Woodland Camo Fitness Suit

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Everybody loves a good underdog tale, which is precisely what led to the enormous popularity of the "Rocky" film franchise. Well, that and the impeccable acting of Sylvester Stallone, Carl Weathers and Mr. T, among others. When an underdog wins, it makes the average Joe think he has got a shot, even though he likely has no such thing. I mean, did any of us really expect "The Italian Stallion," a small-time collector and less-than-mediocre boxer, to take down Apollo Creed, the undefeated heavyweight champion? Probably not. But though it took him two tries, he did eventually beat "The Count of Monte Fisto."

Then came "Rocky III," in which Rocky was pitted against another terror, Clubber Lang. Long story short, he beat him too (in two tries). In "Rocky IV," Rocky took on the steroid-addled powerhouse from Russia, Ivan Drago, and somehow took him down as well. In "Rocky V," well, I like to pretend "Rocky V" never happened. But the point is that everyone loves an underdog.

Anyway, if you are ready to leave your underdog status behind and bring home the bacon, then you should consider checking out our new woodland camo fitness suit – a comfortable camouflage fitness suit that is ready to see you through hours or intense practice and training.

The woodland camo fitness suit is now available for just $24.95.

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Woodland Camo Fitness Suit

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I am thinking that you have no interest in being killed to death inside of three rounds. No, instead you would probably like to eat lightning and crap thunder. But to do that, you have got to train and you have got to train hard. And good, hard training requires a good, hard training suit like the woodland camo fitness suit from esteemed German manufacturer Mil-Tec.

The woodland camo fitness suit is a two-piece suit that consists of loose-fitting workout pants and a zip-up hooded sweatshirt, both of which are designed to provide you with a comfortable day of training while simultaneously promoting you to sweat every molecule of self-doubt from your body. The pants feature both an elastic waist and elastic ankle cuffs. They also include a cotton drawstring for a secure fit around the waist. The sweatshirt features a full-zip front with dual pouch pockets, rib-knit cuffs and a drawstring hood for a secure fit around the face.

As its name suggests, the woodland camo fitness suit features the U.S. woodland camouflage pattern, also known as the M81 pattern. Debuted in 1981, the woodland camouflage pattern is a four-colored camouflage pattern that combines swaths of green, tan, brown and black and was intended for general cover in both temperate and tropical woodland environments. It is one of the world's most recognizable camouflage patterns and is still in use with the U.S. Navy as well as numerous foreign nations.

You are probably no Rocky Balboa – and you are surely no Rocky Marciano – but that does not mean you cannot train like the best. Order yourself a woodland camo fitness suit today for just $24.95 and hit the treadmill, hits the weight or just hit something.

The woodland camo fitness suit is available in double extra-large or triple extra-large.

Military Origin No
Construction Cotton
Condition Factory New