.50-Caliber Ammo Can

Each .50-caliber ammo can is an authentic piece of United States Military surplus. Originally designed for and used by members of the U.S. Army for the safe transport and storage of ammunition, these .50-caliber ammo cans feature a durable construction and remain in very good condition, still suitable for a number of different storage options. However, because these ammo cans have seen service, some may exhibit slight dents, surface rust, non-standard paint, handling wear or mild discoloration.

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Each .50-caliber ammo can measures 11 inches by 7 inches by 5.5 inches and features a fully steel construction with a lockable lever-lock lid that includes a rubber gasket designed to prevent moisture from damaging whatever goods are sealed inside. Each can is also equipped with a handle that is capable of folding flat and provides for easy transport and easy stacking/storage. Most of our cans remain in their original condition, which is to say that they are painted olive with standard caliber, quantity and lot number markings. Because they are used, however, some cans may have been painted by the Military with non-standard colors. As always, we will do our best to ship the highest quality cans first, but no guarantees regarding color or markings can be made.

Judging by the markings on some of the cans, these .50-caliber ammo cans were used to transport and store 5.56x45mm NATO blanks and .50 caliber cartridges.

- Ammunition

- General-purpose storage

- Survival

- Camping

- Much more…

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Customer Reviews

Review by Michael
Verified Buyer
These cans are original and super awesome. Plan to use then on a rat bike (motorcycle). Many other uses and for ammo of course.
Don't spend more than $5
Review by cornfarmer
Verified Buyer
Every time I see these at surplus stores, gun shows, etc. they're selling them for twice as much or more, no thanks. $5 is a fair price, and the ones that arrived were not ancient, or rode hard and put up wet, and fairly clean with good gaskets.

Would/will buy again once they come back up for sale.
Tupperware for Shooters!
Review by Michael
Verified Buyer
Purchased a few more cans from Keep Shooting, all were clean and complete, gaskets in great shape, no rust. Great value for the price; they don't get busted up like the plastic ones can, much easier to stack in the ammo locker too!
great watertight, airtight can!
Review by seth
Verified Buyer
I have two of these cans - they're great for storing anything that needs to be kept dry and organized. Use it as a toolbox, lunchbox, screw or nnail can, paint can...

Me? I use them for NERF darts.
Love my can!
Review by Edwin
Verified Buyer
I trust it to carry anything I need safe and sound!
Review by Jake
Verified Buyer
These are always important to have around the house for storage. They are a cheap organizer but they can also store valuables safely.
good for lots of things
Review by dave
Verified Buyer
I have several of these and have had them for years! The standard 50 cal. size is great for storing stuff and is even waterproof. I've used these for years now on rafting expeditions for stuff that needs to be readily available and dry. Good stuff!!!
Great product
Review by Daniel
Verified Buyer
I store a firearm in this, under my bed. It's the nicest looking ammo box I own, and I own many.
Ammo can
Review by Brendan
Verified Buyer
Perfect place to store my Glock. I may even buy more in the future.
50 cal can
Review by chris
Verified Buyer
i own 4 of these. you can put anything from ammo to a pistol or just for any type of storage, great item
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