60mm Gas Mask Adapter

The 60mm gas mask adapter is a small device used to convert the 60mm gas mask filter threading usually found on Canadian, Finnish and Swedish gas masks to 40mm threading found on standard NATO filters. Now is your chance to use your Finnish M61 gas mask with any standard NATO 40mm filter. At the $3.95 price point, there is no way the 60mm gas mask adapter will stick around for long.

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One of the most common, and cool-looking, gas masks available on the surplus market today is the Finnish M61 gas mask. Its excellent reputation for quality and its low price have made it one of our top sellers. The truth is, however, that 60mm gas mask filters are not as common as some of the gas masks that house them and most modern masks are threaded for the standard NATO 40mm filter. You would think that would create a problem for those of us that prefer the Canadian, Finnish and Swedish masks threaded for 60mm filters. However, since we now have a good deal of 60mm gas mask adapters, you can buy those old masks with confidence.

The 60mm gas mask adapter is a small polymer adapter. Remember that adapter, in this sense, refers to a device that adapts one item for use with another. In this case, the adapter is converting 60mm gas mask filter holes for use with standard NATO 40mm filters. Ordinarily, the threading on a 40mm filter would be much too small to fit into a 60mm filter hole. This adapter, however, solves that problem.

As mentioned, the 60mm gas mask adapter is a small polymer piece with both 60mm and 40mm threading. The 60mm side will screw easily into the filter hole on your 60mm gas mask of choice. The 40mm side will extend outward from the mask and allow any standard NATO 40mm gas mask filter to be screwed onto the adapter.  The adapter also has a rubber gasket that ensures the adapter forms an airtight seal with the filter. The adapter is near weightless and only extends less than half an inch from the mask, keeping your mask from getting too bulky.

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Overall Rating
Review by Michael
I didn't really need this piece, since the 60mm I had is too out of date for actual use, but it's a really robust piece of equipment. The price is good, the material is strong, and it holds a good seal.
Overall Rating
Good Seal - Sturdy
Review by BuddhaBear
Not much else to say, but they work, and seem very robust and well made. Mating surfaces are smooth, and needed no sanding or polishing to make a good seal. I would recommend these. They allow the use of current issue filters on older, cheaper masks that still work great.
Overall Rating
Missing link
Review by boB
Seems that I'm not alone after reading other reviews.Bought this as a part that could be the peice needed for adaptation, wether this be part of a hose fitment or a filter change over. This might be the right coupling for numerous configurations. 40mm is female w/ filter seating gasket, 60mm is male.
Hope nobody ever needs any part of this set up. The gaskets will deteriorate over time , so think ahead a few years of replacement seals.
Overall Rating
use full
Review by sam
this item should be in everyones bug-out bag.you never can tell when you will have to switch to the 60mm type of filters .having one of these in your bag lets you use them .
Overall Rating
Good quality plastic, needed product.
Review by Jake
This is a must have if you have a gas mask. It is important to be able to use modern filters if needed.
Overall Rating
Handy item to have.
Review by Jeffrey
Nice quality. Expands the versatility of Finnish and other gas masks that take 60mm filters.
Overall Rating
Great item
Review by Robert
will save me a lot money will be able to buy less expensive filters when the are available great item at a good price
Overall Rating
Works as advertised
Review by Allen
Breathe new life into your Yugoslavian and Finnish gas masks! Threads easily and securely into my Yugo M1, and the seal is air-tight. Can't ask for much more, and at just a few bucks, why not?
Overall Rating
KS has them cheap,a must for keeping your M61 working.
Review by rodney
I am so glad they KS finally found some M61's even if they are an older version. I am also glad they have the 40mm/60mm adapters to convert the 60mm mask to take the 40mm standard NATO filter. Ordered one for each mask and a spare. The three I got were black and worked like a charm. Several other sites offer these adapters at almost $9 each. Don't trust that 20 year old 60mm filter, convert to 40mm. This little item takes an old useless M61 mask, ready for the landfill and gives new life to it. With new 40mm NATO filters this becomes a great side filter tactical mask for less than $25. Choice of filter is up to you. Yeah, KS has a good supply of surplus 60mm filters right now, but no one makes or uses them anymore, and I am sure they are at least 20 years old. Save yourself some trouble and order this adapter. Item is very well made.
Overall Rating
a must have
Review by Jim
A must have adapter for side filter masks, These masks are better for spray painting ,less breath condensation directly over your work.

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