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5-in-1 Life Hammer by Rothco - 10413

5-in-1 Life Hammer


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  • 5-in-1 Life Hammer by Rothco - 10413 5-in-1 Life Hammer by Rothco - 10413

5-in-1 Life Hammer

The 5-in-1 Life Hammer by Rothco is an essential tool for responding to auto accidents. With the Life Hammer you have one tool to deflate air bags, break windows, cut seat belts, provide emergency lighting, and call attention with a whistle.

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When involved in an auto accident, response times for extraction of the passengers is critical in determining the outcome. With modern cars having safety glass, mandatory seat belts, and air bags extracting victims or yourself can be a difficult challenge. Now with the 5-in-1 Life Hammer by Rothco, you will have one tool to address this unique challenge.

The Life Hammer comes with a mounting bracket to allow you to secure your Life Hammer to ensure it is within reach when you need it most. With the bright orange color, passengers and first responders will recognize it as a safety tool should you need assistance from others. You can be assured that with the Life Hammer in your car, extracting car accident victims will be lightening fast and easy with this tool.

  • 5-in-1 Tool - Addresses All Needs
  • Air Bag Deflater
  • Window Breaker
  • Seat Belt Cutter
  • High Pitched Whistle - Attract Attention
  • Emergency Lighting - For Night Time Accident Response

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