Smith & Wesson SW40VE

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The Online Etymology Dictionary tells us that sigma is the 18th letter of the Greek alphabet and that it corresponds to the Latin letter "S." Of course, I already knew that. Others believe that sigma was originally called "san" and that sigma was a Greek verb meaning "to hiss." That makes a lot of sense considering sigma corresponds with "S," which looks like a snake to anyone with half an imagination. And as everyone knows, a snake's hiss sounds an awful lot like the letters sigma and "S."

Anyway, enough with the lesson in linguistics because what I really want to talk about is the Smith & Wesson Sigma series of pistols. Debuted in 1994, the Sigma series marked Smith & Wesson's first foray into polymer-framed pistols – what are now seemingly industry standards. Like the M&P series that succeeded it, the Sigma series is a line of semi-automatic, polymer-framed pistols, each of which utilizes a short-recoil operation and is noted for reliability, durability and accuracy. Pick up the Smith & Wesson SW40VE and find out for yourself.

Great for recreational shooting and personal protection, the Smith & Wesson SW40VE is, like all pistols in the Sigma series, a semi-automatic, striker-fired polymer pistol. As its name suggests, it is chambered in .40 S&W. Included with each pistol are two 10-round magazines and a gun lock.

The Smith & Wesson SW40VE does not look much like a snake, but it sure has a nasty bite. Grab yours today for just $307.05.


Smith & Wesson SW40VE – Sigma-Series Pistol Chambered in .40 S&W

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As noted, Smith & Wesson's Sigma series debuted in 1994 and marked the company’s first venture into the territory of polymer-framed pistols. Since then, several redesigns and updates to the series have been made to make the pistols live up to an even higher expectation of performance. Designed with reliability, durability and accuracy in mind, the Sigma series is built with a number of standard features that place emphasis on ergonomics and control. They not only set the Sigma series apart from other pistols, they make shooting comfortable and safe.

Ergonomics was a big consideration in the design and production of the Sigma series. A uniquely textured grip coupled with an 18-degree grip angle provides for a pistol that is comfortable to shoot and very natural to aim. There is also an equipment rail for mounting tactical lights, lasers and other accessories. Knowing that the possible existence of these accessories could interfere with ejection, Smith & Wesson designed an enlarged ejection port to ensure performance.

Safety was the other hallmark of the Sigma series. As with any firearm, safety is always a concern. The most prominent safety features found on M&P pistols is the passive trigger safety. This provision seems to be included with many modern pistols for good reason. The disjointed trigger features a secondary lever that must be pulled in conjunction with the trigger. This safety prevents any accidental discharges by requiring that the trigger be fully and intentionally depressed. It also protects against discharges that might occur in the event that the pistol is dropped.

The Smith & Wesson SW40VE features a 4-inch barrel and an overall length of 7.25 inches. Materials used in producing the pistol include a polymer frame and a stainless steel slide and barrel. The slide sports a matte finish to reduce any glare that might occur. The pistol weighs in at about 1.5 pounds and includes a 3-dot sight system that provides for the rapid acquisition of targets and pinpoint accuracy. As noted, each pistol comes with two 10-round magazines and a gun lock.

There are a couple things that make the Smith & Wesson SW40VE a no-brainer. Aside from the fact that a plethora of law enforcement agencies choose Smith & Wesson, all Sigma series pistols are manufactured in the United States and come with Smith & Wesson's lifetime service policy. Consider the SW40VE for:

- Personal protection

- Target shooting

- Collections

- Much more…

Grab one today for only $307.05 – well below the manufacturer's suggested retail price and well below the other guys' price.

Action Type Double Action Only
Caliber 40S&W
Barrel Length 4 Inches
Number of Mags 2
Capacity 10+1
Safety None
Grips Polymer
Sights Fixed
Condition Factory New
Construction Polymer
Finish Bi-Tone/Matte Silver
Accessory Rail Yes - Weaver Style
Overall Length 7.25 Inches
Height No
Weight 24.9 Ounces
Manufacturers Part Number No
Restrictions Age - 21+
Returns Accepted Yes - Must Not Be Modified Or Visibly Used