Russian Assault Vest

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With the apocalypse lurking just around the corner, you have got quite a lot of prepping to do, reader. If you have yet to notice, the year is 2012 and December 21 is just under six months away. As talks of the Mayan calendar and impending doom continue to heat up, now is the perfect time to begin thinking about your survival. And trust me, outfitted the way you are – in those loafers, jeans and a t-shirt – your survival rate is looking pretty uncertain. I mean really, where do you expect to store all of your magazines and ammunition? In your man bag? If you have any desire to make it through the end of the world, you will need some sort of tactical vest to assist in transporting your gear from ruined building number one to pile of rubble number two. You will need something like our new Russian assault vest, which gives you immediate, unhampered access to the gear on which you will have no choice but to rely.

The Russian assault vest, better known as the OMON M22 assault vest, is an authentic paramilitary load bearing vest with pockets and pouches galore. Fifteen compartments on the front of the vest are joined by three spacious compartments on the rear, offering you unheard of capacity for ammunition, magazines, first aid supplies and almost anything else you would think about carrying on your person in a disaster scenario or otherwise.

Arm yourself to the teeth by carrying over 240 rounds of 5.56x45mm NATO ammunition in the Russian assault vest – available today for just $79.95.


Russian Assault Vest – Front View

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As noted, the Russian assault vest is an authentic paramilitary load bearing vest that is known to the Otryad Mobilniy Osobogo Naznacheniya (OMON), Russian for "Special Purpose Mobile Unit," as the M22 assault vest. But before getting to the specifics regarding the vest, I am going to take a moment to discuss OMON.

OMON is the name used to describe a system of special response units found within the Russian Politsiya, Russian for "police." The Politsiya is the central law enforcement agency found in Russia and operates under the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Within the Politsiya is OMON, part of the Main Office for Special Technical Action, one of the body's many independent divisions. OMON was originally developed in 1987 as the successor to an earlier special response unit that was built to ensure that there was not a repeat of the Munich massacre at the 1980 Summer Olympics in Moscow. Originally tasked with duties that were characteristic of riot police, OMON has taken on a wealth of responsibilities that more closely resemble paramilitary operations. And from what I understand, they love their M22 load bearing vests, which makes me believe that you too will love the Russian assault vest.

The Russian assault vest is an adjustable load bearing vest that is constructed from a polyester blend and offers a wealth of possible storage configurations along with a unique Russian camouflage pattern – more on that later. As noted, the front of the vest is lined with fifteen different storage compartments, though not quite as many actual pockets. For the sake of keeping this as brief as possible, I will only describe the front of one side of the vest as both sides are identical save a chest pocket on the left side. The largest pocket, which is secured via both snap fasteners and plastic buckles, opens to reveal four cells that are capable of holding one 30-round AR-15 magazine each for a total of four magazines and 120 rounds (240 rounds when both sides are considered). This compartment is located adjacent two small snap-fastened pockets and above a large Velcro® pocket. On the back of the vest, you will find three spacious pouches above the hips that are also secured via snap fasteners. The vest also features a full-length zipper and adjustable canvas straps on its sides.

You are likely to have noticed the unique camouflage pattern printed on the Russian assault vest. It is a Russian pattern that is known as Berezhka, or "birch tree" camouflage. This particular pattern is based on the earlier design known as solnechnye zaychiki, or "sunshine rays."

So when the world begins spiraling down the drain, what will you be wearing – your familiar loafers and jeans, or the Russian assault vest? For the best possible setup, you would be a fool to pass on this vest. Grab one today for $79.95.  

Military Origin No
Construction Polyester Blend
Condition Factory New