22LR Fake Suppressor

Walther P22 Fake Suppressor is on sale now! This .22 LR Fake Suppressor is as close to a real suppressor as you can get without paying the tax stamp. It combines an external appearance that is as beautiful as it is tough thanks to the hard ceramic finish and professional laser engraving. The solid construction means there are no parts to wear out or break. Since its a fake suppressor, there is no reduction in sound and no paperwork required. You will NEED a Walther P22 Thread Adapter in order to attach the fake silencer to the pistol.

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  • Color: Black
  • Finish: Black Anodized
  • Thread: 1/2-28
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Brand: KeepShooting ® Products

    If you have a California registered Walther P22 pistol, you CANNOT attach the fake suppressor to the gun because the gun does not have a threaded barrel.
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    Customer Reviews

    Fake suppressor
    Review by GKE
    Verified Buyer
    Great quality. Great price. Perfect fit. I would recommend this product and Keep Shooting to anyone looking for quality firearms and accessories..
    Review by Shhhh
    Verified Buyer
    5" x 1" x 3/8", 1/2" x 28 thread
    Good quality and a flat finish ... Obviously not the real deal.
    Actually kinda corny...but sure looks the part.
    great price
    Review by chris
    Verified Buyer
    i own one of these and wanted another one and for the price you cant go wrong and it looks very cool!!!!
    cool factor accomplished
    Review by Michael
    Verified Buyer
    Not only did this bring my ruger up to cool status, it actually helped to bring the noise down a little. I guess it works the same way that the long barrel of a 22 rifle is quieter than a 22 pistol. Gives the powder a little more time to burn.
    Second purchase.
    Review by Thomas
    Verified Buyer
    I bought this before at the regular price. So when they had them for sale at hale price,... I bought 3 more!!!
    Looks great
    Review by Thombo
    Verified Buyer
    It does the trick, just as advertised.
    Review by gun slinger
    Verified Buyer
    Super light weight. Fits and looks great on my Kel-Tec PLR 22
    Great buy
    Review by Derrick
    Verified Buyer
    may be fake but it looks cool as hell. good buy for the money. happy with my purchase!
    Great quality product
    Review by jim
    Verified Buyer
    I bought 4 of these and am very happy to have them

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