50-Shell Shotgun Bandolier

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When it comes to products like the 50-shell shotgun bandolier, it is best to just jump right in. There is really no need to draw things out by leading you on before cramming our newest product down your throat. After all, I do not have to say much to sell a 50-shell shotgun bandolier. It sort of speaks for itself.

Now that you know exactly what is going on, you have a few options. Option number one is to ignore the 50-shell shotgun bandolier, which has cool written all over it, and mosey on over to your email inbox or whatever other website it is that you check minute after minute for updates that never come. Or, you can choose option two.

Option two is shelling out the measly $12.50 we ask for the 50-shell shotgun bandolier, arming it to the threads with fifty-six 12- or 20-gauge shotshells and exuding cool like Rambo, Chewbacca or anyone else that always shows up prepared.

We here at Keepshooting.com think the choice is clear, and it has nothing to do with refreshing your favorite message board time and time again. Pick up the 50-shell shotgun bandolier today and thank us tomorrow.


Shotgun Bandolier

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The 50-shell shotgun bandolier is a new-production item from AIM Sports, a Canadian-owned and operated company that, since 2007, has specialized in firearm scopes, optics and accessories. If you do not have any experience with AIM Sports products, their limited lifetime warranty is enough to speak volumes about their quality and the fact that they stand behind each of their products. The 50-shell shotgun bandolier is no exception and is the perfect accessory for hunters and tactical shooters that frequently fire 12- and 20-gauge shotguns.

The 50-shell shotgun bandolier is constructed almost entirely from heavy-duty, high-strength nylon and boasts military-grade stitching that will ensure its durability through years of use. The comfortable over-the-shoulder design is covered with a stretch of 2-inch wide elastic webbing that will secure up to 50 shotshells and provide you with all the ammunition you need for a successful hunt or a win at your next match.

If there is one thing that can be considered a drawback regarding the 50-shell shotgun bandolier, it is the fact that wearing a fully-equipped bandolier may present the wearer an unbalanced feeling. This, however, can be easily fixed by wearing two fully-equipped bandoliers! It will also make you look pretty darn cool.

It is hard to say that there is any must-have shotgun accessory, but the 50-shell shotgun bandolier comes pretty close. Consider this bandolier for:

- Hunting

- Trap shooting

- Skeet shooting

- Sport clay shooting

- Home defense

- Much more…

Grab your 50-shell shotgun bandolier today for just $12.50.

Construction Nylon
Condition Factory New
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