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Pens. We all use them, probably every day. However, unless your name is James Bond and you are a member of MI6 or an equally covert organization, you probably don’t think of self-defense or survival when you think of pens. Well, think again. Now available from Keepshooting.com is the tactical self-defense pen, perfect for any occasion when self-defense or survival becomes necessary.

The tactical pen, from Takedown, is a functional ballpoint pen specifically designed for everyday use as well as those unpredictable situations. It is 6.5-inches long and has a diameter of approximately .5-inches. The pen is extremely lightweight, weighing in at a meager 1.8-ounces, and with the removable clip it is easily concealed in a pocket. The highlight of this pen, however, is the conical bolt that screws in opposite the writing tip and serves as both a self-defense and survival tool.

Many tactical pens offer much less in the way of functionality and can cost over $100. With the tactical pen from Keepshooting.com, you get a great pen at a fraction of the cost.

Note: This item is for defensive purposes only. Please check all local laws for any regulations that may prohibit ownership.


The tactical self-defense pen with a conical tip

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Self-defense is an important consideration for all in a world that is becoming increasingly unpredictable. However, concealed firearms are not always legal or practical. With that in mind, one must turn to other tools for protection. The tactical self-defense pen is a perfect example.

Aside from its applications in self-defense and survival, which will soon be discussed, the tactical self-defense pen is actually quite serviceable as a writing instrument. It features a standard ballpoint tip that is retracted into the body with a few twists. Like a space pen, it is able to write upside down. It comes with a black ink cartridge, but can write in other colors with a replacement cartridge. The ink cartridge can be replaced with any standard Parker® or Fisher® refill. It also utilizes a rubber grip and can be held just as easily and comfortably as any normal pen would be held. Its aluminum construction makes it very light and easily portable, but enough about the boring stuff – on to self-defense and survival!

The focus of this pen is the conical tip that serves both self-defense and survival purposes. It can be used as a striking object to neutralize an attacker. Additionally, it can be used to punch through a car window and other panes of glass in a life-or-death situation. This pen is a great alternative for both men and women who are either unable to carry a personal firearm or prefer a less-lethal tool for self-defense.

History Lesson

Pens are thought to have originated in ancient India, where items such as bird feathers and bamboo sticks were used for writing. Later, as early as 4th century B.C., ancient Egyptians developed reed pens, also known as kalamoi, which were shaped from reed straws and used on papyrus. It is believed that the quill pen, another popular type of pen, was used for both the Dead Sea Scrolls and the United States Constitution.  

Construction Aluminum
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