.308 Magazine Speed Loader

.308 Magazine Speed Loader

When it comes to magazines, loading can be a huge hassle. Sore thumbs, bent feed lips and wasted time seem to be the norm. That is, unless you use a speed loader. If your favorite rifle happens to be an FN/FAL, M14/M16, AR-10 or an HK91/G3/CETME, then you need to grab our .308 magazine speed loader.

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Description / .308 Magazine Speed Loader

Based in California, NcStar was established in 1997 as an affordable alternative to the high-end optics corporations that were then populating the market. For 15 years, NcStar has built the experience and expertise necessary to provide a number of markets – including military, law enforcement and civilian shooters – with not only high quality and innovative optics that are designed to offer lifetime satisfaction, but also a number of other firearm-related products and accessories. They do so with the world-class customer service that you would expect from a small local business. Today, NcStar looks to continue offering competitive products at more-than-competitive prices as they solidify their share in the arms accessories industry.

As noted, NcStar specializes in optics but also offers a number of other products and accessories related to the shooting sports. One of those products is the .308 magazine speed loader. For those unaware, a speed loader is any device that carries the sole purpose of aiding in the speedy loading of a firearm magazine. Typically, high-capacity magazines carry a high spring pressure, making it sometimes difficult to not only load the magazine, but to do so in a timely fashion. The NcStar .308 magazine speed loader is one such device that can be easily employed to cut down on loading times and pump up your shooting time.

The NcStar .308 magazine speed loader consists of two polymer components that make loading a variety of magazines including those for the FN/FAL, M14/M1A, AR-10 and HK91/G3/CETME to full capacity in 30 seconds or less a reality. To use the device, simply place the open end of the speed loaded over the feeding end of your magazine. Then, insert one stripper clip into the opposite end of the speed loaded. Finally, follow the stripper clip with the plunger in order to push the ammunition into the magazine. Remove the plunger from the opening. Doing so will also remove the stripper clip via the integral magnets located in the plunger. Continue this process until your desired capacity is reached.

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Customer Reviews

Works really easy, very slick
Review by Gerald
Verified Buyer
This speed loader is really easy to use. I was surprised how smooth it was. I can't believe I loaded those magazines by hand before. Comes with 2 stripper clips. I bought a couple of extra boxes just so I could preload them and ready to go.
Review by Marine
Verified Buyer
If you don't have it you better snatch one for your 308 and grab a 556 loader while you are at it before Feinstein bans these too!
Review by jeremiah
Verified Buyer
Should have gotten this thing sooner,just like the video it is a lot faster to reload and saves your fingers. well constructed and fits very well on my g3 mags.also cool that it came with two stripper clips.
Speed Loader 308
Review by Brian
Verified Buyer
These speed loaders are fantastic. I will definitely be buying a couple more in the future. Makes loading easy and fast. More time for shooting.
308 loader
Review by dave
Verified Buyer
works great, and even came with 2 stripper clips. stripper clips are a must have, and i got some of the keep shooting brand sold here as well. you can carry this and not have to carry as many mags since reloading is very fast and easy. ammo is also easy to deal with when on stripper clips.
Own a .308, You need one (or two)
Review by NightStalker
Verified Buyer
I got two of these a while ago, just in case I bought some 308 in Strippers. Well, my last ammo purchase was 308 on strippers.
No damage to the strippers, Mags loaded easy, No M14 Thumb.
I'm planning on getting a few more of these, along with the Stripper Clips just so I can back-ups.
YOU NEED ONE (or Two).

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