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.50-Caliber Ammo Can

Each .50-caliber ammo can is an authentic piece of United States Military surplus. Originally designed for and used by members of the U.S. Army for the safe transport and storage of ammunition, these .50-caliber ammo cans feature a durable construction and remain in very good condition, still suitable for a number of different storage options. However, because these ammo cans have seen service, some may exhibit slight dents, surface rust, non-standard paint, handling wear or mild discoloration.

Description / .50-Caliber Ammo Can

Each .50-caliber ammo can measures 11 inches by 7 inches by 5.5 inches and features a fully steel construction with a lockable lever-lock lid that includes a rubber gasket designed to prevent moisture from damaging whatever goods are sealed inside. Each can is also equipped with a handle that is capable of folding flat and provides for easy transport and easy stacking/storage. Most of our cans remain in their original condition, which is to say that they are painted olive with standard caliber, quantity and lot number markings. Because they are used, however, some cans may have been painted by the Military with non-standard colors. As always, we will do our best to ship the highest quality cans first, but no guarantees regarding color or markings can be made.

Judging by the markings on some of the cans, these .50-caliber ammo cans were used to transport and store 5.56x45mm NATO blanks and .50 caliber cartridges.

- Ammunition

- General-purpose storage

- Survival

- Camping

- Much more…

Customer Reviews

Review by Michael
These cans are original and super awesome. Plan to use then on a rat bike (motorcycle). Many other uses and for ammo of course.
Don't spend more than $5
Review by cornfarmer
Every time I see these at surplus stores, gun shows, etc. they're selling them for twice as much or more, no thanks. $5 is a fair price, and the ones that arrived were not ancient, or rode hard and put up wet, and fairly clean with good gaskets.

Would/will buy again once they come back up for sale.
Tupperware for Shooters!
Review by Michael
Purchased a few more cans from Keep Shooting, all were clean and complete, gaskets in great shape, no rust. Great value for the price; they don't get busted up like the plastic ones can, much easier to stack in the ammo locker too!
great watertight, airtight can!
Review by seth
I have two of these cans - they're great for storing anything that needs to be kept dry and organized. Use it as a toolbox, lunchbox, screw or nnail can, paint can...

Me? I use them for NERF darts.
Love my can!
Review by Edwin
I trust it to carry anything I need safe and sound!
Review by Jake
These are always important to have around the house for storage. They are a cheap organizer but they can also store valuables safely.
good for lots of things
Review by dave
I have several of these and have had them for years! The standard 50 cal. size is great for storing stuff and is even waterproof. I've used these for years now on rafting expeditions for stuff that needs to be readily available and dry. Good stuff!!!
Great product
Review by Daniel
I store a firearm in this, under my bed. It's the nicest looking ammo box I own, and I own many.
Ammo can
Review by Brendan
Perfect place to store my Glock. I may even buy more in the future.
50 cal can
Review by chris
i own 4 of these. you can put anything from ammo to a pistol or just for any type of storage, great item
great deal
Review by Robert
Great deal. Mine has held up well. Will buy a few more soon
Great for storage
Review by Ethan
Great condition ammo box. I use mine to hold some medical equipment in a dry environment. Highly recommended for great quality and a great price.
Great price and value
Review by Daniel
These exact cans are $20 at my local store! In addition to ammo, I use these to store my medications, bullion (in plastic tubes), jewelry, and family photos. They are water tight, and one of the cans I ordered looked brand new with no rust. A great value. Will buy again.
Excellent Ammo can
Review by Harry
Excellent condition, looks brand new, at a very reasonable price.
When I need more, I will be buying them from KS
Good Item!!
Review by Jake
Ammo cans are drying up fast these days. They are very versatile and you can store untold amounts if ammo, electronics, valuables, anything you can imagine. My local surplus store sells these for $25 when they have them in stock. Snatch them up while you still can.
just what i need
Review by Kimberly
this makes a great first aid kit for your car, you never know when you'll need it.
Love These!
Review by Jose USMCR
These ammo cans are so versatile. Keep comms or other electronic devices dry, store ammo, fill it with mineral spirits and clean your squads weapons. This thing is just full of uses. We even used them as stoves in Iraq! Buy one.
Excellent Can
Review by Conrad
As far as surplus ammo cans are concerned, this one was pretty nice. For only fifteen bucks I can hold hundreds of 5.56 rounds on stripper clips. The only thing I would say is that the bottom had quite a bit of rust on the corners. Not a big deal, I don't think it affected the integrity of the can, just an observation. Overall awesome KS keep up the good work!
great can can't beat them
Review by Daniel
Great can to put your ammo in, the rubber seal works great also. A definite buy for range shooters.
So useful
Review by Guy
Good storage for ammo, gun parts, recreation and weight training. Hooah.
great cans
Review by Marcel
great to store ammo. holds about 500rds of 7.62 39
great quality
Review by james
added 4 more , good quality, no rust, good seals.
Had a nice one for Geocaching.
Review by Rich
Got a GPS and had heard of Geocacheing so I followed the rules and put some stuff in it and hid it giving it's GPS coordinance as the location. It was fun for a couple of months until somebody stole the can and everything inside.
Perfect for ammo storage
Review by TTAGer
Unsurprisingly, these ammo cans work great for their intended purpose: holding ammo. I've found I can fit 250 rds of 12 gauge shotshells in one of these no problem. In others I've got around 5,000 rds of .22 LR ammo, and miscellaneous gun supplies. Highly recommend this product!
M2A1 .50 Cal Ammo Can
Review by Genral_Tojo
Good ammo can, best price around too! Locks up good this will keep whatever you put in it dry.
Review by cody
Very slightly used. Seals are tight. Will do the job its intended for. Thanks!
Ammo Can
Review by Brian
Mine came in excellent/new condition. Rubber seal intact. I need about ten more of these. I plan to add one to every other order or so. Great price.
Review by Brian
Excellent condition, very reasonable price. My local gun shop that has these are asking twenty bucks a piece and the condition of the cans are not nearly as good as these.
Review by KC
This can was in excellent condition. Looked barely used! Need to buy more of these soon!
Review by james
these are excellent surplus items.
the best price so far on the net.
Great cans Great Price
Review by Travis
Ordered on Thursday received them on Monday. Were like new condition. seals were good. Will be buying from KS.com in the future Thanks
Great Cans Great Price
Review by Travis
Ordered Thursday and received them today. They were in like new condition and seals were good.Will be ordering from KS.com again. Thanks
Superb condition!
Review by Nicholas
Bought some for my friend and had them shipped to his house. The seals are great, and they only show minor signs of tarnish/wear.
Review by Dustin
Just got my ammo can. Everything looks good, seals are good and the can looks like a new one. Good buy!
Good Value
Review by Stephen
I thought they were in great condition for surplus, scratches and dings in the paint, a few random handwritten markings, but no rust, sealed well, in very good working order without needing any type of repair or maintenance. I am satisfied but deducted one star from price as I think given their size and shipping, a multiple of 4 should get a price break, and maybe another at eight?
A good utility
Review by Jay
I got my ammo can the other day, a little rust, but great for a small toolbox.
Great price for ammunition storage.
Review by Josh
Great for storing ammunition without worrying about corrosion. They have a tight seal and are a good organized way to store all calibers of ammo, I'd recommend putting a strip of duct tape on the front of it and writing what caliber is in there to stay more organized
got a few
Review by david
i have used these for bulk ammo ,place to keep my gun cleaning kits, with a water tight seal you can take them any where and leave them in any condition they will still work will get more
Great can for the price
Review by AvidShooter
These cans are very sturdy, mine looked almost new, and was marked as having held .50BMG tracer rounds at some point. I will admit that for the price these cans are a must have. Personally though I prefer the WWII era .50BMG cans because they are slightly bigger in dimension. They seem just as sturdy if not more so than its newer counterpart at over a pound lighter. The latch on the new model is much sturdier though and seems to make the new cans carry a little easier.
Good product at a good price
Review by Frank
Just bought 3 of these ammo cans. Good price for a durable can. I plan to buy more soon.
Awesome ammo can at a awesome price.
Review by FreeMason
The ammo can I received was in great condition. Great value ammo can. Shipping was fast.
Brings Back Memories
Review by AloofShooter
Just picked one of these up last weekend. And wow, I can't beat the price or the authenticity. Def gotta pick up a couple of these to put nick nacks in.
Incredibly nice condition
Review by Simstim
I highly recommend this product. Almost pristine, and no rust, no dents, great condition.
good cans
Review by keith
good for more than just ammo! can keep almost anything in these. I keep my gun extras in mine!
Great ammo cans
Review by TRENT
Gotta love these ammo cans. They work great for storing you small items. Very nice condition.
Good Cans
Review by Pattie
When the place that I normally get my .50 cans is out, I buy them here. These cans are very nice and are the 2nd cheapest on the internet. Still, at $12.50, you can not go wrong.
Good Deal
Review by Chico305
Ammo can
great deal use them for all kinds of things
great product, so many uses!
Review by Ason
So far i have this ammo can and can definitely say the uses are many, as it can do than just hold real gun ammunition, great for paintball, airsoft ammunition, good for gun magazines, can store any tools needed, and you also don't need to worry about anything inside getting dirty or wet, like say if you dropped it in a muddy foxhole (like I did one time). I opened it up and nothing was dirty or even moist, I was amazed. The tight seal made by the latch is extremely durable, as the ammo can is, its made solid, not crappy whatsoever! Oh and also, if you have friends that like to have paintball/airsoft games where you Capture the Flag, Capture the Army Crate is a lot more fun but harder.
Storage boxes for just about anything
Review by Zombie Killer
I bought 10 of these from this site and i keep all sorts of stuff in them. Water tight and air tight. Keeps the rust and moister our and saves your ammo.

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