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AK-47 10rd Magazine

WIth there being several states with magazine capacity restrictions, there is a clear need for a high quality 10-round AK-47 magazine. FAB Defense of Israel who is a well recognized Israeli Defense Force contractor has brought this 10-round AK-47 magazine into production.

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Description / AK-47 10rd Magazine

The AK-47 rifle and other firearms patterned after it remains one of the most popular guns in America. With the ability to purchase, own, and enjoy recreational shooting of an AK-47 style firearm in virtually every state, there is a clear need for multiple magazine options. Most of the magazine options previously have been military surplus standard capacity 30-round magazines and now there are multiple polymer versions available of various capacities.

FAB Defense of Israel, one of the IDF prime contractors, has produced not just a reduced capacity AK-47 magazine.  They have produced a magazine worthy of their ULTIMAG brand based on the fit, feel, and performance of the magazine. Constructed from advanced polymers that are used in virtually all IDF weapon systems, this 10-round AK-47 magazine is stronger than any steel magazine yet lighter. The magazine body is caliber marked with a small grip surface and the floor plate is easily removed through a push button on the bottom of the magazine.

  • New Production Magazine
  • Made by FAB Defense of Israel
  • Polymer Construction
  • Universally Compliant 10-Round Capacity

Customer Reviews

Excellent All-Steel Mag
Review by Quaato
Verified Buyer
These are your unissued surplus mags. All metal construction. Take 'em out of the clear bag, disassemble, clean and lube up and you'll have mags that will last a lifetime. These are an excellent choice for shooters in states that can't have any decent size mags. I like to keep several different size mags around for different purposes.
Another order with excellent merchandise and service.
Review by Honved
Verified Buyer
Ordered seven more of these AK ten round magazines, they are really handy and you can never have too many magazines. Again, these are ALMOST BRAND NEW with some tiny,tiny storage marks on the outside. I have been told that a few years ago you just couldn't get ten round or five round AK magazines, well this is the time to get them, especially with a future possible assault rifle ban coming after next year's election. Took only four days over a weekend for these to arrive. Excellent merchandise with excellent service at a excellent price.
Excellent magazines and excellent company
Review by Honved
Verified Buyer
I ordered 6 of these and they were in almost brand new condition. Just some tiny, tiny storage marks on the outside of the magazine. The followers had no marks on the top of them. These magazines have never been in a rifle! I ordered these magazine on Thursday and received them on Saturday in my New England area. This is a great company to do business with and the staff is extremely helpful. This is the second time I have ordered from them and they are my favorite company.

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