550 Paracord 100ft - Safety Green - Rothco

The 550 Paracord 100ft - Safety Green by Rothco is an essential component of any go-bag. What each bundle of 100ft gives you is genuine Made in the USA military 550 paracord, which is composed of 7 inner stands making this portentially 8 different lines.

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  • 550 Paracord - Safety Green
  • 100-feet
  • Made by Rothco
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • UPC: 613902368170
More Information
Overall Rating
Made to spec
Review by Keepshooting Customer
I had read a lot of reviews about this and others that claimed this was not mil spec. This product says it is. If that is not true, whoever it was said it was made by someone that bought mil spec from this vendor and then they did their own coating and added the stamping. As long as the inside the paracord has that orange marker to identify it as mil spec, it is. There is no guarantee on any military item it will ever be called upon to do its intended job, this is no exception. If this were your life or someone else's that depended on it for survival, I hope you have other means of keeping a knife or saw sharp. You will need to splice at some point, do not expect this cord to last a life time of hard use. Hopefully you have enough when needed.
Overall Rating
Not bad for what you pay for. It's OK for a $10 paracord.
Review by Keepshooting Customer
As expected for what you pay for. Nothing fancy but it does the job. I am actually kind of happy that it isn't anything fancy as I will be using this on a tree hunt for spring. As far as price goes it's the cheapest you will find Rothco 550 on. They are in my bag and will stay there until I can get to the shop and replace it with mil/govt. Then I'll reorder from Amazon. The reviews have been right on the money. Don't plan on winning any rope wrangling contests with this but that is OK as long as it doesn't break when you are using it for intended purpose. That and it's relatively thick for an average rope. It has survived some of my antics so that's good enough for me. I think if you go through the trouble to cut your own paracord it's a wise idea to buy 5/6oz. Don't bother going for 7/8. If I want that strength it will be full mil/govt. Good luck everyone. Let me know if you have any issues. I'll be here. "Oh no! Is that shark attacking my PAC-CORD?!!" Cheers, NG 2016 EDIT UPDATE (March 2016) As far as longevity is concerned... These Rothco paracords hold up pretty well for 5/6 oz. As far as strength goes it all depends on what your plan is for them. Don't plan on it lasting 100 years like full mil/govt will, as that isn't what it's designed for. But for it's size and the fact that it's designed for (remember this) you have plenty to work with as it is. They do well holding their shape when you stretch them to their max, just make sure you do what you're supposed to when you're doing what you're supposed to do. You know. Make sense? Oh. As for the Amazon Fiver. Yes it was pretty cheesy, like some dumb high school science experiment for $5. It's a big
Overall Rating
Excellent for knot tying or making lanyards
Review by Keepshooting Customer
Excellent. Will be ordering again. If one wishes to dye it, go with solid colors and use acid dyes. Not liquid, not fabric. My kids use this to decorate their lanyards for Girl Scouts or for bracelets and necklaces. This paracord is strong and does not fray at the ends. Will buy again.
Overall Rating
5 Stars
Review by Keepshooting Customer
Great paracord. I use this stuff for camping/climbing all the time.
Overall Rating
Review by Keepshooting Customer
We used this to lash together some tree branch hoops to make camping tent. The quality is awesome, much better than the local Chinese junkie cord I had previously purchased from a local farm & garden store for same purpose. Good shading of color, many uses and it was as thick as expected. No signs of frays and weaved very tight and square knots that you could cut with scissors or blade.
Overall Rating
great cord for price
Review by Keepshooting Customer
well this was only about $8 for like 100 feet of cord. so its great for that price. coloration is also nice. it does feel durable and not too lightweight. it seems a bit cheap though and the knot it has doesnt seem too great, kind of frayed. im thinking ill use it for tying my tent cord and probably wont put too much weight or much strain on it.

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