12 Gauge Insert Adapter for your 26.5mm Flare Gun

12 Gauge Insert

You can now buy a 12 Gauge Insert Adapter to shoot cheaper 12ga Flares out of a 26.5mm Flare Pistol.  US Marine 12ga signal flares are considerably cheaper than the full sized European 26.5mm flares.

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Description / 12 Gauge Insert

Warning:  Any attempt to modify this insert to accept anything other than 12ga marine flares could be a criminal act.  Attempting to fire anything other than 12ga marine flares from this insert could be fatal.

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Manufacturer United Defense LLC

Customer Reviews

Must have item
Review by happy owner
This is great quality, all aluminum. I had to sand the rim a little to chamber it in my HK clone flare gun.
essential for the flare gun
Review by Michael
Works great in the polish surplus flare gun! I little sanding and it fits like a glove!
great addition for 26.5 flare gun.
Review by don
As others say, requires grinding it down to hat my polish flare gun to close with it in it. Not a deal breaker. Save your expensive 26.5 mm flares and use 12 gauge, saves money and gives you options.
Good to have
Review by Alex
These are a good value and good to have on hand. It's harder to find and more expensive to acquire 26.5mm flares compared to 12 gauge marine flares. Depending on what country made your flare gun, and the model, you will have to do some sanding for it to fit. Not a big deal to do.
Review by Charles
The only complaint I have is that the description omits that this product needs to be modified for many common flare guns. I still would have bought it, but a heads up would have been nice.
Great but need to sand
Review by Sammy
Great item much cheaper than the 26.5mm flares but you need to sand down the adapter to fit 99% of flare guns after that works great. Buy it now
Excellent quality conversion for military flare guns!
Review by Shaun
Purchased this for a Czech vz.44 flare gun - item worked flawlessly after filing around the rim of the insert (the part the extractor grabs needs to be reduced by just a hair to work with my flare gun).

A lot of customers mention the filing - what I haven't seen anyone mention yet is the instructions that come with the insert that explain why the filing is necessary. Apparently, the GECO flare guns coming out of Germany are built to slightly different specs than the Warsaw pact flare guns that are floating around. Instead of designing a different insert, the manufacturer included instructions about how to modify the insert to fit different flare guns. The filing is not difficult - if you've got sandpaper handy you can take care of it while watching your favorite TV show.

Ultimately, this is a pretty indispensable accessory if you've got a 26.5mm flare gun, especially if you plan to use it as an emergency distress signal.
12 Gauge
Review by William
Needed to do some filing for it to fit into my Polish flare gun but is well built and does its job.
Worked well after modification
Review by WG
Got one of these for my Polish flare gun. It fit well, but I had to file down a section in order to close the flare gun.
26.5mm 12 gauge insert
Review by bart
This is an awesome accessory for anyone with a 26.5 mm flare gun, 12 gauge flares work flawless and is a lot cheaper to use.
always good to have one for your 26.5
Review by Marcel
good product that can help out is cost
well built reducer
Review by ken
Very well constructed. With a little shimming via a dremel tool fits great. Just keep checking fit by placing in gun. Best price around very happy with the purchase.
Fitting A SUCESS
Review by Gunsmoke Ed Kassner
I Filed a little at a time--then when (opening and closing) looked close "then switched to EMERY CLOTH) Then ACHTUNG) I had it rite. My KRAUT GUN was happy and so was I.Happy Happy Joy Joy.Thanks ED.
real good
Review by powderbob
I bought this insert with the German Geco flare gun and it fits like a glove.Wish the 26.5mm flares are a bit less expensive but judging by the fine quality of the 12ga insert,I'll be using it a lot.Very prompt service from KeepShooting.com too.
12ga insert
Review by Earl
Great product, had to shave .004" off to get a snug fit, which took but a couple minutes. Very pleased, would definitely recommend to anyone with a 26.5mm flare gun.
Great Product.
Review by JoshG21
I had to modify my insert to get it to fit in my German flare gun. The only tricky part was knowing how much metal to take off. You can take all the blueing off the outer edge pretty easily. Once that layer was all completely off I started checking its fit in the flare gun barrel every couple of rounds I made with sand paper. It didn't take very long to get a very snug fit. Then I cleaned up the edge with fine grit and a shammy. I will admit that the 12 gauge flares are far less impressive than the 26.5mm, but they are way cheaper!
Far more economical for very little work.
Review by AvidShooter
The H&K and the Blued GECO flare guns will fit this insert out of the box. Both of the Polish and Czech models and the Parkerized GECO will require a .004" modification to fit the insert. It took about 3-4 minutes, start to finish, using fine grit sandpaper. I don't recommend using a power tool as it is hard to grind evenly on the outside of the cylinder.
Great product
Review by Brenten
Did not have to shave any off because it fits perfect in the h&k, but the others will need .004 removed. Would have given it 5 stars but it had a nick on the breach, but doesn't affect it from operating. Great Product
12ga adapter insert
Review by Radman
Doesn't tell you that there are modification needed to work with some flare guns on detail page. Overall great quality and great price .004 had to be sanded off top to make function in my CZ flare gun.
26.5mm 12 gauge insert.
Review by John David
I would have given it a 5 star but because I had to work .004" off of it in order for it to work. So I have to give it 4 stars out of 5. Although it will fit Orion HP flares and will fit and fire 1 5/8 pepper rounds with no problems. Plus you can't beat the price with a stick!
A must-have accessory for any 26.5 mm flare gun
Review by kepiblanc
If you want to order any of the flare guns on this web site, or already own a 26.5 mm flare gun, then you really ought to order this 12 gauge insert, because then you can fire the 12 gauge flares with it, and those flares are much cheaper than the 26.5 mm flares.

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