Acrylic Training Handcuff Pick Set

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The Acrylic Training Handcuff Pick Set consists of a see-thru handcuff and two ReadyMan Hostage Escape cards. Learn how handcuffs work and how to open them without keys by training with this acrylic handcuff pick set.

The Acrylic Training Handcuff Pick Set is a perfect tool to learn how to open handcuffs without a key. The handcuff has had the top layer replaced with a tough see-thru acrylic polymer allowing you to observe how the locking mechanism on handcuffs operate. Inside of the handcuff the major components are color coded for easy recognition to show how they all interface together to lock the cuffs. You can study the mechanism and see how the ReadyMan Hostage Escape tools like the rake pick or handcuff shim interface with the locking mechanism, which will help you quickly figure out how to unlock the cuffs without a key.

  • High Quality Chicago Handcuff Company Cutaway Handcuff
  • Color Coded - Red is Ratchet Bar, Blue is Double Lock Bar, Yellow is Locking Spring
  • Two ReadyMan Hostage Escape Cards - Use One for Training and Keep Other In Your Wallet
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