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A few minutes' worth of navigation on our website will reveal that we here at have our hands in a number of different markets. But ever since the beginning, our primary focus has always been serving the needs of the shooting sports community – after all, it is sort of in our name. As such, we cannot even begin to convey our level of excitement regarding our newest product.

As you would expect, the name John Moses Browning pops up around our offices from time to time. That is because Browning was responsible for the design of a number of different firearms and firearm cartridges. Some of his more famous designs include the M1911 pistol, the M1918 Browning Automatic Rifle, the .45 ACP cartridge and the .50 BMG cartridge. Perhaps his furthest reaching design, however, is the M2HB .50 caliber machine gun, which is relevant because our newest product is the Sabre Defence M2HB barrel.

There is much to be said about both the M2HB itself and our Sabre Defence M2HB barrels and I assure you that there is time to get to it all. But to begin, I will do something that I normally would not – I am going to speak in absolutes. Here we go. The Sabre Defence M2HB barrel is recognized by experts as one of the best M2HB barrels ever manufactured. As such, our brand new, still wrapped, chrome- and stellite-lined barrels are the only realistic choice for your next build.

Do you want to know why I can speak in absolutes when discussing the Sabre Defence M2HB barrel? These barrels were produced as part of a United States Military contract. They are the real deal and they are available today for $1195.95.


Sabre Defence M2HB Barrel –Military Contract M2HB Barrel – Stellite-Line/Chrome-Lined

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  • Sabre Defence M2HB Barrel –Military Contract M2HB Barrel – Stellite-Line/Chrome-Lined
  • Sabre Defence M2HB Barrel –Military Contract M2HB Barrel – Stellite-Line/Chrome-Lined
  • Sabre Defence M2HB Barrel –Military Contract M2HB Barrel – Stellite-Line/Chrome-Lined
  • Sabre Defence M2HB Barrel –Military Contract M2HB Barrel – Still in Original Wrapping
  • Sabre Defence M2HB Barrel –Military Contract M2HB Barrel – Production Codes

The wealth of information available regarding the M2HB .50 caliber machine gun is, in a word, astounding. As such, I plan to stick to the basics. Designed in 1918 in the closing months of World War I by John Browning, the M2 is an air-cooled, belt-fed heavy machine gun that fires from a closed bolt and utilizes a short-recoil operation. Work on a new machine gun caliber began as the result of a request handed down from General John J. Pershing after Quentin Roosevelt's aircraft was shot down. It was stipulated that the cartridge must be at least half an inch in diameter and boast a muzzle velocity of no less than 2,700 fps. Shortly after, the .50 BMG cartridge and the M2 were conceived. Since its inception, the M2 has seen action in a number of major conflicts and has been fielded by nearly 100 different countries. Here in the United States, the length of its service history is second only to the M1911 pistol. But really, we are not actually interested in the machine gun itself. We are interested in the Sabre Defence M2HB barrel. And that discussion begins with Sabre Defence Industries.

Sabre Defence Industries was an American manufacturer of firearms and weapons systems that was established in 2002 and made its headquarters in Nashville, Tennessee. Much can be said about the company, but the only thing that truly matters were three words that made up their motto: production, precision and perfection. As their products are used in situations in which lives hang in the balance, Sabre Defence made a commitment to providing the utmost attention to detail on products that are manufactured to only the tightest tolerances and highest standards. The company was known for its precision engineering and exceptional quality control, which can be seen in their ISO 9001 certification – a certification reserved for those companies that are able to demonstrate strict adherence to the commercial standards set forth by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). As such, it comes as no surprise that the U.S. government was the company's largest-volume client. Sabre Defence served the United States Armed Forces after being awarded a production contract for M16 rifles and M2 components including the Sabre Defence M2HB barrel.

You can take great pride in knowing that that these Sabre Defence M2HB barrels are from the same production contract as those fielded by the USAF. Anyway, with the information regarding the machine guns themselves and Sabre Defence Industries out of the way, we can discuss the actual barrels.

The Sabre Defence M2HB barrel is 45-inch barrel that is manufactured from stainless steel and designed for use with the M2HB heavy machine gun. In addition to a full chrome lining, which serves to protect the bore from rust and corrosion, the first third of the barrel (beginning at the chamber and extending toward the muzzle) is lined with stellite. Stellite is a cobalt-chromium alloy that is particularly useful due to its tendency to resist both wear and corrosion, which makes it particularly desirable for firearm barrels. Because fully-automatic machine gun barrels are especially susceptible to wear as a result of extreme rates of fire, the chrome and stellite lining in the M2HB barrel is a welcome feature. Those looking for replacement barrels or components to begin a build need look no further than the Sabre Defence M2HB barrel.

There are several production codes stamped on the barrels. What follows is a brief explanation of those codes. The first code is 3V4C9. This is the Sabre Defence Industries Commercial and Government Industry (CAGE) code, which serves as evidence that these barrel were in fact produced by Sabre Defence. A CAGE code is unique identifier consisting of five characters that is issued by the Defense Logistics Information Service (DLIS) to identify contractors that supply various government and defense agencies. The second code is 7266131, which is the U.S. military's part number for a stellite-lined M2HB barrel. You will also find the code 12-2010, which is simply the date of production.

As noted, these barrels are brand new and still in their original packaging. As you may know, it is not often that M2HB barrels pop up for sale. When they do, they are generally World War II era surplus barrels, which are certainly not suitable as replacements or new builds. Considering Sabre Defence Industries is no longer operational and our quantities are extremely limited, those interested in purchasing a barrel should give serious consideration to this offering. Consider the Sabre Defence M2HB barrel for:

- M2HB builds

- M2HB barrel replacements

- Collections

Invest in a new barrel today for $1195.95.

Brand Sabre Defence
Application M2HB
Construction Steel
Condition Factory New
Manufacture Status Original Item
Returns Accepted Yes - Must Not Be Modified Or Visibly Used