60mm Gas Mask Adapter

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The 60mm gas mask adapter is a small device used to convert the 60mm gas mask filter threading usually found on Canadian, Finnish and Swedish gas masks to 40mm threading found on standard NATO filters. Now is your chance to use your Finnish M61 gas mask with any standard NATO 40mm filter. At the $3.95 price point, there is no way the 60mm gas mask adapter will stick around for long.

One of the most common, and cool-looking, gas masks available on the surplus market today is the Finnish M61 gas mask. Its excellent reputation for quality and its low price have made it one of our top sellers. The truth is, however, that 60mm gas mask filters are not as common as some of the gas masks that house them and most modern masks are threaded for the standard NATO 40mm filter. You would think that would create a problem for those of us that prefer the Canadian, Finnish and Swedish masks threaded for 60mm filters. However, since we now have a good deal of 60mm gas mask adapters, you can buy those old masks with confidence.

The 60mm gas mask adapter is a small polymer adapter. Remember that adapter, in this sense, refers to a device that adapts one item for use with another. In this case, the adapter is converting 60mm gas mask filter holes for use with standard NATO 40mm filters. Ordinarily, the threading on a 40mm filter would be much too small to fit into a 60mm filter hole. This adapter, however, solves that problem.

As mentioned, the 60mm gas mask adapter is a small polymer piece with both 60mm and 40mm threading. The 60mm side will screw easily into the filter hole on your 60mm gas mask of choice. The 40mm side will extend outward from the mask and allow any standard NATO 40mm gas mask filter to be screwed onto the adapter.  The adapter also has a rubber gasket that ensures the adapter forms an airtight seal with the filter. The adapter is near weightless and only extends less than half an inch from the mask, keeping your mask from getting too bulky.

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