223 Blanks - German DAG 5.56 NATO

223/5.56 Blanks - German DAG

We have German manufactured (DAG) 223/5.56 NATO Blanks for sale. These are full powered blanks that can be used for training purposes, signaling, or in conjunction with an AR15 Golf Ball Launcher. Each box contains 30-Rounds of 223 Blanks, Plastic-Cased. The blanks are non-corrosive and Berdan primed for high reliability. 

Description / 223/5.56 Blanks - German DAG


  • Non-reloadable, plastic-cased current production rounds. NATO spec.
  • German produced surplus with the DAG headstamp.
  • 30-Rounds Per Box
  • More Information

    Manufacturer German Army Surplus

    Customer Reviews

    Overall great round
    Review by Jonathan
    I use these for launching golf balls, they are great. As soon as they are back in stock I will be ordering many more.
    Great for a training aid
    Review by Caleb
    These are excellent blanks. Far better than the blanks we used in the military. Never had a failure. I use them to get people amped up during firearms training.
    Clean, Reliable, Effective for training
    Review by Caleb
    These blanks are far better than the ones I used in the service. They worked flawlessly in my Midlength AR. We use them for stress shooting drills and for other small unit training. If it was in stock I would be purchasing much more. A++++
    Review by Anon
    A ton of blanks for only six bucks... worth the buy, and I will be buying more
    Perfect for AR-15 Rifles
    Review by Henry
    I reviewed these blanks earlier for the NC Star golf ball launcher but never tried them to use just as blanks. I ordered the BFD...installed it on my AR-15..loaded a few blanks...and they worked perfectly! Loud...and ejection was positive! I should buy a lot more!!!!!!
    look good
    Review by Bobbie
    Haven't fined any yet but they should been fine. Packaged in sealed boxes.
    Powerful And Affordable !!
    Review by Henry
    This is my second order of these great blanks. Using the NC Star golf ball launcher, they work really well. I'm going to have to paint the balls Neon yellow because they go so far I have trouble seeing where they land!!!!!
    Good Golf Ball Launching
    Review by Nolan
    Good Price Good Blanks. Launched my Golf Balls just fine :)
    Works awesome
    Review by Chris
    Great blanks for all around use or for launching golf balls.
    Need to order some more.
    Nice blanks
    Review by Greg
    Tried these out recently and they work great, will buy more in the future.
    Perfect For Launching Golfballs!
    Review by Rich
    I didn't get my blanks from KS, but if I needed more I would get them here. I have 2 of the infamous NC Star Golfball Launchers and these full power German Blanks almost send them into low earth orbit!. Seriously, I have tried the brass crimped US military blanks and they have nothing on these. If you like to go to the driving range, take your AR # 15 driver and you will max out the range. I have fired them at metal trash cans and old junk cars and these hot German blanks send the balls straight through either one. The big older car doors get massively dented. If you have never shot a golf ball, get some of these blanks and some old junk balls from a online vendor and I promise you will have a great time! You can try to aim once you stop laughing so hard and with practice you can get decently good.
    Works good
    Review by David
    I decided to stop in and get more now, Hard to find .223/5.56 blanks. I don't have a golf ball launcher yet, But I may just get one..
    Great Golf Ball Launcher Blanks
    Review by Pam
    I got these for my AR-15 NC-Star Golf Ball Launcher and they work flawlessly, like previously said, the balls go ridiculously far.

    Also a bonus as they are plastic, and don't have any chance whatsoever of a projectile coming out when using the blank adapter properly.

    .223/5.56 blanks
    Review by Jacob
    It is very hard to find blanks. These were the only ones I found after 4 hours or searching, I would get them while they last. Rounds are plastic, but are still of great quality.
    Great for Long Ball
    Review by Rick
    bought these to use with my golf ball launcher. Launches golf balls out of sight 400 to 500 yards. Work every time.
    Works well
    Review by Thombo
    These blanks work as advertised, I even used them to launch dummy rifle grenades. Only reason I gave 4 stars is I don't have anything else to compare them to.

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