308 Stripper Clips For Sale

.308 Stripper Clips - 20 Pack

These are .308 (7.62x51) caliber 10 round stripper clips. They are brand new and are made of steel.

Description / .308 Stripper Clips - 20 Pack

These .308 Stripper Clips can be used to quickly load magazines for rifles such as the H&K G3, Springfield M1A, and the FN/FAL.

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Best Price
Review by akron
This item is intended to be used with the nc star .308 mag loader , thats why the retention is limited on the ends its designed to allow free movement of the shells , otherwise they work as intended , they were not designed to function in an m1a stripper clip guide .

HARD to find item
Review by Robert
Everyone must have gotten a AR10 for Christmas - these were really scarce, as were the MAG Loaders. These held the loaded rounds securely - tho no brass tabs like the GI 5.556 version. I even dropped 2 loaded strips in a mag pouch then retrieved them with out loosing a round. Would like to find re-supply boxes like the G.I. bandoleer set up for the AR16. Work best with the 308/AR10 NCStar mag loader.
Absolutely perfect
Review by Bud
Needed 7.62mm stripper clips for both an Enfield 2A and a Spanish Mauser FR-8, both chambered in 7.62. Clips arrived quickly and have worked perfectly in both weapons without a single issue. Great product exactly as advertised and great customer service
for the prepper and high volume shooter!
Review by Michael
These are very cost effective, but they have cost me a lot in ammunition! They work alright. They work me out of money and reloading supplies. They are more cost effective when used for storing ammo. You don't have to worry about spring damage, and you can load up in no time!
can be used for 30-06 ammo to.
Review by rodney
I bought these to hold my 308 ammo. I have a semi-auto BAR which holds 20 rounds of 30-06 / M2 .30 cal ammo in it's magazine. I have a magazine loader for the 20 round Mags. These stripper clips fit perfect in the magazine loader, and the 30-06 ammo fits perfect in the stripper clips. I was able to load a 20 round BAR magazine very quickly!. Bet the American G.I. BAR Gunners from WW1 - WW II & Korea wished they had been issued these over those crappy 1903 Springfield stripper clips. Only problem is finding ammo pouches that will take 10 stacked rounds of 308 or 30/06 ammo. Most are to shallow or too deep.
will hold 30-06/ .30 cal M2 ammo too.
Review by rodney
I have a Ohio Ordnance SLR (semi-auto) BAR, I have used these stripper clips to load my 20 round magazines very quickly.30-06 or .30cal M2 Ball ammo fits perfect on these stripper clips. I have a 60 year old BAR magazine loader, these stripper clips work very good with it to reload my magazines, beats those old Springfield 5 round stripper clips.
Review by Christapher
These are made by NCStar. From my experience with this company is that its hit and miss. About 2 out of 10 clips are not functional. The metal that holds the rim is not bent enough so it is EXTREMELY hard to load bullets into the magazine via the "Crap" clips. The other 8 out of 10 work flawlessly! I will be buying more in the future. I just wish NCStar would have better quality control.
308 Stripper Clips
Review by J.
I had a hard time finding these locally. I've only seen them at gun shows. These work great.
Great product at a great price
Review by Joe
These with the addition of a magazine loader allow you to maximize fun time at the range.
best method of long term ammo storage
Review by RemMax
If you have a M1A with Iron sights these will load the mag in a hurry while its still in the gun.
If your like me and have a scope on your M1A and also own a AR10 & LR308 then you need the speed loader that goes with these it fits over the mag and shoves them right in.
Meanwhile you don't have to worry about spring fatigue in your mags from leaving them loaded to long.
Handy to have!
Great quality -- hard to find
Review by Michael
Can't believe I found this quality of 10 round .308 stripper clips at this price. These are getting very hard to find, especially the 10 round variety. Priced right so stock up while you can. While you are at it, get a KS .308 speed loader when ordering these if you don't already have one.
Like everything else
Review by Marine
All components and accessories are going to skyrocket in price, get it while you still can without price gouging from the CTD website. KS has good prices and fast shipping
work great
Review by jeremiah
These work great, cant find at gun shops or shows here in kansas, thank you keep shooting.Got them for my ptr 91 gi.to load mags with the 308 speedloader,cool product.
Works in M1A
Review by Genral_Tojo
These work good in My Springfield M1A, good alternative to box mags, good to have them to though.
Work like a Charm
Review by Five by Five
Mine came in neat little watch like boxes (I saved the boxes). The stripper clips come sealed in a plastic bag with a very light coat of oil. Absolutely no corrosion. And they work just like you'd expect stripper clips to work. Very nice.
Stripper clips.
Review by Brian
These are impossible to find where I live. Very glad I purchased these. Came in excellent condition and they are excellent quality.
Good product, Great service!
Review by Gerald
Packed nicely in a sealed box. Lightly oiled. No rust/oxidation. Good quality. Fast shipping. Thanks KS!
all were in great shape, worked well!!!
Review by Matthew
came in a box that said keepshooting like a knife box, but who cares, better than waste of plastic. all were packed well, and had slight oil on them perfect, no rust!!!
"THEIRrrrrrrrrrrrrr GREAT!!!!!!!!!!
Review by MJKjr
Re: .308 stripper Clips.. Ordered on 14May2012, rec'd 18May2012.
Did not come packed in "blister packs" as featured in ad, but came in BLUE BOXES that could pass for a "WATCH PRESENTATION CASE"....Very nice labeling also. Great for storage on my shelving. Not at all like having a box of small plastic bags..I AM IMPRESSED.
Price ain't bad either! Clips work great too.....
Great clips
Review by Thomas
The ones I've had in the past have all been the 5 rd. ones.
So these 10 rd. clips are so much better, and the only kind
I'll be buying from now on.
useful item
Review by dave
what can i say, these really come in handy especially if you have the speed loader!!! harder to find than the 7.62x39 stripper clips, at least where i live. great stuff!!!

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