is quite simple with the gold bead front sight and the adjustable buckhorn rear sight.

Buy the Rossi Ranch Hand pistol because you want to add to your collection. Buy it because you love Steve McQueen. Whatever your reason, just buy it.

Action Type Lever-Action
Caliber .44 Magnum
Barrel Length 12 Inches
Number of Mags No
Capacity 6
Safety Left
Grips Wood
Sights Adjustable
Condition Factory New
Construction Steel
Finish Blued
Accessory Rail No
Overall Length 23.75 Inches
Height No
Weight 4.9 Pounds
Manufacturers Part Number RH92-50121
Restrictions Age - 21+
Returns Accepted Yes - Must Not Be Modified Or Visibly Used