UZI Folding Stock

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The UZI folding stock is one of several stocks manufactured for the UZI submachine gun. Originally fitted with a quick detachment wooden stock, the UZI is most often seen with a folding metal stock. The Type 5 folding metal stock, available now from, is an original Israeli Military Industries (IMI) part. These stocks were removed from firearms used by the German military and are in excellent condition.

The Type 5 folding metal stock was originally designed in the 1960s to replace the wooden stocks originally found on the UZI. The stock attaches to the receiver and folds in two places, allowing for a quick extension. When not is use, the stock folds conveniently under the receiver.

This stock will fit all full-sized UZI submachine guns, including the UZI carbine Model B and the Norinco M320 variants.


UZI Folding Stock

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The UZI folding stocks being offered are used military items and are in excellent cosmetic and working condition. As mentioned, they are original IMI parts removed from firearms designated as the MP2 and manufactured by IMI for the German military. The Type 5 folding metal stocks are the first non-wooden stocks in a long line of stocks developed for the UZI submachine gun, an innovation in itself. For more information on the evolution of the UZI stock, see the blog. This stock is a great choice for someone searching for increased support and firing accuracy or just a more complete firearm.

The UZI is an open bolt, blowback-operated submachine gun named for its designer, Uziel Gal. Originally designed in the late 1940s, the UZI was officially adopted in 1951 and introduced to the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) in 1954. The magazine is housed in the pistol grip, which allows for a shorter firearm. This is made possible by the inventive telescoping bolt. This firearm served a pivotal role in the Six-Day War, as well as appearing in many other major conflicts including the Suez Crisis, the Vietnam War, the Yom Kippur War, the ongoing Mexican Drug War, and many others. It saw service in IDF units through 2003, when it was replaced by the Micro Tavor, or MTAR-21.

It has seen official service with military and police forces in over 90 nations including the United States Secret Service (USSS). The UZI was the official submachine gun of the USSS from the 1960s through the early 1990s. It has since been replaced by the MP5 and the P90. In what is arguably the most famous photograph to feature the UZI, Special Agent Robert Wanko can be seen wielding the firearm just after the attempted assassination of former President Ronald Reagan by John Hinckley Jr. on March 30, 1981.

Appearing in several movies, television shows and video games, the UZI has become somewhat of an iconic firearm and can be seen wielded by celebrities such as Arnold Schwarzenegger (“The Terminator” and “Commando”), Chuck Norris (“Delta Force”) and Kevin Spacey (“The Usual Suspects”), among many others.

Brand European Military
Application UZI
Construction Steel
Condition Excellent
Manufacture Status Original Item
Returns Accepted Yes - Must Not Be Modified Or Visibly Used