Shotgun Bandolier

50-Shell Shotgun Bandolier

The 50-shell shotgun bandolier is constructed almost entirely from heavy-duty, high-strength nylon and boasts military-grade stitching that will ensure its durability through years of use. The comfortable over-the-shoulder design is covered with a stretch of 2-inch wide elastic webbing that will secure up to 50 shotshells and provide you with all the ammunition you need for a successful hunt or a win at your next match.

Description / 50-Shell Shotgun Bandolier

The 50-shell shotgun bandolier is a new-production item from AIM Sports, a Canadian-owned and operated company that, since 2007, has specialized in firearm scopes, optics and accessories.

Consider this bandolier for:

- Hunting

- Trap shooting

- Skeet shooting

- Sport clay shooting

- Home defense

- Much more…

Customer Reviews

Fun novelty.
Review by TexLaw
I bought two of these. First time I saw them they sold out. So I bought two when they came back. I used one on the Italian gun rig belt I also bought on ks. I went hiking on my ranch to track down some cattle from a neighbor that got on my land. I always take a rifle or shotgun with me on hikes out there. This pouch I filled up to the max. I didn't even notice it while hiking. It is a bit tough to get type last shells in as the space expands. While the price isn't too bad, you just need to buy one because these keep selling out. I also bought a 50 shell bandoleer from ks. This lets me carry nearly 100 shells with type two shotgun shell pouches if need be. The bandoleer is a rather secure hold, and no shells have slipped out yet.
Review by Jake
Handy little item for shooting clays or bug out bag. Fits well and holds ammo securely.
Review by Rex
this bandolier is pretty sweet, it holds a good amount of ammo for the range and camping, I have had no issues but it's pretty hard to mess up a bandolier.
cheap and works
Review by Marcel
holds my shells tight and easy to load
Shades of Pancho Villa!!!!!
Review by Henry
I have two of these bandoliers and they are great! Extra long for even the big guys like me. Loaded with a myriad of everything from less-than-lethal rubber buckshot...and's not really that heavy and fits well.
I am going to modify mine by removing the buckle system and sew the two ends together or use Velcro to make it cleaner looking and more like an old fashioned bandolier. I recommend this product highly!
Holds more shells than my Blackhawk
Review by Jose USMCR
My Blackhawk holds 30 shells in it and cost me twice as much!This is good quality gear at a low price. Throw one in the back of your cruiser or keep it next to your shotgun.
Hard use.
Review by Brian
This is probably one of my most used items I've purchased from KeepShooting. I don't think I could function without these. I plan on ordering a couple more as gifts for people. Holding up very well to some hard use.
Mucho Macho!
Review by KC
Love this bandolier for added "effect"!
Haven't used it for but a day, so can't reply about durability. But looks very sturdy.
Top of the line at a great price!
Review by AvidShooter
I have owned a few of theses type of shotgun shell bandoliers and this one is the best quality for the price that I have come across. The wider webbing base makes it easier to wear for extended periods and acts as padding when loaded full up with shells. The higher capacity is a plus as is the longer more comfortable fit. I am 6'2" and 205 lbs. and this shell holder is the best fitting, I paid almost twice as much for a less comfortable one with less capacity.
comes in handy
Review by rem 870
I for one hate having to always take shells out of the boxes. so i stuff this bandolier full of 12g shells. Shells seem nice and snug in this and I haven't had any fall out on accident. Now I too need a second to look like pancho villa also! haha
very useful
Review by dave
I already had one of these and ordered another so I can look like pancho villa!!! LOL actually i use mine when I am out with my friends shooting clay pigeons with my 870. works great cause the shells are right there and i can reload much faster. I also keep them loaded up in the safe next to the shotguns so I can grab them in a hurry if the SHTF don't know if they will be useful for everyone, but they are a very useful item for/to me!!!

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